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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 42

Chapter 42.

42 Spider vs Bee ④

Finally, the time has come.

『Finjegoath LV6 Failed to appraise its status』
『Finjegoath LV4 Failed to appraise its status』
『Finjegoath LV5 Failed to appraise its status』
『Finjegoath LV5 Failed to appraise its status』
『High Finjegoath LV1 Failed to appraise its status』

One of the groups of bees are flying in the air right in front of me.
The atmosphere is obviously different from the usual wait-and-see.
They certainly considered me as an enemy and have the intention to fight.

The nest has reached around half of my goal.
Since I’ve come this far, the bees look a little different now, it seems that they can’t afford to leave me alone any longer.

Although, it's only one group.
Am I being underestimated, or are these guys just a scouting party to check me out?
Anyway, don’t think that you can beat the one who made this nest with only 1 group.

I prepare my Kumorning Star.
Even though the nest was made in the shape of a net, there’s still a gap to throw the Kumorning Star from inside.
The gap is around two and a half meters, so the bee can’t invade the nest due to its size.
Although they can’t break through the web, I can attack as much as I like from within it.
Well, they can fly away from this place at anytime, so I guess it’s a draw.

The two level five’s charge in.
Fun. ( ふん。)
Even if the two of you charge in at the same time, my nest won’t give an inch.
The skill level of "Spider Thread" is 8.
I was proud of my thread’s amazing durability even when it was low level, but now with each level its sturdiness just keeps improving.
Just as I thought, the two bees rammed the surface of my nest and their bodies were caught by the unyielding threads.
Although they had large builds and performed their attacks with great speed, my nest didn’t receive any damage at all.
Literally, it didn't even vibrate.

My nest’s stretchy thread has outrageous durability, and it’s elastic enough to absorb the impact like rubber.
The thread expands and contracts to release the impact to some extent when it is burdened.
The bees’ ramming attack didn’t even reach that extent.
In other words, that’s all they have.
My nest didn’t need to release the shock, it simply endured their offensive ability due to its durability.

It’s not that the bees’ ramming attacks were particularly poor.
Although it’s something I understood by observing, these bees, they are considerably strong.
Even snakes were included among the monsters that the bees brought back.

One-sided attacks from the air, attacks with their stingers, and attacks from their great physique.
Normally, these all are considerable threats.
They can launch preemptive strikes freely because usually enemy attacks won’t reach them in the air.
Well, that’s why they’re weak against anti-air attacks.
I think that it’s thanks to the bees not being cautious that my Kumorning Star has been infallible.

That’s why, bees are a powerful enemy if you fight them normally.
Yes, if one were to fight normally.
My trump card though, my home, is not normal.
Abnormal defensive ability, abnormal binding force, and abnormal besieging potential.
I bet that the bees have never seen such strategy before.
Because the trump card of this creature that’s called a spider is that it has human intellect.

I neglect the two bees that were caught in my nest.
I throw my Kumorning Star towards the remaining three that still couldn’t comprehend the current situation.
The leader bee received the Kumorning Star directly without having a chance to avoid it.
If I were to aim, the first target should be the leader.
It cleanly hits.  Due to the centrifugal force and the fall power, the leader bee’s body strikes the bottom of the nest.
With this, the elimination of the leader is complete.

The remaining two stiffen, not knowing what to do without their leader.
They’re good targets.
I dispose of the higher level one first with my Kumorning Star.
Then, the remaining bee returned to its senses at last, but its response was poor.
Although I don't know whether it's aiming to recover from this hopeless situation or not, it carried out a ramming attack on me.
Did it not understand what happened to the two of them previously?
Well, such a desperate attack could never reach me.  The last bee crashed into the nest tragically and it stopped moving.

The terrifying bees that I met when I fell no longer had the means to defeat me once I made my nest.
When thinking that my nest is unaffected at all by their ramming attacks, it seems that no matter how many of them come, none of them will be able to reach me.
It was proven that the defensive ability of my nest is high.

In a game, if their defense is too high, they won’t receive any damage from a small fry.
That logic held true with my nest and the bees.
In my imagination, I thought that if the nest received attacks, then it should receive enough damage for me to at least repair it.

There are still about 100 worthless bees flying in the air.
At first, I felt fear for the violence of that number, but now, the story changes because I understand that the nest can't be broken through under any circumstance.
Even if there are hundreds or thousands of you, your stingers won't reach me if you can't break through the nest.

It looks like the probability of escaping is very high.
I pleasantly deliver the decisive blow on the bees that I caught and I began to act.


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