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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 49

Chapter 49.
The chapter of Appraisal-san.

Skill name changes:

Vision Range Expansion → Visible Range Expansion

49 Appraisal-san, you were a cheat after all

I move along the wall stealthily.
After eating the three monsters, the red stamina gauge didn't decrease again.
I was certain that the amount is large because it almost recovered to max after eating one of them. But....
The probable cause, is it the "Overeating" skill?
Did it stock the excess food?
If I'm not mistaken, this phenomenon occurred after acquiring the "Overeating" skill.
When thinking so, it doesn't seem to be irrelevant.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Appraisal LV6』 has become 『Appraisal LV7』》

"Appraisal" has arrived!
Appraisal-san has arrived!
(TL note: the word "has arrived" is from this キタ.)
With this, I'll win!

When I think about the last progress, can I expect more from you?
Is it okay?
I won't forgive you if it's something disappointing, you know?
Can you jump over the hurdle that I have raised even further properly?
You must not go under it, okay?
Well now, how's the appraisal result!?

『Small Taratect LV3 No name 
 Average Offensive Ability:21
  Average Defensive Ability:21
 Average Magic Ability:19
 Average Resistance Ability:19
 Average Speed Ability:369
 「Automatic HP Recovery LV2」「Poison Fang LV8」「Poison Synthesis LV1」「Spider Thread LV8」「Thread Manipulation LV5」「Throw LV1」「Concentration LV1」「Accuracy LV1」「Appraisal LV7」「Detect LV3」「Stealth LV5」「Heresy Magic LV2」「Shadow Magic LV1」「Poison Magic LV1」「Overeating LV3」「Night Vision LV10」「Visible Range Expansion LV1」「Poison Resistance LV7」「Paralysis Resistance LV3」「Petrifaction Resistance LV2」「Acid Resistance LV3」「Corrosion Resistance LV3」「Fear Resistance LV5」「Pain Nullity」「Pain Alleviation LV5」「Powerful LV2」「Sturdy LV2」「Idaten LV2」「Taboo LV2」「n%I=W」』

Not a mistake in vision?
Oh, ooh, oooh, uooooooo!?
Skills have arrived!
Seriously, Appraisal-san, good job!
You really cross over the raised hurdle!
My heyday came!

Appraisal-san, you're seriously incredible.
Thank you.
Seriously, thank you!
With this, I can finally double appraise the skills with unknown effects!
Which, one, should, I, pick, first?

Let's start from the "Overeating" that I have thought about a while ago.

『Overeating:It becomes possible to take meals exceeding the limit. And the excess part will be stock as a surplus. However, weight is gained accordingly. The amount that can be stocked increases by level』

It's almost as expected.
In other words, it's a skill that the stamina won't decrease as much as I eat excessively.
However, I will gain weight.
Am I that fat?
I don't know such feeling.
Is this because that I'm a spider that it won't stand out?
If it's a human, this might be a huge demerit.

Next, I will pick this.

『Powerful:Increases Average Offensive Ability equivalent to the skill level』
(TL note: I tried my best to translate it to be easy to understand. Hope you can understand. If you have a better one just suggest it. I will change it right away)

I see.
In other words, this is just a simple status strengthening skill.
Ah, which reminds me, this skill level rose after I leveled up.
I surely thought that my offensive ability increased by 2 through level up, but it looks like one of the point is from this skill.
That means.

『Sturdy:Increases Average Defensive Ability equivalent to the skill level』

As expected, this skill is the defensive ability version of "Powerful".
Fumu, although the effect is low, judging from my rubbish status, I'm grateful that it can rise even if it's a little.

Let's continue steadily!
The next one, first time seeing it.
Because it's level 2, its level should have risen somewhere. Did I miss the voice of heaven?

『Idaten:A bonus of skill level×100 is added to the Average Speed Ability. And, a growth correction of skill level×10 is added when level up』

Ah, eh, ha?
Ah, it's thank to this skill that my speed is abnormally fast.
I see I see.

Eh, what's with this outrageous skill?
I surely thought that my speed is fast because of my species, but it's because of this?
"Idaten", don't tell me that this is the rumored reincarnation privilege?

Being born as a rare skill holder, reincarnation privilege is delicious!
I wasn't called as the "Idaten" in the game for show!
Uhyaa! ( うひゃー!)
The tension increased!

Then, what about this skill?

『n%I=W:Impossible to appraise』

Impossible to appraise?
After coming this far, an unexpected fumble.
Well, judging from the name, it looks like it's bugged.
Although it makes me feel slightly unpleasant, there's no help for it if I can't appraise it.
I hope that it's not a negative skill.

I pull myself together and appraise the next one.

『Taboo:A skill that is acquired by the person who violated a taboo. You must not raise it』

This time, it's saying something unbelievable to confuse me.
But, these words, no matter how I think, it's definitely a curse or a negative effect.
Uwa, I don't need it.
Even if you say that I must not raise it, it's already level 2 before I know.
My increased tension fell down at a stretch.


  1. Looks like "taboo" is going to play some part in the plot going forward. Anyway, thanks for the chapter =)

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  3. the hurdle that I have rise even further properly?<==
    the hurdle that I have raised even further properly?
    A plus correction just as much as the skill level is added <==
    A plus correction equal to the skill level is added

  4. For キタ, you could translate as "is here" ?

  5. Idaten again? ==> Dash??? you just translated it as Dash is S6 Status!

    ...on LV7」「Dash LV5」「Divine ...

    1. Idaten and Dash are both different skills. Idaten is just a better version of Dash. Or maybe her own special skill.

  6. Thank you appraisal-san! I mean, translator-san! xD

    Kumoko monologues are the best xD

  7. What if 『n%I=W』is actually Nai wa (no way)? ( ๑॔•◡ુ•๑॓)

    Idaten? Something like Haste or Godspeed?
    Wasn't there an anime called that?

    1. it's the name of Buddhism's god. and yes there's anime and game call idaten jump.

  8. >it doesn't seems
    it doesn't seem

    >The amount that can be stock
    The amount that can be stocked

    >『Powerful:A plus correction equal to the skill level is added to the Average Offensive Ability』
    『Powerful:A bonus equal to the skill level is added to the Average Offensive Ability』

    >should have rise
    should have risen

    >born with as a rare skill holder
    remove "with"

  9. I'm gonna assume that the author used katakana for キタ for emphasis. I'd go with "has arrived" since it should be past tense.

    Also "Idaten" comes up as "Great runner" on jisho:

    1. What in the world happened to the formatting? lol

  10. So choosing " small spider "was the wrong move?

    1. I don't think so (based on the informations we got so far). With a couple more rank ups she can become a Large Taratect too. With the other option she should have became only an adult/bigger Deteriorated/Lesser Taratect.

      Her next runk up should be Taratect then Large Taratect.

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    Ye━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━s!! My theories are correct xD

    ( Well, judging from the name, it looks like it's bugged. Although it makes me feel slightly unpleasant, )

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