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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 29

Okay. Here's chapter 29.
Thanks for all of your concerns.
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29 The things that I need to do is still the same even if I evolve

Found the 1st prey.

『Elro Frog LV5 Failed to appraise its status』

The frog that I'm familiar with.
But it looks like it has the highest level among the guys I have seen before.

I feel like wanting to know how much have changed in my abilities after evolving?
I think I should have become stronger because it's called as evolution.

My level also falls to level 1.
It's good if the revision is as much as the level I have raised but it's dangerous if level 1 decrease my stats considerably.
( 今まで上げた分のレベル補正がそのままならいいんだけど、もしレベル1相当に減ってるんだとしたら危ないよねー。TL note: not sure about this)
Well, there's probably no such thing here but there's such a system according to the game.
 It's temporary weakening and I would become much more stronger than before if I raise it once again.
Though it's not wrong in a speedrun game, but it's a matter of life and death if it's forced to be done in reality.
(TL note: やりこみ not sure on this one. It has the meaning of speedrun in it)

I think that it's probably all right, but let's go with the safety measures here.
I should not do anything reckless if I'm uneasy.
My life hangs on this so I need to proceed carefully.

I climb the wall stealthily.
I head towards the ceiling and advance upside down.
I fix my body using a thread once I arrive right above the frog.
I also release threads to make a small web on my forelegs.
Preparations completed.
I hang down a thread towards the frog and I move down on the thread.

3, 2, 1, Go!

I assault it from the overhead to cover the frog with the web which I held in my forelegs.
The frog was caught in the web without an interval to avoid it and I who hangs on the frog with a web, shoots additional threads on the frog's body.
Once it becomes impossible for the frog to move, I approach it and bite it!

It's a skillful hunting even if I say so myself.
( 我ながら鮮やかな狩りですな。TL note: not sure about this)
Maybe it's time to called myself as an Assassin.
Don't think you can escape from this thread and fangs.

Ah, for the time being, let's eat the frog.

However, it's that.
The things I need to do is still the same even if I evolve.
At first, my objective was to gain combat experience but I feel like that the objective is getting hazy.
After all, the monsters around here generally has a higher rank than me.
My life won't be sufficient no matter how many lives I have if I fought it directly.
Why there's no one that is in a reasonable level to fight with?
( もう少し適正レベルってやつを考えちゃくれませんかねー。TL note: Totally not sure with this)
Though the surprise attack from my assassination combo works well.
But after I make my nest, I don't have the opportunity to launch a surprise attack. Then I feel that my first aim is out of the track because I was suppose to get stronger to be able to fight against those who breakthrough my nest.

I have evolved!
My level rose!
It would be advantageous if I raise my basic abilities!
Up until now, my actions is not pointless!
Let's put it that way!

My activity in this area has become nearly meaningless.
Dangerous, dangerous.

However, the real problem, keep relying on a surprise attack is kinda dangerous.
One of the reasons I lost my home is because I was overestimating my home's power.
And here, I want to develop something into a weapon.
I won't have so much troubles if I can think immediately.

The one that I come up with right away was none other than the unknown effect "Heresy Magic".
If I can use this then I might be able develop new strategies but I just don't know how to to use it.
Gununu. ( ぐぬぬ。)

If I were a human, will I be taught on how to use it?
Well, there's no help for it even if I make such an assumption. But being forced to solve everything on my own is both comfortable and troublesome.
It's comfortable that I don't need to associate pointlessly with other people but it's also troublesome that I need to confront such a hopeless thing.
Either way, in this figure, I don't think it's possible for me to interact with humans.
I can't talk.

If there's telepathy, then it might be possible right?
Come to think of it, I have reached level 10, so isn't it time to use my skill points?
My skill points should become 100 points if I assume that I gain 10 skill points in each level.
I was able to acquire "Appraisal" with 100 points, so I might acquire a new skill soon.

Therefore, voice of heaven-san, can I acquire a skill?

《Currently you have 200 skill points.
 The skill 『Telepathy LV1』 can be acquired by spending 100 skill point.
Do you want to acquire it?》

It's really possible to acquire it....

Telepathy doesn't have its use in the present condition.
This is rejected.

But I have saved up 200 points.
That means, 20 points gained per level.
Ah, then I should be able to acquire a new skill when I became level 6.
Because there's the "Appraisal" too that is useless after acquiring it but if I raise it's level steadily, it might be usable in the future.
I might have did something wasteful.

No, wait, wait.
Let's recall my memories properly.
If I'm not mistaken, didn't I tried to acquire a skill when I was level 6 but it end up that I can't acquire it? ( TL note: From chapter 14. But she was level 5 that time)
Didn't it said that I'm lacking of skill points?

The reasons that I can think of are the points gained increase by the height of the level and increase by evolution.
Though both are possible, I have no way to verify it now.
For the time being, I will put away the reason why the point increase.


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