World Record Chapter 84

84. Clash 

「Ah, then, I'll do it alone」

Iwato replied immediately.
Among the others who thought that they would fight together--Teshikaga and Manabu objected his words immediately.

「W-What are you saying!? I don't fucking know how high your Battle Rank is, but even so, it's impossible to do it on your own!」
「H-He's right! You are strong, but still, the opponent can rewind time! No matter how strong you are now, you will be weaken if your time rewinds!」

Although Iwato didn't react to Teshikaga's words, his eyebrows twitched upon hearing Manabu's words.

「Rewinding time……as expected, there's such a very troublesome opponent」

Iwato who said that, looked at Regret King Reload without hesitation.
In his eyes, there's the desperate feeling oozing out, and upon seeing that, Diable smiled.

「I see. You fear of rewinding」
「……Ah, yeah」

Rewinding time?
It's the worst if it happens. I would be more troubled than the divine shampoo being crushed.
Iwato muttered in his mind, and decided to lookout at Reload the most.

「So, will you only fight me?」
「Don't worry, we will never lay our hands on those weaklings. Even though I may appear this way, I'm more to a human rather than an Unknown. I'm not cruel to even increase unnecessary damage when the target is right in front of me」
「……That helped」

Saying that, Iwato shrugs his shoulders.
Certainly, it's not even an exaggeration to even say that Iwato's existence alone differs their values.

「Weakling. I know people who can't be called that」

Iwato said that, and looked back.
The younger sister of his pride who can even overwhelm a Divine Beast class. The pupil of his pride with outstanding potential. The freeloader of his pride who's standing on the position aiming at the Absolute. In addition, the mother and teacher of his pride.

「Even if they are weak now, they are not people who will stay on the same level forever」

Iwato who said that, smiled.

「Well, let me handle it this this. I'm not that low to seek help from a kid, an injured person, a person out of mana, and those who got rewound」

He took a step forward.
Tsumugu who saw that, recalls the back 3 years ago.
The more stronger and unreliable back. Now, it's weaker--and reliable.
That's why, it won't shiver and cry like that time

「Leave everything dangerous to Nii-chan」

Those words as if he predicted what she's thinking.
Tsumugu laughed a little by that, and Iwato started to roll up his sleeves.

「Well then, this time, my sister is looking, so I can't show her any unpresentable state, Prison King Diable」

The smile vanished from Diable's face.
--No, perhaps, it's more suitable to say that there's no time to smile.
On the contrary, Iwato has a ghastly smile on his face, and personifying who's stronger with his body.
Such Iwato put his left fist forward, and said this.

「Come on, Stalker. This time, I'll erase you before you can escape」


The one who moved first was--Goleem.


The right fist that's swung high in the sky, swung down aiming at Iwato.
However, there's no way he can win in a contest of strength.

「Here you go」

A sound of destruction resounded, and the right fist that aimed at Iwato was destroyed with just a light swing from him.

「Goleem! Don't be hasty! Cooperate and crush him!」

Goleem raised a surprised voice, and Diable started running towards Iwato.


Palm attack.
Although he can usually win by countering with one punch, it's not applicable on this opponent.
Iwato clicked his tongue once, and dodged the palm attacks one-by-one.

「Geez, not being able to attack freely is quite a pain……」
「It seems so. Otherwise, I wouldn't challenge a monster like you alone」

The offense and defense continues while exchanging words, and Iwato who became impatient, jumped back.
The next moment, Heartbroken King Makao attacks him.

「Here I come! 『Power of Love』 full output!」

At the same time as those words, pink aura flickers from Makao's body, and upon seeing that, Iwato twitched his eyebrows.

「Strengthening-type ability, huh?」
「Right! A hunk sure understands well〜!」

Immediately after that, a barrage was thrown at Iwato.
The full powered attacks are even hard for Teshikaga to see, and furthermore, in one second, dozens of punches was launched. Normally, it's impossible to dodge.

「Ah, it's okay to touch this guy, huh」

Iwato knocked off all of the fists with his palms.
Outstanding vision. Outstanding physical ability.
And above all, the trained body that can do such thing easily. His muscles are terrific.

「I see! As expected, your strength is pure body strength! King of Black Coffin!」
「I'm not who you think I am……」

While saying that, Iwato dodges the barrage from Diable who participate in the battle once again.
Knocking off every fists from Makao, and dodging the palm attacks in such interval is a next-to-impossible skill. Iwato somehow managed to keep the skill on, but he reconfirmed that in this state, he can't attack.
He looks around.
Reload starts to meditate after sitting down on the spot as if accumulating power, and Goleem is making up for the lost arm.

(Now, those two can't fight. In the first place, they're not even looking here, so they can't join the battle right away)

Iwato grabbed a piece of Goleem's arm at his feet, and threw it towards Makao.
An attack with a light motion. However, if it's thrown by Iwato, it's a different story.


Makao who received the attack on the chin, his chin was pushed upwards, and he flew a few meters away.
Even though he threw it lightly, as expected of a Divine Beast class. Let alone death, he dodged it without fainting.
Although he received a not laughable damage from the attack.

「With this, it's one-on-one!」

Iwato who said that, smiled.
Certainly, it might be hard to fight against many opponents as he need to match his speed with the coop attack. However, there's no existence stronger than Iwato. It would be just a monster.
And, Iwato knows that there's only one person that matches such existence in this world.


The next moment, Iwato kicks the stone at his feet.
It's much faster than what received by Makao, and it's boasted of its power to the extent that even Diable would struggle to receive it.
On top of that--

「I know--your weakness」

Iwato disappeared from his eyes.
Upon seeing the speed that surpassed the speed during the offense and defense, Diable caught a glimpse of Iwato's 『seriousness』 for the first time.
Before his eyes is the stone. If he turns around, Iwato's fist approaches.

(About 0.1 second)

How Iwato defeated this man the last time?
That's when Iwato thought whether he can perform reflection on two simultaneous attacks, and at the end, he attacked him with a stone and fist.
At that time, because the fist reached after 0.1 second, the stone was reflected and his fist reached him.
Although it doesn't proof that his theory is right, it proofs that his reflection can't be used in succession. 

(I already know his weakness. Then, this time, the same as before, and without holding back anymore--I'll kill him with just a punch)

Iwato's fist plunges forward.
Iwato's fist has already approached to Diable's front, and upon seeing that--


--he smiled.

Upon seeing the smile in such moment, a chill ran through Iwato's spine.
That is definitely the feeling of danger.
10 years…… No, if it's the Iwato before that, it's nothing for him, but for the current Iwato who's acknowledged of being the strongest in a physical battle by everyone, it's something he must not feel.
Iwato tried to withdraw his fist quickly, but--he was a little late.

「Reflect, activate」

Fresh blood dances down around.
The people who saw that, thought that the blood is from Diable, but--they then realized that it's not only that.


The one who said that and retreated is--Iwato.


The screams of three girls resounded.
However, Tsukie and Tomomi were shocked more than that.
They have not seen Iwato's bleeding heavily ever since his childhood and during that incident.
They knew Iwato's strength to that extent--That's why, they were shocked upon seeing Iwato's bleeding arm.

「Gofu……, Ku, kuku, how's that, King of Black Coffin? How did it feel to receive your own attack with your arm……」
「Ku…… I can only express it the worst」

Iwato learn--the weight of his own fist for the first time.
--Good grief, how can I keep unleashing this every time? Of course, no one can withstand it.
Yes, he reconfirms it once again. His degree of monster.

「Something like people who can win against you in a one-on-one, there's no one who can do that except a few people. Therefore, I will say this. If it's your own fist, then it can kill you」
「Looks like……you're right」

Iwato looks at his right arm.
There's the crushed and broken arm with blood flowing out endlessly, and he can't feel his arm since he took the hit.
It's possible that I would bleed to death.
Iwato who thought so--


The next moment, the bleeding from his arm stopped.
By that, even Diable opened his eyes wide, and Iwato who managed to do it, looked satisfied.

「As expected of my muscles. Even if it's crushed, it still can move to stop the bleeding」

Upon looking at him, the muscles in his arm were stretched to its limit, and it can be imagined that the bleeding was stopped by the expanded muscles by force.

「……You still can move with that wound?」
「Back at you. There's a hole opened in your guts, you know?」

Iwato looked at the large hole opened by the stone. He received the stone on purpose in order to reflect Iwato's fist, and Iwato smiled upon seeing his preparedness for death.
And, he stepped the ground firmly.
That's the fighting spirit of not letting this battle end yet. On the other hand, Diable smiles from the bottom of his heart.

「Ku, kuhahaha! Good, isn't it good, Black Coffin!? There's not many who could corner me up to this far! Why don't we enjoy this as much as we want until one of us die!?」

After coming here, he felt delight for the first time while standing in the pool of death.
Diable received orders to kill the King of Black Coffin by the 『Top』. However, his true feelings are the wish to fight against that man after training his own power for these few years.
A few years ago, he didn't stand a chance.
At the present time, he feels that the gap shorten.
Therefore--he can see the chance of winning.

「Now, let's enjoy, Black Coffin! I'm not satisfied yet! Let's have a thrilling battle!」

And, show me the 『summit』 of strength that I have yet to see.
Diable shouted--

「Prison King-sama! I will help you now!」

The next moment, Reload who accumulated enough power, shouted so, and fired a beam--aiming at Tsumugu and the rest.


Diable thought--why did he shoot it there?
For him, as long as it's an order, he didn't oppose to shoot the beam at Iwato. Because no matter how weak he become, he would still be strong.
But--Why did he shoot it at the people who we promised to not attack?
Before his eyes is the figures of Tsumugu and the rest who gaze at the beam without being able to understand what's happening.

「……Haa, I should have let them escape first」

Tsumugu saw Iwato's figure standing in front of her.


Along with the scream, Iwato's body was swallowed by the beam.

Next chapter, Ascension of Coffin.
Iwato's 『Strength』 will become clear.