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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 56

Chapter 56.

56 The defensive battle of 100 meters above ground ②

The monkeys climb the wall.
I make full use of "Thread Manipulation" and stick the adhesion threads on the wall of the monkeys' movement direction.
This is bad.
The remaining MP is unreliable.
I might have spend too much on "Poison Synthesis".
But, when the time comes, I have to persevere without "Thread Manipulation".

Because a stone flew, I hide myself in the shadow of the rock quickly.
The monkeys that remained on the ground throw stones continuously.
Although it's not likely to get a fatal wound even if it hits, it's very annoying.

The first wave of the monkeys rushed into the adhesion thread zone that I had stick.
Of course, the monkeys stick to the adhesion thread and their movement stopped.
If it's impossible for the first wave to move, then it should be able to hold up the following wave for a while, Ack!?

Those guys, they used their ally's body as a footing to climb further!
Although there's still more in the adhesion thread zone, it looks like this will be broken through sooner than I expected.


Now's not the time to hold back.
I release the Cast Net aiming at the monkey's group that has the most monkeys gathered there.
I leave the monkeys caught in the Cast Net as it is.
The more you struggle, the more the adhesion threads get entangled, and it becomes even more impossible to move.
If there's such a mass of monkey on the course, then it should be useful as an obstacle.

The monkeys caught in the threads are basically ignored.
From the monkey's status, what can be understood is that they can't escape from my threads.
This time, I won't use "Severing Thread".
Anyway, as a safe method, I should make all of the monkeys incapacitated with the adhesion threads.
I can defeat it slowly afterwards.

I release the second Cast Net.
Several monkeys got caught in it again.
When I was going to release the third one, a stone is thrown to me.
I avoid it in a hurry.
Shit, despite being an enemy, it supports at the right time.

Moreover, I wonder whether or not they are cautious of my Cast Net because the monkeys dispersed to the left and right.
Like this, I can only catch 1 or 2 of them using the Cast Net.
These guys, unlike the monsters up until now, they are intelligent!

If you are really intelligent, then notice that I'm not worthy prey!
There's no profit even if you defeat such a small spider!
But, the monkeys approach with the spirit to defeat me by all means.
I want you to stop it.
Give me a break from such passionate thing.
Let's point this passion to another thing.
For example, like ○○○(Self-imposed restraint).

I scatter my threads while thinking something stupid.
Because the monkeys have dispersed to the left and right, it's necessary to scatter it thoroughly all over the place.
I use the "Thread Maniplation" in moderation as much as possible.
In this situation, it's quite dangerous if my MP runs out.

The reason why I didn't shut myself in the simple home is because it's 100 meters above ground here.
Although my thread is certainly strong, it's not invincible.
It's vulnerable against fire and it was easily blown off by the Earth Dragon.
Although it boasts of its high defensive ability, if a power more than it is exerted, it will be broken through.
I don't think that the monkey can do that.
If I'm on the ground, I will certainly choose to withstand a siege.
But, here is not the ground.
If the monkey attacks the simple home and at the same time, the body sticks to it.
Naturally, it will have to take the load of the monkey's weight.
And if it happens simultaneously, the simple home can never endure the load.

The simple home doesn't have a foundation.
I only stick it with adhesive power between the ceiling and the wall.
It can support if it's only me and the rock.
But, I don't know to what extent of weight it can support.
Although I thought about expanding it to increase its stability, I chose the way to prevent the monkeys from approaching.
I thought that it will only increase the amount that it can support even if I expand it.
Still, it might be good when thinking about the number of monkeys.
While it's the beginning.

Why? It's because the number of monkeys doesn't decrease at all!
Although I thought whether or not I failed to kill the monkeys with poison, the monkeys' corpse seem to be piling up right under the wall.
It didn't seem to be revived.

It's simple, the number of monkeys have increased more that the beginning.
The so-called reinforcement.
Haha, wondering where did those guys come from and the number increases rapidly.
It should be around 50 of them at first, but now, it's simply double of the number.
Moreover, it increases much more.
A marathon without an end is scary, right?

What should I do?
Seriously, what should I do?
The red stamina became unreliable let alone the MP.
I have been releasing threads all this time since a while ago.
It's over when the stamina runs out.
It becomes impossible to release threads.
I must evade that by any means.

I prepare the Kumorning Star.
The aim is the nearest monkey from here.
Yosh, I pull it up taking advantage of the adhesive power forcibly.

I restrict the monkey that struggle with a thread quickly.
I drive in the "Poison Fang".
In the middle of that, a stone hit me.

But, my HP only decrease by 5.
As expected, it doesn't have a great power because there's a distance from the ground to here.
Although it's painful, I ignore it forcibly by power of "Pain Alleviation" and "Pain Nullity".

I kill the monkey with the power of "Poison Fang".
I eat it as it is!

As for this work, the match is the quickness.
I have to end it and return to the front early.
The monkeys are still putting up a hard fight against the adhesion thread.
Most of them have stick to the threads and becomes impossible to recover from it, but the path build with the monkeys' body is being completed accordingly.
They are approaching to me steadily.
My stamina manage to recover and I should consider that this is the last.
Therefore, I must be quick to finish eating completely and make them my foods!


I finished eating it!
Although the feeling of killing the monkeys somehow rose, now after such a long time!
It's me who eat!
I won't be eaten by the likes of you!


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