World Record Chapter 82

82. Gathering & Attack 

While hearing the roaring sound of Goleem sinking into the ground, Tsukie breathed out roughly.

「Haa, haa, haa…… H-He…took away…all my mana……」

She says that and falls to the ground.

「A-A-Are you alright!?」

Both of them ran up to her quickly, and Tsukie who saw that, smiled.

「I-It's painful but I'm okay…… It's just that my mana is fully exhausted…… I should be able to move after a few minutes」

The girls breathe out in relief upon hearing that.
If the mother of their loved one died even though they defeated the enemy, Iwato will kill them, let alone marrying him.
In addition--

「I would be troubled if you die now, Mother-in-law. I need you to stay alive to attend my wedding with Iwato-sama……」
「……It's hard to believe that you really fell in love to such a shampoo maniac」

Tsukie said that and smiled wryly.
Good vibes start to flow in the surroundings, and--

「……Ha? What are you saying? Isn't Ayame-chan in the mistress position? What are you saying despite being the one who came uninvited?」

Karen handled the attacking Ayame well, and at the same time, the three of them heard footsteps.
--An enemy!?
While being flustered in their mind, they quickly turned their eyes to the direction and--opened their eyes wide.

「Yo……Looks like you guys somehow survived……」
「Though you're on the verge of death」

There are the figures of Teshikaga who's bleeding all over his body, and Tomomi and Isakai Manabu who lent their shoulders to him.

「W-What happened to the three of you!? That appearance!」
「……Ah, this」

Tomomi looked down at her own body upon hearing Tsukie's words.
There's no much wounds on her, but just the appearance of Tomomi 3 years ago. She smiled when looking at her body.

「The energetic me during the first half of twenties--」
「Ah, we did what we can」

When she tries to say it, the young Manabu starts to say the truth.
Tomomi who's posing sexily, was stunned by that, and a few seconds later. She coughs and starts to talk about the battle against Regret King Reload breifly.

「……Our enemy had a good affinity with me. The minute that he perceived that the situation is unfavorable, he unleashed a super-powered superpower to the surroundings…… Because I had already received that attack, it didn't do anything to me, but……Manabu retrogressed to the weak Manabu in the past.」
「……I don't want to hear that from a person who's weaker than me in the original body」

Tomomi attacks Manabu, and Teshikaga who looked at them tiredly, sat on the ground.

「In my case, I took a hit from a Divine Beast class Dragon. I already applied first-aid and wore a splint…… If the relief squad didn't hide themselves there…… When thinking so, a chill runs down my spine.」

Tsukie and the rest were surprised by those words.
Tsukie somehow sits upright, and recalls the scene she saw a while ago in order to confirm it.

「A d-dragon…… Is it that brown dragon from the building over there!?」
「Ah, a monster with a body made of stones」

Teshikaga mutters, and clicks his tongue in frustration.

「That's not all. Before I was sent flying by the dragon, that drag queen bastard that I fought, was on par with me or maybe stronger than me. From what I heard, there's this guy who can rewind time. ……Besides that, according to the dragon, there's someone stronger than him left」

That's right, the deceased Earth Dragon King Gaius said these words--do not know the true monster.
That Gaius said so. Then, he knows someone above him--or perhaps, there's a possibility that Gaius is following him.
If that's true--

「We can…only count on Nii-san」

Such voice resounded in the surroundings, and after that, something white--no, Tsumugu fell from the skies.


Although Teshikaga was surprised by the thoughtless appearance, he instinctively squinted upon looking at her.

「……Hey, who are you? You don't look like an ordinary person」
「Nn. Absolute Number Four, something something Hell Fire. Nice to meet you…somehow above me Number Three」

Upon hearing that, Teshikaga's face twitches.
He didn't doubt her words at all. After all, he realized that she's strong.
And, he also realized that--if he quarrel with such little girl, he would be acknowledged as a shameful person for sure.

「Ah, Tsumu-chan. Why with the full equipment?」
「Hunted a…Divine Beast class pig」

Saying that, she shows a triumphant look at Teshikaga.
The next moment, Karen who sensed the unspeakable air around the two, opened her mouth to change the subject.

「Ha-Hahaha…… B-By the way, why did Master's name come out here? I know Master looks like he's coming here, but……」
「Since some time ago, I earnestly contacted him, but…… I can only assume that he's fighting against a brutal Unknown……」

To Karen's words, Ayame raised her own opinion--

『Why! Why did you disappear from me!? Even though I love you so much! You promised to marry me! Where did the promise that you made under the sunset go!?』

The next moment, is it a phone call recording? Iwato's voice starts to play from Tsumugu's status application, and the content made Karen and Ayame petrified.

『Oh My Shampooooo!』

Such voice resounded after that.
By that, both of them felt relief, and Tsukie and Tomomi sighed in an exasperated way.

『Therefore, I will never……never forgive those guys who stole my loved ones! It's a definite destruction! I won't pick my ways anymore, so I will smash them for real!』

Terrifying, God of shampoo, withdrawal syndrome.
The voice that can make someone read such phrase, stopped, and at the same time, a strange silence surrounds the girls.
However, Tsumugu didn't yield to such silence.

「So…turn the rampaging Nii-san…towards the enemy. Then, everything will turn out fine. All OK」

Saying that, Tsumugu smiled.
However, the girls didn't notice--the existence of the red gem shining dimly in the corner of their field of vision.


「Tette tette iina! Teyutteyururu iina! Konna yume anna yu ippai teyurururuuuu!!」

About half of it resembles a familiar song. (TL note: Doraemon theme song)
However, the song is a gentle song. The thing filled in this song now is--pure killing intent.

「Tetteteeretetteree, teyutteyuteyuuruteyutteyuruuuu! Fushigi na tetteete kanaete kureru!」

As he don't remember it completely, it became like that.
He-Iwato glared at the swarm of Unknowns, and clenched his fist.

「Sora wo jiyuu ni tobitai ka!?」


「Expose to death, you shitheads!」

The next moment, the swarm was annihilated with one swing of his arm, and a large amount of blood flies in the air just as their wish.
The several Unknowns that survived looked at the 100 Unknowns that died in an instant, but before they knew it, Iwato was already right in front of them.

「Now, just as you wish, I turned your body into blood and made you fly in the air. Next is your turn to make my wish come true, isn't it? Don't tell me you're like that glassed-boy who made the raccoon dog do all the work without any repayment?」

Iwato who said that, places his hand on the Sacred Beast class Unknown's shoulder.

「Take me to your boss. Otherwise, bring a divine shampoo now」

--Tsumugu and the rest who saw such scene from a distance, were speechless at the situation where the villain is unknown.
Among them, the first one who speak out is Tomomi who have witnessed countless of the same scene.

「……As long as he's here, the Special Forces are unnecces--」
「Stop, Nakajima-chan! That's the question that I carried for a long time. You must not say it out loud!」

However, she was stopped by the recovered Tsukie.
While doing such thing, Tsukie's status application suddenly rang--a call.
When she looks at the screen, she opened her eyes upon seeing the name 『Nagumo Youji』 , and tapped the call button without hesitation.
The next moment, Youji's voice can be heard from Tsuki's status application.

『Tsukie? Although it took some time, the evacuation of the civilians who live in the city center is completed by the self-defense force and police. Now, the Special Forces are exterminating the Unknowns from the wall to the city center, and also closing the hole』

What can be heard is an idiotic voice.
Tsukie felt relaxed by the familiar voice, but she suddenly have something to ask him.

「I understand. ……And, by any chance, is there an absurdly strong monster around? The missing dragon somehow said something like that--」
『No way……Iwato is there, right? There's no one stronger----Ah』

The next moment, she heard such voice.
Before she knew it, the surroundings have become silent, and in such situation, Youji shouted through the status application.

『D-Don't worry about me! When I try looking around, he's right in front of me, but I won't die! As long as my heart doesn't break, I won't--』

Butsu. Tsu, tsu, tsu……
The call stopped in the middle of the such shout, and Tsukie prayed silently.

This arc is heading to the final stage.
Black Coffin-san is planned to make his appearance in probably about 3 chapters.

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