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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Oni 2

Oni 2.
The Goblins.

Oni 2 Goblin

Approximately one year passed since I was reborn into a Goblin.
One year in this world seems to be longer than the Earth, 400 days and a little more.
However, because there was no convenient thing like the calendar, I didn't know the date well in the Goblin's village.

The growth of the Goblin seemed to be fast, and I have grown up into a kindergartner saying it as human at around 1 year old.
However, that's only the appearance, and the inside is not according to it.
I still only understand the conversation of the Goblins in fragments, and I feel that the moving ability is weaker than the appearance.

But still, it's certain that the growth is more faster than human.
If it's a 1 year old human child, it's still a baby, but in my case, I can walk by myself.
I think that this is a big advantage.

The first thing that I did after becoming able to move is search whether there's a former human of the same circumstances as me or not.
I don't know what's the cause of my death.
How did I die? Why did I reincarnate?
Because I didn't know it, I thought that there might be a comrade of the similar circumstances.

But, it was a light expectation.
Although I tried to search for the Goblins that were born almost the same period as me in the Goblin's village haphazardly, what I understood from the result was there were no reincarnated people similar to me in this village.

Well, it's not completely a fool's errand.
Although I hardly talked with the child Goblins, there are various things that I understood by running around in the village.
I knew that one year is about 400 days from the adult Goblins' conversation.

First of all, the Goblin's growth is fast, but the intelligence develops slow to that extent.
Although the child Goblin that's about the same as me is a human kindergartner if it's only the size, there's no great difference in the inside with the baby.
There was no child Goblin who could talk.
Meanwhile, I who can speak even the baby talk seem to be thought to be a genius by the adult Goblins.

However, I'm not so happy.
Because the thing demanded in the Goblins is combat ability, and the head is not demanded so much.
Unexpectedly, the Goblin in this world seems to be a genuine combat species.

When it's my image, a Goblin was supposed to be weak, stupid, and dirty, but the Goblin here breaks such an image completely.

This is not necessarily wrong.
Just the Goblins are weak and the life seems to also be short, and they seem to die immediately.
That's if it's an ordinary Goblin.
The concept of level seems to exist in this world.
In addition, there are skill and magic too.
Although it's totally like a game, it seems to be the common sense in this world.
And, the monster who reached a certain level can evolve.

The Goblins are not an exception too.
As far as I can see, there are the Hobgoblins of one size bigger than the Goblin in the village other than ordinary Goblins.
When one evolve into the Hobgoblin, the life span extends until then, and the strength rises too.

Both male and female of the ordinary Goblins raise level in order to evolve.
It seems that the method to raise the level is only to defeat other monsters.
That's why, naturally, the Goblins becomes a combat species.
This is because it can't live long with the short life span and the weakness if it doesn't evolve.

The next is the image of stupid.
This also is not necessarily wrong.
The Goblins are a combat species, and they are not interested in study so much.
I think that it's probably me who's the smartest in this village.
Rather than probably, it's certain.

However, it's not because it's simply stupid.
They fight using refined strategy regarding the combat, and they know the way of efficient hunting well.
However, it's only because there's no chance to learn, and their head itself is not so bad.

Rather, they who seemed to attain enlightenment like a certain training monk make me to feel the sacred air somehow when I see them. (TL note: Not sure about this reference)
The stupidity and the inviolable loftiness that I can't ridicule there.

Dirty has a double meaning.
The meaning called the body is purely dirty and mean.
The Goblins that I imaged were weak, and even though it's stupid, it's cunning.
But, the Goblins here are rather the opposite.
They were the soldiers who retained noble honor on their chest.

A day of the Goblin starts with a prayer.
Thank the world, thank the Goddess who protects the world, and thank for the daily bread.
After giving the prayer, they are assigned to each work.
The Goblins who haven't evolve polish themselves, and the evolved Hobgoblins engage in developing the junior's training.
And, the hunting group with the power that can go hunt leaves the village.

This village is in the steep mountain range, and it's a dangerous place with severe environment and a lot of strong monsters inhabit.
Among the Goblins of the hunting group, it's only half that managed to return.
But still, the reason why the Goblin's village can continue is that the Goblin's fertility is high.
Only this was according to my image.

The Goblins who returned are met, and hold a funeral for the victims.
And, they give prayer to the food that they brought back at the risk of their lives with thanks.

The Goblins proceed to the death in order to keep the village alive.
The Goblins left in the village hand the pressed flower to such Goblins.
As a substitute for amulet.
The thought of "please return safely" is put into there.

They depart for a life-threatening trip and return without forgetting the thought.
To live.
To keep it alive.

There were neither justice nor evil that I minded in the previous life.
But, there was something that transcended it.
I looked at the Goblins who left, and there was something filling my heart.
I shed tears without knowing it.
There was something at their back that made me do so.


  1. Why are the goblins in this world better than elves?

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      The other part's a tangent off that, where elders of long-lived make themselves fixtures and affect future generations, while "elders" of short-lived either expect to die or evolve and need to fight, and continue to expect to die.

    6. They are long lived, it was mentioned before when Shun entered the village that one of the ones speaking was over four hundred years old.

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  3. Rather, they who seemed to attain enlightenment like a certain training monk make me to feel the sacred air somehow when I see them. <===

    I think it reference Shaolin monks who devote themselves to martial art training as well as buddhism. Since they concentrate on two things only, there's a feel of sacred air around them, it's what I think author mean. Though Shaolin and not a Japanese equivalent because there's no such thing. Combat monks in Japan involve themselves too much in politic and daily life, so they seem to not hold this sacred airs. That's what I think author mean, and imply.

    1. My idea was "Avatar the Last Air Bender", but your's sounds closer.

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    1. Should I say:
      - Call of Duty: Goblin Blood.
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