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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter S9

Today is gonna be a triple release.

S9 Skill point

I spend my time with Katia leisurely.
Until a while ago, we move our bodies at the sports ground in the castle to raise the skill level.
We just finished it, and we are now taking a break like this.

「Ah, this is tiresome. Although my magic-related status increased considerably, my physical ability was never high」

Katia talks in Japanese today because Sue is not here.
When it's just the two of us, it became normal to talk in Japanese.

「Sure is. But still, our reflexes are better than our previous life and it's good that the more we train, the more we grow」
「Ah, I know what you mean. I have always thought why must the school keep doing the marathon, but here, the more we run, the more our stamina increase」

Although it's the same for the skills, the status improves as much as you train.
Now that we can't level up, we have to train steadily to increase our status.
But, if we train steadily, then we will definitely get stronger.
The training is hard, but if I think that it will become a gain, I will become motivated.

「So, how's yours?」
「"Agility", "Endurance", "Powerful", "Sturdy", and "Dash", each of them went up to level 8」

I confirm my status with the appraisal stone in my hand.
This appraisal stone is the level 9 appraisal stone that Katia's house holds.
It's a valuable that might be appointed as a national treasure depending on the country, but Katia brought it out from the Duke's house casually.
I think that "Is the Duke's house okay with it?", but seems that it's convenient, I will use it gratefully.

「As expected, your skill level increase very fast. Is this the difference of talents?」

Katia mutter in frustration.
Actually, even though we did the same thing, my skill level up speed is different than Katia.
In this world, anyone can get stronger if they put in efforts, but the speed differs.
It's said that it's the difference of talents.

「Even I'm called as a genius since the time I reincarnated into the Duke's house, you know? How come there's a huge difference between us? You cheater」

I avert my eyes from Katia's resentful look.
Even if you say that, what do you expect me to do?

「Which reminds me, did you use your skill points?」
「No, I miss the chance to use it. So it remains untouched」

Skill point is the points consumed to acquire a new skill and it can also be used to increase skill proficiency.
Normally, a person shouldn't possess any skill point since born, but somehow Katia and me had it since born.

「A savings of 100000 points. This bourgeois cheater」
「It became more terrible than before!?」

No, I really have miss the chance to spend it somehow.
At first, I thought of acquiring magic skills, but I stopped it because Anna told me not to use magic.
Although Anna didn't thought that I have skill points, I somehow can't acquire skill silently because it make me feel that I betrayed her.
Since then, the intention to use the skill points disappeared somehow.

「Did Katia used it?」
「.....Only 1000 points」

If I'm not mistaken, Katia should have 50000 points.
Because she bring up the subject, I thought that she have used considerably, but she didn't used that much.

「What did you acquire?」
「.....Keep it a secret」
「Ha? No, just say it」
「.....Absolutely don't laugh, okay?」
「I won't laugh, just say it already」

Although I didn't laugh, I think that I looked strange.
Speaking of "Appraisal", it's a classic example of the skill that must not be acquired.
I'm interested that why she acquired it.

「Why did you acquired it?」
「No, it's a standard in novels when it comes to reincarnation. Isn't it difficult to gather information in a different world? Therefore, in the novels, "Appraisal" is peerless. So, I want follow it....」
「No, the "Appraisal" skill is a must-not-acquire skill that is first on the list. After hearing that, why did you acquire it?」
「I acquired the skill when I was a baby! It's during the time when I was reincarnated without understanding anything, you know? Of course, I would want information. And then, when I remind of "Appraisal", I heard the Divine Words. It can't be helped that I acquired it on impulse!」

I hear it and consented for the time being.
Certainly, when I was a baby and I didn't understand the situation, I was considerably uneasy.
I didn't understand the words and the conversation from the surrounding people, so it made me feel excessively uneasy.
And then, when I heard the Divine Words that talks in Japanese, I understand the feeling of wanting to rely on it.

「And, is "Appraisal" a loss?」
「Ah. A big loss. It's useless when it's low level, my head hurts whenever I use it and on top of that, the skill proficiency won't increase if I don't have the time and it's also hard to increase its level. Even though I have been earning skill proficiency during my leisure time, it's still in level 4. My heart will break」

It seemed tedious just by hearing it.
I appraise the column of the skill point again using the appraisal stone.
Then, the list of skills that I can acquire are displayed with the necessary points.
When I looked for "Appraisal" in that, it's there.

「Ah, I can acquire the "Appraisal" skill with 100 points」
「Eh, seriously?」

Speaking of 100 points, it's the lowest point to be able to acquire a skill.
The skill that can be acquired with 100 points is either the skill that has low effect or the skill with good compatibility with the person.
It's hard to say that the "Appraisal" is a skill with low effect as I understand that Katia used 1000 points.
It's effect is certainly low when it's level is low, but if it becomes high level, it might be a useful skill.
Then, I must have a good compatibility with the "Appraisal".

After I hesitated, I acquired "Appraisal".
The point decreases to 99900.

「I acquired "Appraisal"」
「Eh, seriously?」

Katia says the same thing as before.

「Don't regret that later」
「Well, when the time comes that is. There's still a lot of points left」

For the time being, I will keep the remaining points for emergency.


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    4. I think it's because of the hero bloodline in the prince.

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