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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 52

Chapter 52.
This chapter's title is 糸しさと切なさと心強さと. The threadness comes from itoshisa(糸しさ). It's a pun from the word 愛しさ.


斬糸 = Decapitation Thread (Maybe something like slash works better)

52 Threadness and sadness and heartening and

Right, alright!
Left, alright!
Front, target!

『Elro Kohokoro LV7 
 Failed to appraise its status』

There's a monster resembling the pill bug in front.
Although the body is a pill bug, the head looks like a mouse.
I want it to be clear whether it's a mammal or an insect.
If it's a pill bug, then its defensive ability will rise when it becomes rounded.
When I fight against the turtle monster before, it withdrew into its shell and I had a hard time dealing with it.
Well, if it got caught in my threads, its movement will be restricted before it can become rounded.

Thus, Cast Net, standby.
Terya! ( てりゃ!)
The rest is just a piece of cake with "Thread Manipulation".

《Conditions met. Title 『Thread User』 was acquired》
《By the effects of the title 『Thread User』, skill 『Thread Manipulation LV1』『Decapitation Thread LV1』 was acquired》
《『Thread Manipulation LV1』 has unified with 『Thread Manipulation LV5』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Thread Manipulation LV5』 has become 『Thread Manipulation LV6』》

I acquired a title!
The title "Thread User"?
The "Thread User" that can titillate the chuunibyou?

Hey, pill bug, I will finish it quickly because I have no time to care about you.
"No" rejected.
Therefore, "Poison Fang", "Poison Fang".
And carry it to the shade of a rock.

Well then, let's verify the title I acquired at once.
"Thread User", the acquisition condition is as expected, is it keep using the threads?
If so, then it doesn't seem to be strange that I could acquire the title a little earlier.
Or it might be a different condition.

Well, there's no help for it even if I think about the acquisition condition of the title that I have acquired.
The most important thing is whether the title is useful or not.
And, there's a conviction.
This title is useful.
No, well, it showed the results already because the level of "Thread Manipulation" rose.
The importance of the "Thread Manipulation" increases day by day and I'm very glad that the level rose.
Even with this much only, it shows the worth of this title.

But, my interest are fixed in the other skill.
"Decapitation Thread".
Don't you think that it's a word that titillates the chuunibyou?
In short, it's that, right?
It's the one that I can slash my enemies with the thread, right?

An invisible slash!?
What it's cut with!?
Ku, th-this is thread!?

Such development can be done, right?
This is good.

Well, even if it's such chuunibyou, this seems to be an increase to my strength.
Up until now, my only weapon is my "Poison Fang".
Finally, my amount of weapons increases.
And in addition to that, my main weapon that is my thread is going to be that weapon.

Oops, I haven't appraised it and experiment it yet, so I shouldn't be delighted with it.
First of all, "Appraisal".

『Decapitation Thread:Gives the decapitation attribute to the thread』

The effect is as shown in the name.
Here, I thought what should I do if it was an astounding effect.

For now, one of the concerns has disappeared.
The remaining problems are whether or not it can be applied to the "Spider Thread, whether or not it can be activated and what degree of effect it has in level 1.

The pill bug that was killed a while ago is helpful here!
Now, become my guinea pig.

First of all, I release "Spider Thread".
First, I make the strength to max and the adhesiveness to zero.
I swing the thread towards the pill bug while praying "Decapitation Thread" silently.
Oh, it looks like I activated it properly.

The thread got repelled by the body of the pill bug.
As expected, it doesn't has such power at level 1.
Ah, but there's a small wound.
Isn't this enough for a level 1?
Up until now, most level 1 skills are lacking in some parts, so this skill is considerably high performance because it can leave a wound on the body of the pill bug.

Come to think of it, how's the consumption?
Did my MP decrease?
MP didn't decrease.
SP, because of the effect of "Overeating", I don't know much about it.
But, when thinking about "Poison Synthesis", I think that it shouldn't be without any consumption.
Then, although the red gauge didn't decrease at all, I think that it decrease a little internally.
Although I don't know how much is the normal consumption, the cost performance doesn't seem to be bad.
In addition, the red stamina gauge will last long by "Overeating" in the future, so it's good.

Next, I try giving adhesiveness to the thread.
I attack the pill bug in the same way as a while ago.
Although it activated properly, it didn't leave a wound.

Well, about here, it's as expected.
I experimented on the "Spider Thread" variously, and I understood that there's a limit in the customizable field.
For example, it becomes difficult to give resilience when I maximize the adhesiveness.
Although it's possible to do it, the effect becomes smaller.
There's a limit in the property that I can give to the thread at a time, it's like distributing each property.
Therefore, by giving the adhesiveness to the thread, I think that it's impossible to give the maximum decapitation attribute.
Although the adhesion and the slash property are not compatible, it doesn't seem to be realistic.

But, the "Decapitation Thread" is a considerably good skill.
The compatibility with me is outstandingly good.
I should raise the skill level quickly.

That's why, Pill Bug-kun.
Although I'm whipping the already dead you more and more, you will have to accompany me to raise my skill level.
I continued hitting the pill bug with "Decapitation Thread".


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