Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 23

Here's chapter 23.
No double release today. I'm busy with my RL.

23 I'm sorry that I got carried away. Please forgive me!

Even today, I work hard in hunting the centipedes.
It sure is a centipede paradise!
Though their appearance are disgusting, but if I were to ignore that part, it's possibly the best prey.
Well, I don't have such a delicate way of thinking and now, I am quite fond with the centipede.
Centipede is the BEST!

My "Paralysis Resistance" went up to level 3 already. Will I level up soon?
Good grief, a variety of centipedes.

A while ago, I attacked 2 centipedes boldly at the same time and I was able to win comparatively easily.
The first one was restrained by a surprise attack and I fought seriously against the second one.
After fighting normally, I understood that the centipede is unexpectedly fast.
Well, not as fast as me though.
In addition, it looks like the centipede only has one way to attack which is biting.
Probably I would be paralyze if I were bitten but it's not a big deal if it doesn't hits.
If I am cautious to the bite then it's easy afterwards.
It's the first time I saw a monster weaker than my species.

That's why I won't lose to the centipede even if I launch a surprise attack or I fight it head-on.
I am really strong.
My laughter can't stop.

And also it's good that the centipede can be eaten easily.
Though it looks like it has some volume in it, but when I eat, it doesn't have that much meat in it.
A centipede can satisfy hunger but it's not enough to reach full.
Therefore, I can eat all of them even if I overhunt it.
For me who have a frugal mind, leaving behind is a crime that can't be forgiven.
Therefore, it's very good that I can finish eating all of them.

This is exactly perfect. ( いたれりつくせりとはまさにこのこと。TL note: not entirely sure about this)
It's like the centipedes are born to be hunted by me!
After leaving my home, up until now I have taken quite a lot of risk, so there won't be any retributions even if I have some fun once in a while right?

I explore the dungeon while humming.
Well, I just play the music in my head only and it's not like I can hum.
Rather, I wonder where's my nose?
Well, I don't mind it.

The path breaks here?
But it looks like it's not a dead end.

Though this labyrinth is unexpectedly huge but there's no dead end.
Up until now, the path I advance always continues and there's no blind alley here
Though it's good that I won't get cornered when I'm running, but when I think about that the path continues on like this, it makes me sigh.

Perhaps this dungeon is the underground of this world, is what I might think.
Though I don't want to think like that, but I have never gone out of this dungeon before so I haven't seen the scenery outside.
That opinion may be possible too.

If something bad happens, my life might end in this dungeon even if there's the outside world.
I want to accomplish my lifespan if that time comes but before that, the possibility of my death is much more higher.
In the first place, how long is my lifespan?
Thinking from my size, can I live as long as a dog?
If possible, I want to have a longer lifespan than my previous life.

Well, let's put away such useless thoughts.

Apparently, the broken path in front of me has became something like a cliff.
A large space can be seen in the depths of the broken path.
Does this mean that I can finally get out from this narrow labyrinth zone?
Then, what kind of place will it be next?
If possible, I want to refrain from places with high degree of difficulty like the huge passage zone where I was born.
I would like to avoid from cannibalism, the huge spider and a large crowd of monsters.
I would still die no matter how many lives I have.

Well then, what will happen after this?
I stand at the edge of the cliff and try to look at the bottom.

『Elro Ferect LV2 Failed to appraise its status』
『Elro Ferect LV2 Failed to appraise its status』
『Elro Ferect LV2 Failed to appraise its status』
『Elro Ferect LV2 Failed to appraise its status』
『Elro Ferect LV2 Failed to appraise its status』
『Elro Ferect LV2 Failed to appraise its status』 × a lot.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Appraisal LV4』 has became 『Appraisal LV5』》

Ugue! ( うぐえ!)
My head is aching!
The information of the "Appraisal" flowed into my head and a shock hit my head hard.
Uoa (うおあ), I almost lost my consciousness.
That was close.
I see, if I appraise to many things at once, I would get an headache because of the overflowing information.
It's considerable that I almost lost consciousness.

......., The volume of information that can make me lose my consciousness?

I look below the cliff once again.
Even if it's a cliff, it's only around 1 meter.
The extensive space spreads out.
Though it was suppose to be a huge space but it didn't give out such feeling.
The space was full of centipedes.

Houa!? ( ほうあ!?)

What's this!? What's this!? What's this!?
As far as I can see, it's all centipedes!
Uwa, as expected, I'm starting to feel sick.
Not disgusting but it makes me feel sick.

Arere? ( あれれ?)
What are you guys looking at?
In my personal opinion, I don't think I look delicious.

Let's escape.
Now, I will become the wind!
I turned around and run.

Gasagasagasagasagagasagasagasa!!! ( ガサガサガサガサガサガガサガサガサ!!!)

Hiiiiii!? ( ひいぃぃぃぃ!?)
They came chasing me!?
I'm sorry that I got carried away!
Therefore, please forgive me!

The yellow stamina gauge runs out.
Ugu, this is tiring.
But I would die if I stop now!
For the sake of living, I must do my best in running!
The red gauge begins to decrease slowly instead of the yellow gauge.

In the end, I continued running until my red gauge reaches its half and I was able to lose the centipede army.
Ah, I thought I was gonna die.


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    I'm confuse when I see it first time too.
    sometime I've to search the meaning in jp before translate it again
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    もったいないの精神 >> to be frugal/dislike the wastefulness

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