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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Blood 5

Blood 5.

Blood 5 Survival strategy

My actions after I knew that I'm a Vampire was fast.
I'm a noble, my appearance will probably become beautiful, and what I thought to be life winners have turned into the critical point suddenly.
I must conceal the fact that I'm a Vampire by any means.

For that reason, I must rethink about the thing called skill that I don't mind it so much up until now.
Because I have a few yearnings in magic, I practiced a little, but I was not interested in the other skills so much.
At the degree that if there's something that seems convenient, it's very good.
I was born as a noble, so even if I don't have the skills, it seemed that I can live on.

But, such a thing can't be said anymore.
I must acquire a skill that can falsify that I'm a Vampire by any means.
Because there's the Appraisal skill, there should be a skill that obstructs the Appraisal.

The problem is how to acquire that skill.
Although I tried whether I can acquire it by consuming the skill points or not like acquiring the Appraisal, it was impossible to do it.
Somehow, in case of this method, God doesn't seem to react if the exact name of the skill is not guessed right.

But, I don't know the name of the skill.
Although I tried appraisal obstruction, obstruction, etc, there was no hit.
I have to examine the name of the skill.
Anyway, I want information.

For that reason, I need books.
Even if I eavesdrop on the attendants' conversation, I won't obtained a significant information.
Only the spider's topic.
Although I'm bothered by it when it's said whether I'm bothered by it or not, now is not the time for it.
Although it's fine to eavesdrop on the conversation to gather the current affairs, it's better to rely on books to acquire knowledge.

I firmly establish the policy, and decided to act in midnight when everyone are sleeping.
I can't take a strange action in daytime because the attendants are constantly attending me.
But, if it's the originally nocturnal me, doing something sneakily in the night is my forte.
The Sleep Resistance skill is plainly effective too.

When I think, the reason why I was nocturnal is because I'm a Vampire.
When I think back so, my consciousness was fluffy and I was sluggish in daytime, and my throat sounds when the bandit's corpse is seen, so there's a considerable occasion that comes to mind.
However, I have not drunk blood since I was born, and even if I bask in the sun, I don't become ash.
I wonder if the Vampire in this world and the Vampire in the Earth have a different ecology?
If there's a book about Vampire, I must read it.

I sneak away from the room stealthily.
Although I have not show it before in the presence of others, I can stand and walk already.
It's easy to open a door that's not locked.

Because it's a large mansion, I don't know where's the study room.
In addition, not everyone is sleeping for the guard at night.
I move stealthily so that I won't be found.
I check each room carefully to search for the target study room.
I retrace my steps when I become tired, and I return to the room and sleep with an innocent look.
I repeated it for several days.

Because I continued such a thing for several days, I acquired the skill called 「Stealth」.
I wonder if it's a kind of skill that makes the presence thinner?
It's very welcome for the present situation.
Besides that, the 「Night Vision」 rose up to level 3.
Is it inborn? Or, I just didn't notice it? Although I don't know which is it, it seemed that I have the Night Vision from the start.

And, at last, I found the study room.
From there, I keep going to the study room every day, and read widely.
Although I had a hard time being not able to read the character at first, I became motivated when I think that my life depends on it.
If I decipher the law of the character that looks like a code from the start, it would take a lot of time, but fortunately, there are books oriented towards children put in the study room, and the character of this world was learned comparatively easy.
Because it's a considerably old picture book, it might be the book that father read in childhood.
There were a lot of books that are oriented towards boys.

Like that, the Night Vision became level 6 and the Sleep Resistance became level 2 while I'm learning the character.
The Stealth becomes level 3, and the Silent and Presence Perception skills are newly acquired.
I'm gathering the assassin-like skills steadily.

I decided to read the books one after another from there.
The title is not written on the book in this world.
Because of that, I don't know what kind of book is it at a glance.
I have no choice but to continue reading until I found the target book.

Thanks to that, the skills called Concentration, Memory, Calculation Processing and Parallel Thought were acquired.
No matter how I think, it's strange that a baby has this much skills, right?
I have the feeling that I have done it.
But, it can't be helped because it's to survive.
If I can conceal the fact that I'm a Vampire at the appraisal ceremony to the end, I must at least endure to be conspicuous in a bad way to some extent.

Like that, I continued the life of spending my daily daytime suitably and shut myself up in the study room.
Because of the spider's riot and there's a lot of big shots of somewhere who came to stay in my house recently, it becomes difficult to reach the study room.
If the population increases, the danger of being found increases to that extent.
Occasionally, I have to give up to reach the study room, and retrace my steps.
What a spider that's a nuisance to other people.

But, that spider weighs on my mind recently.
Its actions are very human.
Even though it annihilated the bandits mercilessly, it gives treatment to the residents in the town.
Although mother says that it's the Sacred Beast, judging from me who saw the real thing, it feels like a wicked monster that has the human's will.

Don't tell me that it's the same reincarnated person as me?
That won't be.
No matter how I put it, that's leaping too much of the delusion.

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『Prediction LV1』》


  1. lol, Prediction timing is still prefect as usual

  2. i think rihoko is loved by the system like kumoko.....

    1. I dont think Rihoko is beloved so much as kumoko's pretty airheaded. Just by thinking and guessing she can acquire Prediction, so it can be pretty easy to acquire skills for a normal reincarnator. Kumoko's a special existence crafted by D, and she took that much time to acquire that skill, so, well.

    2. > kumoko's a special existence crafted by D,

      Not this again

    3. if the word is looked after by D then I would agree...

      well, until author throw some information again.

    4. still rihoko kinda got proficency very quick for the skills, I mean, kumoko got such pace because she has several ruler class skills like pride

      But rihiko doesn't have a thing yet...right?

      Or is it because she is a noble vampire?

      I kinda feel like she got skills at a quick pace....

    5. This is still actually within the time of 2 years it's not necessarily that fast or that slow.

      She didn't earn all her skills in one sitting

    6. I think Kumo-chan isn't loved by the system. She has the worst start-up and have to do 100x more effort than Shun. And Shun is moar OP than the other human-type re-incarnators just by inheriting the title Hero. Maebe the 2 riajuu-adventurers(riajuu must explode!) put moar effort than the other humenz reincarnators but still Shun is loved by the system.

      (hope these riajuu explode)
      [yeah, they must explode]
      "must really explode"

    7. Hehe, anyone else is reminded of Suzumiya Haruhi when looking at Wakaba? I do, because, as we have found now, she's the supreme goddess of our world. The difference being, Wakaba is a Haruhi who has become aware of her powers and activates them at will. The astounding almighty super goddess Hiiro Wakaba.
      Oh, and back on topic: as for Rihoko, she's only another reincarnate without special privileges. Kumoko is different. It's as Laclongquan said, it's natural for Wakaba to take care of her creation.

    8. Dude there is still zero proof but that even in thr raws so unless you somehow got insider info it's not confirmed that's what's going on so be quiet. he guys keep spouting that off like it's confirmed fact.

      But the only way it could be confirmed would be if the author said it somewhere in which case you are the biggest dick on earth for saying it. But otherwise it's just a theory so stop treating it like fact.

    9. Dude, how about you learn to write English before posting? And since you are at it, learn some netiquette as well. You know, stuff like: if you have nothing to say, don't run your filthy mouth to no purpose, better shut up.

      Everyone have their own ideas on the mysteries of the plot. If you don't like someone else's ideas, ignore that poster. Don't take it as a pretext to spout insults and dirty the thread with your garbage.

      Good grief, the level of the "Comments" here is really going downhill.

    10. Pot meet kettle. Seriously dude? First you insult my english (unless you are counting lacks of commas and run on sentences I only see one or two small typos) then you complain about me complaining?

      I'm just saying they should stop posting stuff like that as if it's confirmed fact. Partly because the way they are posting it makes it look like a spoiler which makes it even more misleading.

      So it's not a pretext you hypocrite it's just you shouldn't act like something is a confirmed fact when there really isn't enough confirmed info yet to make a real conclusion. Again when you post like that it sounds an awful lot like a spoiler and I don't think any of us want any more of those floating in the comments.

    11. Yech. This poor boy's IQ challenge should be plumb obvious to everyone now.

      Adding Metazoxan Dexall to my list of ignored people.

  3. If prediction is acquired then that hunch is correct, no?

    1. Not quite. It's just a skill for "calculating conclusions", but these conclusions don't necessarily have to be right.

  4. She's getting the same golden ratio skill build as shiro.

    It would be complete........if she didn't insult appraisal-sama

    1. Psht. Shiro totally insulted appraisal too

    2. But she was later enlightened to the truth

    3. Everyone doubts appraisal sama at first but they all learn of it's true greatness later.

    4. Kumoku-chan is different, kumoku-chan had only 100 points and buy appraisal for 100 points so she spend all she had but vampire have 75000 and spend only small number (I forgot how many :-P)

  5. So assuming she even gets to the ceremony (the whole war thing may throw that all out the window anyway) she's probably use concealment like Shun to hide her vampire skill and maybe hide the vampire part of her species status.

    or maybe obscure recognition of her species so while people read it they don't register it properly.

    1. the uselessly high lvl appraisal stone will ruined overything.


    2. so far the only thing that can obstruct appraisal is ruler class privilege

    3. @bbseno AND Concealment skill, which can block parts of it, instead of the whole thing. But I imagine Concealment will work based on the other person's appraisal level.

    4. yeah remember Shun is using it to hide Taboo so using it to hide parts of results you don't want people to see is possible.

  6. the key to be a stronger person/creature in this world is to be at disadvantage position... Little spider, weak goblin, vampire among human.

    1. I think it's more just about obtaining strength out of necessity. Shun lived a pampered life until everything went to hell suddenly so while he did get fairly strong for a human he took his growth slowly and didn't push himself too hard as he didn't need to.

    2. all social rejects reincarnated as non-human. that goddamn teacher included.

    3. they seem to get a skill matching whatever role or trait they had among the class (either ingame or inlife) and are reborn with a species or social status (or gender) reflecting who they are.

    4. Any guess about why righteous, noble, paladin-like Kyouya reincarnated as a measly goblin?

    5. Remember he was called the nickname gnome cuz he was short.

      And with him suppressing is anger all the time I can't really see him evolving into an Oni/shura ruler of Wrath

    6. Yeah we haven't seen anyone own the Wrath skill yet so given his personality he probably gets it.

    7. @Vito

      To be fair, the goblins are one of the most righteous, noble, paladin-like races we've seen in this story outside of dragons. Though, Kuro said even some of the dragons have gone astray.

  7. Thank you very, very, very much for all your hard work!!!!!!!

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    1. It will have to go up to 10 level then it will become "Parallel Will lvl 1" so... without monster's speed of gaining skills it will be very slow probabaly.

      [Prediction] op

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