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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 199

Chapter 199.
Posting it a little early today.

199 Robot army

For the time being, let's confirm the one that can be used in the skills on hand.
Although I said that I'm without skills, it doesn't mean that everything can't be used.
The skills that act in the body is effective.
The "Super Thought Acceleration" can be used without a problem.
Otherwise, there won't be time to think leisurely like this.

The "Super Thought Acceleration" can be used.
But, the "Future Vision" can't.
The "Evasion", "Accuracy" and "Great Probability Correction" can be used, huh?
Although these skills are skills that automatically make slight modifications to the action by the power of the system and make the best movement in the situation, in short, it's the correction skills that make the amateur to be able to evade or hit like a skilled warrior.
Because it's the skills that raise my basic techniques, I don't seem to receive the obstruction.
For the same reason, the "Throw" probably can be used.
Although a part of the golden evasion combo can't be used, still, I can secure the evasion power fairly well.

The magic-type is annihilated.
The things that affect the outside like "Psychokinesis" and "Shoot" are useless.
It's painful that "Space Maneuver" is useless.
The Evil Eyes are also annihilated.
The creation-type like the "Poison Synthesis" and "Medicine Synthesis" is also useless.
Because the thread belongs to the creation-type, it can't be used.

Because every kind of enhanced attack skills is the things that are assisted with power bonus externally against the attribute that the system judged, I think that it probably can't be used.
Because this part is slightly complicated, I also can't say a certain thing.

The status strengthening skills of "Magic God Act" and "War God Spirit" are partly possible.
It's working properly other than the one thin skin.
The "Divine Dragon Power" is the same except that the magic effect negation can't be used.
The "Dragon Barrier" is useless.

Although I thought whether I could oppose the magic obstruction with magic effect negation of the "Divine Dragon Power" and "Dragon Barrier", it didn't went well.
The magic obstruction set up here seems to be considerably advanced, and I was easily overcome.

Only the skills that strengthens the body can be used.
In other words, I have no choice but to raise the level and hit it physically in the end.
Although it would be good if the "Super-speed HP Recovery" activates, I can't expect it.

On the other hand, the robot army is fully armed, or rather, the existence itself is a weapon.
After all, they don't receive the magic obstruction, so I'm overwhelmingly disadvantageous.
In the first place, these guys are operating by the technology that drove the world to ruin before the system construction.
As expected, I won't lose if there's no magic obstruction, but I should think that everyone of them has the power of the Dragon class.

And, there's 100 of them.

What should I do?
I can't leave here.
But, can I win?
Should I withdraw once, and inform Gyurigyuri?

Because I can do the egg revival in the worst case, it's better to act violently as much as possible.
If it's the egg revival that can even escape from the Demon King, even the magic obstruction shouldn't be able to prevent it.
Fortunately, I have made a lot of refuges.
It's not painful even if I consume it here.
Although my status falls temporarily, even if I receive the Demon King's attack before revival, I can just do another egg revival.

If I alone can suppress here by any chance, I might obtain that, outwitting Gyurigyuri.
I don't think that this facility that lived so long doesn't have that.
I want it by all means.
If I obtain that, I might be able to push forward my plan ahead of schedule.
Even if it's necessary to revive, it's worth doing it.
At any rate, Gyurigyuri will only clear up here even if I fail.

Thus, I finish the very long thinking, and switch to combat.
The robots get up and try to prepare the weapon here.
Even if I think for a long time, the opponents just got ready for combat.
Thanks to "Super Thought Acceleration".

Now that I can't use magic, I can only do close combat.
It's bad if a distance is kept with the opponent that has the gun.
I draw near to the robot that was the nearest with a dash.

My speed doesn't decrease so much, huh?
But, somehow, my feet hurts.
I hit the robot's body hard with the running momentum while enduring it.

The robot blows off.

The skin of the fist that I used tears.
Come to think of it, the defense of the thin skin disappeared.
Even the damage of my own attack's recoil is received, huh?
It's probably because of this that I have a pain in my feet.
If I don't have "Sense of Pain Nullity", I would be flinched with that alone.
Because I have the "Sense of Pain Nullity", I can ignore it while feeling pain.

It doesn't recover.
Although it looks like it recovered a little, the appearance is almost unchanged.
Although it's just at the scratch level, it seems to take more than one hour to complete recovery.
It seems that I should think that there's no recovery.

I add a pursuit to the robot that blew off while thinking about such a thing.
To be exact, I was going to add it.
The other robots fired the gun, and interfered.
Although the evasion was delayed a little more than usual because I don't have the "Future Vision", I escape from the line of fire before the opponents fire the gun.

The bullets pass at high speed to the extent that whether I can even perceive it barely or not.
I hardly saw it even if I have the "Super Thought Acceleration" and "Enhanced Five Senses".
If I'm aimed by that, I can't avoid it.

It's obvious that I will become a beehive like this.
And, what's worst is that the gun that the robots hold is rapid-fire like the machine gun type.
It's only a nightmare that it can rapid-fire at that speed.

I approach the robot that fell immediately.
It's approximately simultaneous that I make the robot as the shield and the simultaneous shooting attacked.
Innumerable bullets pierce the robot that was made as my shield.
A part of my body that was not able to hide is blown off by the bullet.
Not pierce, but blows off.
What power is that!?
And, in addition, what has become of the enduring robot's armor!?

But, as expected, the robot's armor is damaged too.
If this goes on, it will be pierced sooner or later.

I snatch the gun from the robot's hand.
Although my arm is hit by the bullet and hollowed out on this occasion, I can't mind it now.
I shift the gun from the right hand that's half torn to the left hand.
I put the muzzle from the gap of the robot's body, and pull the trigger.

A terrible recoil was transmitted to my hand.
I'm glad that I shift hands.
If I pull the trigger with my right hand, my right hand will torn off completely.

I fight back against the robots' shooting.
But, here is 1 and the other side is approximately 100.
Although it would be around 10 robots that attack me because of the area of the building, still, it's 10 times.
There's also the remaining quantity of the bullet, so it's obvious that I will lose soon.

I advance with the robot made as the shield while pulling the trigger.
Although I almost stumble by the shock whenever the bullets hit the robot, still, I advance while enduring the pain.

And, I throw myself into the robot group that unite as a troop together with the robot that I made as the shield.
I throw the shield robot that can't maintain its model anymore, and I make the next robot in front of me as the shield.
When it comes to this, I will die honorably with the resolution for revival seriously.


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