Saturday, 18 July 2015

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Q&A 4

Q&A 4.
Nothing much in this one.

Q&A Corner 4

Q, About status notation
A, Because there's a lot of comments that says that it's hard to see, I will improve it before long.
Please wait till then.

Q, Child of an idiot
A, N-, not at all....
I'm just easy to get carried away....

Q, I want you to put the subtitle on every story with something like ~side
A, I  might change it someday because I have thought that it's a little hard to understand.

Q, S series is boring
A, I-, it will become interesting from now on ((((;゜Д゜))))
Seriously speaking, the S series explains the world's structure in a different viewpoint from the loner MC.
The contents will be like a briefing session for a while, but once the story starts to move, it will have early developments too.
Because this story will play an important role later, please keep reading it.

Q, Should you reply the impressions?
A, Though it's possible to answer individually, but please let me use this method because I can let you see the other questions.


  1. S series is not really boring, i think. Thanks for the everything.

  2. New comers attention!

    S-series, aka Side story, is NOT that boring.
    In fact, once you've appraise level 9, the S-series will be exploding.

    If you don't read S carefully, minutely, and remember every detail, you'll be very, very sorry.

    You've been warned.

  3. Damn i really ignore the S series

  4. Lol same `~` uh I shouldn't do that should I sigh but spider-chan adventure is a lot more amusing >_<

  5. Should I ship MC and the prince?