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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 60

Chapter 60.
The conclusion of the battle.

Keeping Monster Killer as it is.

60 The defensive battle of 100 meters above ground End

The last monkey is caught in the thread before my eyes.
The stretched hand can't reach me.
I coil a thread around the hand to completely seal its movement.

I look around the surroundings.
There are monkeys caught in the threads everywhere.
There are no free monkeys.
Just to be sure, I look around at the ground briefly in my vision range, but the monkey's reinforcements didn't come.
Even if I listen carefully, I don't hear the sound like it.

Finally, I managed to incapacitate all the monkeys.

Although I almost feel relaxed when I think that "I won", it's not over yet.
I only incapacitate them and I haven't finished killing them yet.
Below, there are monkeys caught in the threads to the extent that it's troublesome to count them.
Among them, there's also the figure of the especially big huge monkey.

The last huge monkey is still struggling to tear the threads.
Actually, the power of the huge monkey exceeds the limit that the thread can endure.
Although it won't tear immediately, it will get away soon if I leave it.
Therefore, I added threads each time to restrict it again.

I continue restricting the huge monkey while intercepting the monkeys.
It was unexpectedly hard.
I'm glad that I didn't relax after I defeated two huge monkeys.
Because I have to use more power than I thought to restrict the huge monkey, both MP and SP are almost exhausted.

The reason why I didn't kill it earlier was because I didn't have the time to do so.
I didn't have the time to kill the huge monkey in the situation where the monkeys are approaching.
There's also that the huge monkey was on the route that the monkeys are using.
If I were to kill the huge monkey, then it's necessary to approach the monkeys myself.
There's no way I can do such a suicidal act.

The thing that I feared the most was that whether or not the monkeys will help removing the restrictions on the huge monkey.
I was considerably afraid that it might break through my restrictions if they have the power of the huge monkey and the cooperation of the monkeys.
But, the monkeys didn't do it.
The monkeys that give priority to efficiency even if they die, somehow didn't pick the most effective strategy in this situation that is to save the huge monkey.
Although I feel relieved, the monkeys' behavioral principle is mysterious.

Well, when I say that, I don't understand the attack itself.
I don't think they consider me as a food, so I don't understand the why did they attack me.
The one I can think of is that I killed a monkey some time ago, but is there a need to do to that much just because of that? Un.
It can't be helped even if I think about it.
I can't understand what a monster thinks.

For now, I will kill the huge monkey.
As expected, I don't have the courage to bite such a dangerous creature directly.
Therefore, I make Spider Poison using "Poison Synthesis" and throw it into its mouth from the top similar to the other two.
After drinking two drops of poison, the huge monkey stopped moving.

Because the biggest worry disappeared, I will kill the remaining monkeys one by one with "Poison Fang".
Although the "Poison Fang" uses a little SP, it didn't bother me so far.
The cost is low and I haven't experience the situation where my SP runs out so far.

But, as expected, there's a lot of monkeys.
Indeed, even the "Poison Fang" will run out against such number.
I ate a monkey halfway to recover my stamina unwillingly.

The incapacitated monkeys intimidate me when I approched them.
Although I feel that there's fear mixed in there, I don't care about it.
You guys should be prepared to be killed because you guys are the one who came and picked a fight with the intention to kill me.
When you become the one to be killed, don't accept it meekly.
Thus, I killed it without minding it.

《Conditions met. Title 『Merciless』 was acquired》
《By the effects of the title 『Merciless』, skill 『Heresy Magic LV1』『Heresy Resistance LV1』 was acquired》
《『Heresy Magic LV1』 has unified with 『Heresy Magic LV2』》

I acquired a title.
Moreover, it's another dangerous one.
This is the second title that has the "Heresy Magic".
I cannot help but to express a regret.
I'm not a heretic!
It's true!

For the time being, let's postpone the confirmation of the new skill.
I have acquired skills when my level rose in the middle of the fight, so I will confirm it all at once when I have the time afterwards.

《Experience points has reached a certain degree. Individual, Small Taratect LV9 has become LV10》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Poison Synthesis LV2』 has become 『Poison Synthesis LV3』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Throw LV2』 has become 『Throw LV3』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Magic Amount LV1』 has become 『Magic Amount LV2』》
《Skill points gained》
《Conditions met. Individual, Small Taratect can evolve》

When I was dealing with the monkeys, a level rose.
I see.
I'm already level 10.
Certainly, it rose rapidly when I was fighting, but can I evolve already!?

《There are multiple choices of evolution. Please choose from the following.
 Small Poison Taratect》

It's as expected that the 'Small' was removed from the name, but Small Poison Taratect?
Is it specialized in poison because it has 'Poison' attached to it?

Well, let's postpone this too.
There's no way I can evolve in a situation where I can't feel relieved.
I must kill all the monkeys quickly.

《Conditions met. Title 『Monster Slaughterer』 was acquired》
《By the effects of the title 『Monster Slaughterer』, skill 『Herculean Strength LV1』『Solid LV1』 was acquired》
《『Powerful LV3』 has unified with 『Herculean Strength LV1』》
《『Sturdy LV3』 has unified with 『Solid LV1』》(堅牢)

Again, a title?
It's also has a dangerous name.
Is it a higher rank of the "Monster Killer"?
Did the "Powerful" and "Sturdy" unified with a different skill?
I must confirm it later.

After that, I just kill the monkeys plainly.
"Poison Fang", "Poison Fang", eat sometimes and reinforces it with threads.

And, all the lives except me were defeated.


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