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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter S6


Translating this is hard. First of all, the king's name:
Suggest me a better one. This one is just weird.

メイジェス・デルア・アナレイト = Magus Delua Anareich

Next, I will list up the skills I'm not sure with:
Changed some of the skill names:

魔闘法 = Magic Combat Act
魔力付与 = Magic Granting
魔力撃 = Magic Attack? Offensive Magic Power
気闘法 = Fighting Spirit
気力付与 = Vitality Granting
魔量 = Magic Amount?
術師 = Technique User (Any better one?) Magician
護法 = Protection (No idea how to translate this)
Hit → Accuracy
x Enhancement → Enhanced x

S6 Status

When I pass through the door, the big venue catches my eyes.
A red carpet extends straight from the door and ahead of it, there's a pedestal and a man waiting behind it.
A large number of people close to the wall, look at the state here quietly.
Everyone who attend this ceremony are all senior nobles.

Sue and I walk silently on the carpet.
I have received lectures for this day to walk majestically.
Although the gaze of the nobles pierce me, I try to not be conscious on it as much as possible.

Before long, I arrived before the pedestal.
Sue and I stop there and get down on our knees.
The man who waited behind the pedestal is the present king who is our father, Magus Delua Anareich.

「From here, I will hold the appraisal ceremony」

The voice of the king full of dignity sounds in the hall.
Although I say that he's my father, I have only met him a few times.
Therefore, rather than blood relatives, the feeling of a relative who's a great person is stronger.
Because of that, the tension is overwhelming.
Even now the king continues to talk, but it doesn't enters my head.

「Then, Shurein Zagan Anareich. Stand」

I stand up according to the king's call.

「Start the appraisal」

I move forward several steps and get on the stool placed in front of the pedestal.
If there's no stool, I won't be able to reach the pedestal at my current height.
A black stone was inserted in the pedestal.
The stone is the appraisal stone, but it's smaller than I thought.
It's the size that can fit into the palm of an adult.
I put my hands on the appraisal stone while thinking unexpectedly.
As I was lectured beforehand, I try to have appraisal in my mind.
It succeeded easily and my status was displayed.

『Human race LV1 Name Shurein・Zagan・Anareich
 Average Offensive Ability:20(Details)
 Average Defensive Ability:20(Details)
 Average Magic Ability:314(Details)
 Average Resistance Ability:299(Details)
 Average Speed Ability:20(Details)
 「Magic Perception LV8」「Magic Manipulation LV8」「Magic Combat Act LV6」「Magic Granting LV5」「Offensive Magic Power LV3」「MP Recovery Speed LV7」「MP Consumption Down LV2」「Sword Talent LV3」「Enhanced Destruction LV2」「Fighting Spirit LV2」「Vitality Granting LV1」「Concentration LV5」「Accuracy LV1」「Evasion LV1」「Enhanced Vision LV4」「Enhanced Hearing LV7」「Enhanced Smell LV2」「Enhanced Taste LV1」「Enhanced Touch LV1」「Life LV5」「Magic Amount LV8」「Agility LV5」「Endurance LV5」「Powerful LV5」「Sturdy LV5」「Magician LV8」「Protection LV7」「Dash LV5」「Divine Protection of Heaven」「n%I=W」
 Skill Points:100000』

I can see the status.
At the same time, the appraisal result of the status was displayed in the screen-like thing attached to the wall in front.
The screen is connected to the appraisal stone, thus, the appraisal result can be displayed in the big screen.
This world doesn't seem to have the concept of personal information.

A commotion occurs.
The king speaks to pacifies it, but the commotion didn't settled.
My status must be really out of the standard.
Still, it was just as I expected.

My magic-related ability value is considerably high.
Anna can vouch for it.
Compared with the physical ability that is appropriate as my age.
No, it seems to be considerably higher than others in the same age, but it's not out of the standard like magic.
So, it became such an unbalance status.

As for the skills, I roughly know that there's a voice called Divine Words (神言) that will inform you whenever a level rose or a skill is acquired.
However, I have two unknown skills.
"Divine Protection of Heaven" and the last unknown skill that looks like a garbled text.
I'm interested about the two skills and I appraise it.

『Divine Protection of Heaven:Protected by the divine protection of heaven. It becomes easier to obtain the desired result in every situation』
『n%I=W:Impossible to appraise』

What's this?
The "Divine Protection of Heaven" is terrific.
A skill that can be called as a cheat.
However, it says that it becomes easier to obtain it, so it won't be as I desire always.
Although it's a great skill, overconfidence is a taboo.

The unknown one is the other skill.
If the name is incomprehensible, the appraisal result is also incomprehensible.
I don't know what kind of skill it is at all.
It's also incomprehensible that this is the result from the best appraisal stone.
If this can't appraise it, then it's impossible to check the details of this skill.
Really incomprehensible.

「That, is it the same as the Duke's daughter?」
「Ah, that genius」
「However, His Highness is the same as the Duke's daughter, no, he has the talent more than that」

Just now, in the commotion, the word Duke's daughter can be heard here and there.
Is there a guy besides me who have the same status as me?
I don't think that there's such a guy other than Sue.....


To the shout of the king, the hall becomes quiet.
The king presents me a sheet of paper.
This paper is a magic tool connected to the appraisal stone and the appraisal result will be written on the paper with printing magic tool.
I receive it respectfully.
And, I bowed and withdrew behind.
With this, my appraisal is complete.

Next is Sue's turn.
It goes without saying that the hall become noisy again because Sue has almost the same result with me.
However, unlike me, Sue didn't have the "Divine Protection of Heaven" and the mysterious garbled text skill.


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    2. @Pandemonium He isn't. Main and side stories aren't simultaneous (kumoko has been a few weeks-months at most in the dungeon, this guy is several years old) If we were speaking about same age, kumo-chan is more than OP

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    12. Something like: "This guy killed the demon king" with Kuroko-chwan in a corner with a face like "And today to fucks were given" xD

    13. +Tristan Sadler : "No I think you are mistaken. Where did it state that he got it without effort. I am pretty sure it clearly stated that he trained"

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    「Agility LV5」=> Influence SP
    「Endurance LV5」 => Influence 'Red'
    「Powerful LV5」=> Influence Offensive Ability
    「Sturdy LV5」=> Influence Defensive Ability
    「Technique User LV8」 => Influence Magic Ability.
    「Protection LV7」=> Influence Resistance
    「Dash LV5」 => Influence Speed.

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