Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Oni 1

Oni 1.
Start of Kyouya's story

Oni 1 Sasajima Kyouya

I had the inflexible personality than other people from the old days.
I carry out the things that I thought that it's right.
Although I have been said that I have pride or I have resolution in a good meaning, I think that I'm irritating when seeing from most people.

At the kindergarten, when the older children were trying to occupy the playground equipment, I fought alone and was trying to protect it.
It's because they come later and tried to drive us away even though we were playing first.
I resisted desperately, and made an older boy cry.
After all, the fight was settled when the Onee-san who's the nursery teacher entered to stop us.
Naturally, I was scolded.

Why I who did a right thing got scolded?
I at that time was not able to understand that.
Although I understand it now, the children who played together with me got involved and were hurt because I fought.
There was the child who had cried.

The bad one comes later, and it's the older children who were going to seize the playground equipment by force.
That's not wrong.
But, was it right that I fought with the children?
I still don't have the answer.
However, I think that I understood that the right thing doesn't necessarily become absolute rightness vaguely at this time.
I at that time only understood it vaguely.

After that, I brandished my rightness wherever possible.
Literally, brandish a fist.
I stopped bullying in the elementary school.
I turned the tables on the extortion in the junior high school.
It's endless when I give a small example.

I didn't particularly learn any kind of martial arts.
But, I was invincible and undefeated even though it can't be imagine from my appearance of a low height.
I was good at moving the body as I imaged it whether I had that kind of talent or not.
Still, I might not be able to defeat an opponent who really learned martial art, I was not defeated by an amateur opponent.
That was not good.

When I graduated from the junior high school, I was isolated from all around.
I even got an unfavorable nickname, 「Imp」
I didn't intend to do a wrong thing.
But, I think that it was not right consequentially.
Well, it might be unrelated to the rightness when I depended on the fist as the solution in the constitutional state, Japan.

At that very moment, I'm at the puberty climax.
I had a melancholia that what is rightness.
Because I was already isolated in my hometown, I take the test of the high school in a little far place.

Then, I spent my time to not stand out as much as possible.
Fortunately, the Heishin High School where I would go to has a calm school tradition, and there was no excessive thing like bullying, etc.
Although there were people who spoke ill of Negishi-san behind her back like Real Horror Child, the person herself was not harmful directly.
Rather, it might be a problem that some girls cursed Wakaba-san in an ostentatious way.
However, because Wakaba-san herself doesn't seem to mind it, I was able to endure it.

The people who can be called a friend were made, and I was invited to the thing called online game by the two people.
Although I didn't know much about the thing called game until then, it was fun to play with friends and I was completely absorbed in it immediately.
The things that I did in the game are the vanguard attack and blacksmith.

I make our weapons with blacksmith, and fight with the weapons that I made.
I made various kinds of weapons and changed the equipment frequently.
Although I was told to unify the weapons by Shun and Kanata who I played together, there was a new discovery to use various weapons, and it was fun.

But, there's also unforgivable thing on the back of the fun thing after all.
Ill-mannered players.
The bulletin board that my feeling worsens when I see it.
Such evil existed.
It was not possible to be settled with a fist like in the junior high school.

I understand it.
When I become a high school student, I at least know that there's not only right things in the world.
But still, anger boils.
I vent my anger in the game.
I persuade myself in that way.
Still, something like an unpleasant feeling remains in the depth of my heart.
I'm really inflexible.

Like that, the high school life that I spent without brandishing a fist.
If I knew that it will end quickly, would anything change?
I don't know.
Either way, I died.
Although I don't know the cause of my death, I can understand that I died.
Because I'm reborn.

To be honest, I was not able to accept it first.
I knew the reincarnation in the light novel that borrowed from Kanata.
When what I experienced would be the reincarnation in the corner of my head, I understood it while it's unrealistic.
But, understanding it and consenting it are different.
Moreover, if it's a reincarnation in a different world where it's clearly not the Earth, it's all the more.

Apparently, the world where I was reborn is the so-called fantasy world.
It's the world where the Goblin appears.
Although I don't know about the civilization level, it's probably not so high, isn't it?
In addition, there seems to be magic.
I witnessed the moment using the magic, and I think that it's probably genuine magic if it's not a trick.

The several days of me who was born thought about such a thing vaguely, and spent it.
Speaking frankly, I can't live on if I didn't sort the situation like every other people.
In other words, escape from reality.
But, I must accept it soon.

Simple houses can be seen in the surroundings.
It's a small village, and the structure of the house is plain.
The villager who comes and goes there.
Well, not human though.

The body that's lower than human.
Green skin.
Pointed ears.
Sharp cuspid.
No matter how I look at it, it's the Goblin that appears in the game.
Here is the Goblin's village.

And, I who was born in the Goblin's village.
If I lower my eyes, green skin.
Ah, un.
I'm also a Goblin.


  1. I know you are rushing 3 chapters per day with mt so grammar is a minor issue but this one was worse than normal.
    Anyhow thanks for the chapt, looks like hes the ruler of wrath from this chapter

  2. I can see him going to a lot of suffering because of humans attacking goblins.

    Maybe ruler of Wrath like the shura

  3. Replies
    1. This guy doesnt seem like a rapist that gets on a high moral horse.

  4. somehow, Kyouya remind me of my childhood. 2 days after I become kindergartener, I fought with 2 elementary schooler, a twin, over a playground. They are 2 years older than me and we become a mortal enemy since then... Lol

  5. thanks for the chapter, and why do you must force yourself to 3 chapter a day when even the author just 1 chapter a day

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    1. Don't you mean Shun's stories?

    2. At which part of my rant?
      Yeah shun's stories are a bit bland, but shiro-chan/kumoko was never doing something that made me burn for a new chapter so badly...
      Sophie/vampire chick however,,, is in the way. No one cares.
      D:< go back to oni-oniisan! preferably tomorrow because I'm hurting

  8. @ Joshua Kjx

    I think this line is off

    "Although I did speak ill of Negishi-san behind her back like Real Horror Child, the person herself was not harmful directly."

    He shouldn't be referring to himself, I think.

  9. I hope that this story is more fleshed out than Shun's. Not as much as Kumo's, but I wouldn't mind reading another reincarnated as a monster story within this story.

  10. Love the series and your translation. Sorry to say Joshua, but you either need to change posting time of your translation so that you can check mistakes in text or need to have a proofreader. Grammar level of some phrases is unreadable=(

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  14. Rather than Shun, this guy is the real Hero. I mean, he not only has a strong sense of justice, he knew that there was no way to help Natsume, who was nothing but destruction, but that killing him would help the world.

    You can't save those that don't want to be saved, that is the first thing that a true hero learns.

    1. But him having clearly anger issues isn't what makes a true hero

    2. Yep. But in Japan there is the case of massive brainwashing for citizens that violence is bad by itself. And Nihonjin-tachi believe in such a silly myth until they meet true hardships in their own life.
      Even more funny, Japaneses who believe that self-defense or defending others by violence is a very bad thing at the same time believe that the police, who do nothing except violence or threat of violence, courts and politicians who use the violent police, bodyguards who have rights to kill people just by suspect, JSDF and other structures who keep peace in Japan but extremely violent and rule only by violence are 'good guys'.
      It's quite a contradiction but Japaneses never thought about it. Well, in many other countries common people have the same 'locked' brain.

  15. It was a nice and confortable life we had in that vilage. We were actually a peaceful kind of goblins that didn't attack humans or kidnapped their women. We just enjoyed life in respect for nature... But he did not care. He just came out of nowhere and killed everyone. The Goblin Slayer. Orcbolg.