Kuzu Inou【Ondo wo Kaeru Mono】 no Ore ga Musou suru made Chapter 8

08 You have the shadow of death 

The next day, Kirishima-san didn't come to school. It seems that she had something urgent to do, so she's absent for one day.

T-The incident yesterday did not have an influence to it, right?
She's not venting her anger of losing on a punching bag, right?

During the break between classes, when I'm bored of nothing to do, a girl suddenly came and talked to me.


Ah, I remember this girl.
This girl is 「Kazuhara Yumeka」-san. If I'm not mistaken--

「It's a little hard to say, but…you have a very bad luck…no, a shadow of death!」

Her Talent evaluation is 『【One who predicts future Prophet 】S-LEVEL 0』.

Future sight? Isn't that the strongest? You may think that way, but her evaluation is 『Level 0』. Lower than the <Useless> Level 1…In other words, she doesn't have any abilities. To be more precise, it's like a state which there's a possibility of having a Talent.
If you ask why she, 【Prophet】, is in the National Teihen High School, it's because once in the past, she had 「predicted an earthquake」 precisely. Because it's quite an amazing Talent, she's being protected by this school. By the way, her hobby is every kind of 「fortune-telling」. That's the information I get from her introduction.

Or rather, what is this girl saying all of a sudden? Shadow of death? If you tell that suddenly, I would get scared!

「Eh? What do you mean?」
「It might be better if you don't go out for today!」

No, I'm already in the school.

「I have said what I wanted! Bye!」

She salutes? and left.

Really, what was that?
When I try to get out of the classroom to change the mood, a male student bumped into me at the entrance.

「Ah, sorry. I was thinking of something, so I didn't see you…」
「Ah, sorry…I also didn't see properly」

Nn? An unfamiliar face? This guy was not in the class yesterday, right?
Well, I don't have the memory to remember every guy's face. I at that time, was busy appraising the girls in the class.

At that time, I can hear people whispering from the hallway.

「H-He is…that Serizawa Atsushi, huh」
「That's…the guy who sent the second year public morals committee member, Kirisaki Noboru to the hospital」
「The problem child who beat up the daughter of that Kirishima Group…Kirishima Kaname the next day…」
「Ah, I heard that Kirishima-san is absent today due to the shock…?」

Wait a minute.
It's different. The story is somehow twisted!
When I try to go towards them in order to correct the story…
Suddenly, someone held my shoulder strongly.

「You raised a hand to a girl?」

The one who asked me is the male student who bumped into me just now.


When I tried to deny it, I recalled that I did a leg sweep on her.

「…There are some circumstances to it. I had no choice--」
「I see」

Without waiting for me to finish speaking, the man in front of me, punched me with all his strength.
Due to the surprise attack, I was blown away and fell to the ground loudly.

「W-What are you doing all of a sudden!?」

This guy, he punched me sudddenly.
N-Not even my father hit me! Though I was hit by my Master a lot.

「Wait! Please stop!! Akai-kun!」

An angel appeared to protect me.
Well, I won't lose in a fight against this kind of guy, though. I'll accept your good will.
Nn? Akai-kun? I feel like I hear that name before…

「Raising your hand to a girl. Scumbag」

Saying that, the man who swing violence to me, left to the hallway.

「…Sorry. He is not a bad guy…」
「No, it's not something that you need to apologize」

When I said that, she started to touch my cheek.
Eh, what? It's ticklish…

「Please don't move. It would become a bruise if it is not treated」

Saying that, her hand shined faintly. Then, the pain of getting punched, faded.
This!? A wound can be healed that fast if a beautiful girl treated it!?
No, that's not it. A Talent, huh.

Because it's a good opportunity, I stare at her face fixedly.
Her name is Kagura Mai. A short-haired, boyish beautiful girl.
Her Talent is 『【One who heals wounds Healer 】S-LEVEL 1』. Apparently, a daughter of a certain shrine. These are also the information from the introduction.

「Okay, for now, it is done. I think it won't become a bruise now」
「Ah, thank you. By the way, is that guy someone you know?」
「You mean Akai-kun? Yes…from elementary school」

I see, Akai-kun was with this beautiful girl since elementary school. How envious. Certainly, have good memories…Nn? Akai-kun?


I-I recalled.
Akai-kun………Akai Tsubasa.
The number one in my 「Absolute Obedience」 list.

The man who I must not go against, 『【Fire Starter】S-LEVEL 3』.
Akai Tsubasa of the burned middle school incident.
I see, it's him…

Ah, I have done it.
I might die.


After school, I for some reason, go home from school with Kagura-san.
The direction of our homes are about the same, and

「I would feel bad if he come and punch you again」

She would protect me from that evil guy. What a good girl…!

I explained about Kirishima-san and everything was that Beansprout bastard's fault, and she understood it.

「He is thoughtless in those kind of things…but he is not bad」
「Well, I know that」

He apologized when we bumped into each other, and the reason why I was punched was because「I raised a hand to a girl」. I can comprehend that he's a good guy.

「But he is always being feared. His attitude is bad, and there is also that incident
「Well, I can understand that」

Because I was also scared.

「But actually, it is all my fault. He protected me…」

It was at that time.
A black van came from the back, and the door opened…
Several man with masks came out, and sprayed something.

Then, Kagura-san falls on the road…
I also lose my consciousness.

Character File 011

NAME: Kazuhara Yumeka

CLASS: 【Prophet】S-LEVEL 0

A thoughtless airhead girl. Her Talent can predict the future, but in reality, there is very little example of it being successful. However, with the 「very clear」 prediction in the past, she was put into the surveillance by the country as an「Unignorable Potential」 because she may obtain the ability to predict future precisely.




Character File 012

NAME: Kagura Mai

CLASS: 【Healer】S-LEVEL 1 (Originally, S-LEVEL 4)

The daughter of a certain shrine's chief priest. Akai Tsubasa's childhood friend. Originally, her Talent was Level 4, but in the past, due to reviving her pet dog 「Tarou」 which died in an accident, her Talent deteriorated considerably. From the ability's peculiarity and importance, she was appointed as a「Special Protection Target」 similar to Serizawa Atsushi, and enrolled into Teihen High School. Now, her Talent can only speed up the healing of blows and scratches. But still, there are many people who wants her power.
Although she has a weak power now, she is regaining her power gradually.



Resurrection (Level 4)


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      It is common sense to think that adults/teachers know more and are smarter so it is beneficial to listen to them. One is normally past the point of innate childhood curiosity, depending on how things go that could reform itself as Teenage rebellion. That could actually be a good motivation in this scenario but if you are groomed (in this case) to think S-LEVEL 1 is where you start and where you end that is where you stay. The story is just taking it starting steps to reverse that mentality as the MC learns otherwise.

      It is just common sense to call the colour red, Red. Because that is what you are taught and told, it has become more or less a universal truth. Then you have instances where just Red is not good enough you gotta add bright or dark, or call it Maroon. But when you are younger those things do not matter, unless you are raised to believe that they do. The MC in not an 'Idiot' just uneducated/informed.

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