Thursday, 9 July 2015

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Q&A 1

The first Q&A corner.

Q&A Corner 1

Thank you for all of your impressions.

Because there was a lot of questions, I think I would answer the questions without spoiling the story.

Q, I think that this won't accepted generally, for a spider lover as me, I am concern about that there's little description of the MC's figure.

A, This is because it's from the viewpoint of the MC.
The MC don't have a mirror so she can confirm her own figure. So I intentionally did not write that part.
I thought about describing it when the brother spider appeared but I didn't do that because I want the readers to imagine its figure.

Q, Is the Control Thread Technique included in the "Spider Thread" skill?
A, Almost none.
It can only move a little after attached on the body.

Q, I am concern about whether the "Appraisal" can appraise the "Poison Resistance" or not.

A, I inserted the explanations in chapter 25.
Please see that for details.

Q, (When being chased by the centipedes) It seems easier to escape if she scatter adhesion threads in the passage.....
A, Even if it can stop some of them, the effect can't be expected much because there are too many of them.
The next centipede will climb over the centipede that got caught in the thread.

I intend to put efforts to explain doubtful points in the work as much as possible.

Will be in your care from now on.


  1. 操糸術 - control thread technique
    これからもよろしくお願いします。 - (this story) will be in your care from now on

  2. I wonder how would author get his MC out of that spider figure...
    Monster Girl? Or Molting into another race?