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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Extra

That's all for today. No Kumo-chan today.

Skill names:

射出 = Shoot
連携 = Cooperation
石化の魔眼 = Magic Eyes of Petrifaction
(I think previously I translated this as something like devil's eyes of petrifaction)
鉱体 = Ore body

Extra Bestiary①

Author note: To commemorate the 50th chapter.

It's the status of the monsters at level 1 and its brief explanation.

The status is purely a reference. It differs depending on the individual.

『Small Lesser Taratect LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:8
 Average Defensive Ability:8
 Average Magic Ability:8
 Average Resistance Ability:8
 Average Speed Ability:8
 「Poison Fang LV1」「Spider Thread LV3」「Night Vision LV9」「Poison Resistance LV1」』
We are the spider's initial species.
The subjugation danger degree that the human determined is the lowest, F.
Because it's weak in status, it will only charge foolishly. That's why, the subjugation is easy.
However, there's also individual that rarely makes nest. In that case, the danger degree springs up.
It is said that a person got caught in the nest without any preparations, the worst, it can be said that it's the end for that person. Therefore, destroying the nest in top priority when discovered it is the adventurer's basic.
The thread and the main body are vulnerable to fire.

『Small Taratect LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:18
 Average Defensive Ability:18
 Average Magic Ability:18
 Average Resistance Ability:18
 Average Speed Ability:18
 「Poison Fang LV4」「Spider Thread LV4」「Night Vision LV10」「Visible Range Expansion LV1」「Poison Resistance LV4」』
The spider's normal species.
Still, it's weak as usual.
It's property is also about the same with the deteriorating species.

『Lesser Taratect LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:42
 Average Defensive Ability:42
 Average Magic Ability:18
 Average Resistance Ability:18
 Average Speed Ability:42
 「Poison Fang LV5」「Spider Thread LV5」「Night Vision LV10」「Visible Range Expansion LV1」「Poison Resistance LV5」』
The grown form of the deteriorating species.
It grows up to approximately 5 meters in length, and physical-related status improves.
Still, it's weak.
However, the probability to meet it is very low because it's rare that a hatchling of the deteriorating species can evolve to this.

『Elro Frog LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:35
 Average Defensive Ability:35
 Average Magic Ability:28
 Average Resistance Ability:28
 Average Speed Ability:30
 「Poison Synthesis LV1」「Acid Attack LV1」「Shoot LV1」「Night Vision LV6」「Poison Resistance LV1」「Acid Resistance LV1」』
Also known as frog.
It's approximately 1 meter in length and it has a rainbow-colored body surface.
It uses the strategy where it shoots the droplets that has weak poison created by "Poison Synthesis" and the acid attribute from the "Acid Attack".
Even if it the opponent gets closer, the opponent might receive an unexpected counterattack because of its stable physical ability.
Danger degree, E.

『Elro Randanel LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:78
 Average Defensive Ability:65
 Average Magic Ability:22
 Average Resistance Ability:34
 Average Speed Ability:77
 「Poison Fang LV3」「Poison Claw LV3」「Cooperation LV7」「Night Vision LV6」「Poison Resistance LV3」』
Also known as the three intimate friend.
A small dinosaur-like monster measuring about 1.5 meters in length.
They always act in 3 and make fun of their enemy with skillful cooperation.
They corner their opponent into poisoned condition with "Poison Fang" and "Poison Claw". They are good at cornering their opponent slowly.
Danger degree, D.

『Elro Pekatot LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:58
 Average Defensive Ability:39
 Average Magic Ability:32
 Average Resistance Ability:32
 Average Speed Ability:100
 「Poison Attack LV3」「Evasion LV1」「Night Vision LV8」「Poison Resistance LV3」』
Only the name appears.
A monster with a strange figure that has the body of a fused penguin and pelican and the arms of a monkey.
Although it only has 4 skills, it's a troublesome monster that can jump around at high speed in the small cave and it attacks in three dimensions(三次元).
In the story, it was caught in the nest and was quickly eaten.
Danger degree, D.

『Elro Basilisk LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:58
 Average Defensive Ability:52
 Average Magic Ability:108
 Average Resistance Ability:105
 Average Speed Ability:58
 「Magic Eyes of Petrifaction LV1」「Poison Attack LV1」「Shoot LV1」「Magic Perception LV1」「Magic Manipulation LV1」「Earth Magic LV1」「Night Vision LV10」「Visible Range Expansion LV1」「Petrifaction Resistance LV1」「Poison Resistance LV1」』
Also known as petrifaction lizard.
A gray-colored lizard-like monster measuring just a little over 1 meter in length.
It petrifies its opponent with the basilisk inherent skill, "Magic Eyes of Petrifaction".
In addition, it has poison.
Furthermore, it can use "Earth Magic", although there's no opportunity to show it in the story.
It uses the strategy where it shoots the soil made by the "Earth Magic", but there's no time to do it because it was caught in the nest.
Taking the troublesome petrified condition into account, the danger degree is C.

『Small Rock Turtle LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:108
 Average Defensive Ability:236
 Average Magic Ability:8
 Average Resistance Ability:58
 Average Speed Ability:6
 「Shell LV3」「Ore Body LV3」』
Also known as turtle.
The turtle-type monster that carries a rock shell on its back.
It's very slow-witted, and it has high defensive ability, but the other abilities are altogether low.
Although it only has the ramming attack, the power of the rush can't be underestimated.
Danger degree, D.

『Elro Ferect LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:5
 Average Defensive Ability:5
 Average Magic Ability:4
 Average Resistance Ability:4
 Average Speed Ability:90
 「Paralysis Attack LV1」「Paralysis Resistance LV1」』
Also known as centipede.
A insect-type monster that has brisk feet growing on it.
Most of the status is low.
Only the speed is strangely high.
However, it can be subdued easily if there's only 1 because it doesn't has the "Night Vision" despite being the endemic species of the Elro Great Labyrinth.
The terrifying part of this monster is that it spring forth in large quantities and it lives as a colony.
Although the individual's danger degree is F, the colony's danger degree is considered to be B.

『Elro Baradrad LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:320
 Average Defensive Ability:320
 Average Magic Ability:100
 Average Resistance Ability:280
 Average Speed Ability:300
 「Poison Fang LV5」「Dragon Scale LV1」「Night Vision LV7」「Heat Perception LV4」「Poison Resistance LV5」』
Also known as snake.
A huge snake-type monster that seems to be able to swallow a person wholly.
Physical status is high.
It has the skill that can be seen in the dragon species called the "Dragon Scale".
By the effect of the "Dragon Scale", it has a high defensive ability for both physical and magic.
Danger degree, C.


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  9. IMO, Mystic Eyes of Petrifaction would be a more appropriate word choice.

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