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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Blood 11

Blood 11.

Blood 11 What should I do if my classmate becomes a monster when reincarnated?

This is bad.
It's seriously bad.
The appearance is certainly the usual stir fried vegetables.
But, the mark that seems to have done cooking is bad.

No matter how I look at it, the things that must be the remains of dissecting people are on the cutting board and scattered around the ground.

It's no joke.
That meat is the meat. Maybe, because I'm Vampire, I understand it naturally.
It's impossible to eat it calmly.
In addition, the person who I know is doing it.

『Hey, you're Wakaba Hiiro, right?』

The girl who silently eats the stir-fried vegetables while ignoring my question.
No matter how I look at her, it's Wakaba Hiiro who's my classmate in the previous life.
Although her face and atmosphere has somewhat changed and her whole body is pure white, there's no way that I made a mistake.

After I was reborn to this world, there was time, and I thought of various things.
Maybe, there are reincarnated people other than me.
In the first place, I don't know how did I reincarnate in this world.
Even if I died, I don't understand the cause of my death well.
Although my body was weak, it shouldn't be to the extent that I will die.
Because I might die by a sudden symptom like heart attack or cerebral apoplexy unconsciously, I can't say anything.

But, I understand that it's not like that when my former classmate appeared in front of me like this.
Because there's a story that the whole class was group transferred to the different world in the novel, it might be a group transfer.
Something like the classroom exploded suddenly.
Although I thought about such a thing vaguely, when seeing Wakaba Hiiro's appearance, it might not be so.

Wakaba Hiiro's appearance didn't change much from the previous life.
It can be concluded that her face and her atmosphere have somewhat changed is because more than one year passed.
I don't understand why she's white.
Although there's a little change, I can agree that she has transferred rather than reincarnated.

But, it's unbelievable that she's doing cannibalism calmly.
Although she was a person who I don't understand what she's thinking from before, really, what is she thinking?

「Shiro-chan? You're asked, you know?」

The girl who introduced herself as Ariel shakes Wakaba Hiiro's shoulder.
But still, she ignores her and eats the dish.
The shake of the shoulder becomes greater.
Shaking her, and a punch sank into the her face.
Um, you just introduced yourself as the Demon King just now, but are you serious?

「A right straight that can aim at the world. *Gaku*」

Seriously serious?

「No, well, enough with the joke. If you seriously don't speak, the talk won't advance though?」

Ariel-san who stood up talks to Wakaba Hiiro.


When I think that she finally opened her mouth, she said such a thing.

「Haa, then. Shiro-chan adventure story that makes the teller cry, and the listener will also cry. Let me tell you all about it」

Ariel-san who stands up suddenly, thrusts her fist to the sky and ends with a pose.
Although we just met, don't this person only live with mood?

「Died and reborn as a spider monster. The place she was born is the world's largest and worst labyrinth, the Elro Great Labyrinth. Escape from cannibal siblings, almost killed by the frog, the mortal combat with the snake is unfolded, and fall into the hole in the end. There, what awaits her is the dreadful Earth Dragon that sleeps deep in the depths of the earth! Barely escaping ali-, guhe!」
「It's long」

Wakaba Hiiro who grabs the hair of Ariel-san who talks passionately and throw her away while disheveling her fist.
What is this farce?
For the time being, I arrange the things that Ariel-san said.

Die once means that Wakaba Hiiro was reincarnated just like me?
I have seen the name called Elro Great Labyrinth in the book.
It says that it's a huge labyrinth that connects the continents.
She was born there?

「Summarizing it, you are a reincarnated person, reborn into a spider monster, and escaped from the Elro Great Labyrinth」

Merazofis gives the answer accurately.

「Yes! That's right!」

Why English?
Look, Merazofis draws wrinkle to the middle of the forehead and has a mysterious face.
Um, wait a minute.
Why is English used?

『Um, can Ariel-san speak English?』
「Hmm? I can. Ah, that has a deep reason, but don't mind it now」

Although I want to know it when it's said so, it's not the atmosphere that she will tell.

「The spider monster of the Elro Great Labyrinth. Don't tell me, Divine Beast-sama?」
「Ah, that's Shiro-chan」


Wait a minute.
The Divine Beast is that white spider that appeared when I was being attacked by the bandits, right?
It's that spider that settled close to the town, right?
It's that spider that created the trigger of the war, right?

「I will say this. The war is not my fault」

Did she guessed what I want to say? Wakaba Hiiro precedes.

『But, if you're not there!』
「Even if I'm there or not, it will become a war sooner or later. Because the Divine Word Religion wanted to crush the Goddess Religion. Rather, I was only used as the excuse of the war」
「Because the Divine Word Religion's purpose is to reduce the Goddess Religion's power greatly, they might have put that the country will be smashed up in their outlook. Because it ended with only one town, the damage was rather cheap」
『But, but!』
「You have no choice but to think that it's unlucky. The world is full of unreasonable things」

Still, the incomprehensible feelings jumbled together to the words of Ariel-san who says so with a philosophic view.

「By the way, Divine Beast-sama is taking a human's appearance, but is it an illusion or something?」
「No, Shiro-chan has evolved specially into a human-type. Although the essence is the spider monster, it doesn't mean that her appearance are changed. By the way, Is it the specification that she looks similar to her previous life? I don't understand well there」

Merazofis changes the topic.
Merazofis's mind shouldn't be calm too.
I stare at Wakaba Hiiro who has a nonchalant air.

「My present name. That's why, don't call me Wakaba Hiiro」

Although I don't understand well, I understand.
I also don't want to be called by my previous life's name so much, so this person might be also the same.
I will call her Shiraori.
Though forgiving her or not is different.


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    5. Considering age is usless when it's immortals, and while she's her grandmother biologically, Mother doesn't really take on the role of a parent and shiro had subsumed her anyway, so the relation was closer to mother/daughter. But since ariel became like that and shiro became a god, I'd say that at this point... Ariel is like an older sister.

  3. Lol Shiro keeps hitting the Demon King.

    1. Parody from OP-man
      Ariel :bugahhh!!!
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    2. 「A right straight that can aim at the world. *Gaku*」

      Saitama might have got his power from Shiro after she went back to Earth :D

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  5. Well, they share some sort of soul pieces, so there's something like familiar with each other's attitudes.

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      How are people supposed to understand you when you don't talk.

      Especially when that person believes you're the cause of every bad thing happening.

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    9. It's because while she probably knows it in her head it's not Shiro-chan's fault the war happened her heart doesn't agree and she feels she needs to blame someone for losing her home and family.

      She'll probably get over it in time since we know she called Shiro "master" in her inner monologue later. But for now she just needs someone to blame

      @Andre B: But to be fair she doesn't know he's a threat. All she know was most of the class would die in childhood and she was a helpless baby herself so she couldn't do a damn thing about it.

      It's true her actions in the end caused problems of their own but if she had done nothing then instead of being stuck under elf watch living quietly whether they want to or not they'd be dead. So while their situation sucks it's better than the alternative.

    10. Oka didn't save any one. In fact, she did harm to everyone.

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    11. That's pretty much it, they weren't actually save, since Potimas is the problem in the first place. It wasn't that there wasn't another alternative. That's the reason there's always arguments and debates on the topic of Oka's actions.

      Avoiding any overt actions until she had a better grasp of the situation, while letting some of them die, was an option. She is not required to save all of them and failing to do so doesn't make her a terrible human being.

      What does reflect badly on her is to make such an important decision impulsively. Remember the metaphor of the patient in need of surgery I gave? If you don't know what sickness they have, how to treat it, how much time they have, how to operate at all, or even if there's already a doctor on the way, then cutting them open yourself amounts to murder. They could have just been a diabetic losing a toe, and here you are cutting open their chest without anesthesia, proper tools or practices.

      It's the same as running a canned food drive. It sounds good and you feel your doing something to help people but it actually hurts the foodbank, who has to deal with all the cans you gather, more than it helps them.

      It's just one of those facts of life. Just trying to help alone doesn't help anyone. You have to know how to help.

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      We just simply see her from other point of view.
      She doesn't act much outside but it bet she think nonsense inside.

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    5. Exactly. From the start she's never been good at talking to others and it only carefree and energetic in her head.

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    6. Ariel does not 100% win the soul battle. By the time she fight with those Earth Dragon, Kumoko's split will fused with her soul to the inseparable degree.

      She win, when viewed as she retained her soul, her will and her concious. But she's now influent by Kumoko's personality. The one that once buried deep inside Wakabe's existence.

      Wakabe loved to talk. She loved to chat, to do weird things. But only to her "other-self", not the other people.

      Now that her other-self is fused with that Ariel to become this Ariel. So this Ariel does what she always wanted to do but afraid of. Talk, talk and talk - to other people.

      That's why Shiro-in-charge part can talk lengthly only to Ariel-in-charge part. She still talks to herself.

    7. Ariel does not 100% win the soul battle. By the time she fight with those Earth Dragon, Kumoko's split will fused with her soul to the inseparable degree.

      She win, when viewed as she retained her soul, her will and her concious. But she's now influent by Kumoko's personality. The one that once buried deep inside Wakabe's existence.

      Wakabe loved to talk. She loved to chat, to do weird things. But only to her "other-self", not the other people.

      Now that her other-self is fused with that Ariel to become this Ariel. So this Ariel does what she always wanted to do but afraid of. Talk, talk and talk - to other people.

      That's why Shiro-in-charge part can talk lengthly only to Ariel-in-charge part. She still talks to herself.

  11. Also we already know that ojou-sama will recognize our goddess eventually. Things like being the cause of her troubles and cannibalism are insignificant.

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    1. No she was actually speaking English the raw.

      She probably learned it from the English classes shiro took in school

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      I'd say that, after one of her wills ate (or mixed with) Ariel, the new Maou has turned into a Kumoko who actually always talks -- like, all the time -- in the same way the original Kumoko kept thinking her inner flow of monologues.

    4. Hehehe, you just made me remember all the times Kumoko went through the Elro maze thinking stuff like:
      "Hey, yummy Catfish! Come to me! I just want to snack on your tender delicious flesh! It won't hurt at all! Well, perhaps a little bit, teehee!"
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  21. 「Haa. Then, it's tears even if Shiro-chan to talk, and the adventure story of tears to hear it. This me will tell you」
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