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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Oni 3

Oni 3.
Unlimited blade works?

Oni 3 Weapon creation

I became two years old.
To be an adult and accepted to be able to go out to hunt is from four years old.
The human will be surprised if the adulthood is at four years old, but it was enough when thinking about the speed of the Goblin's growth.
Rather, when seeing from the Goblin who has the life span of ten years, it might be slow oppositely.

The Goblin's life span is ten years in this world.
When I convert it to the Earth's years, it's about 11 years.
Even if it can live long, it's about 13 years.
That's the grace period given to the Goblins.
They must evolve before their life span comes to an end.

In order for the Goblins to evolve, they must raise the level to 10.
Moreover, it doesn't mean that they will evolve into the Hobgoblins because of that.
When the Goblins become level 10, it's possible to evolve into any of the three kinds of Goblin Fighter, Goblin Ranger and Goblin Shaman.
It becomes the choice of which to evolve.
But, it seems that the further evolution is fixed by the status at that time.

Strong in close combat, the most basic and faithful, Fighter.
The quickness is high, dexterous fingers and assistance oriented, Ranger.
Strong magic-type and can handle magic, Shaman.

The most popular one is the Fighter.
Rather than saying the Shaman is unpopular, the number is little because there's a lot of Goblins who don't have the aptitude.
And, the Ranger is unpopular.
It can't endure the hunting, and it's said that the Goblin's further evolution is the one that takes part in the domestic affair of the village in the future.

Actually, I don't think that the Ranger is inferior to the Fighter and Ranger.
However, I think that it's unpopular because it's for expert by all means when compared with the other two easy-to-understand kinds.

Through the further evolution of these three kinds of evolution, raise to level 10 again, and finally, it's possible to evolve into the Hobgoblin.
If it evolves into the Hobgoblin, there's no need to worry about the life span anymore.
I hear that it can live roughly the same length as the human.

But then, the Hobgoblin who dies before reaching the life span in this severe environment is quite a lot.
Even if it evolves, it doesn't mean that the fight called living ended there.

There's a lot of Goblins of the same age as me.
Even though they are children, there's no time to let them to play, and when they become able to work to some extent, they will help their family.
In my case, it was field work.

Even in this village in the mountain range where the sunlight is weak, there are plants that grow up more or less.
They raise the vegetables with strong vitality.
This was severe for a child's body because it's a considerable heavy labor.

First of all, the soil must be managed so that it doesn't freeze.
Because the soil freezes at once if it's neglected, it's necessary to warm it regularly.
The fire is applied to the exclusive farming tool, and plow the soil little by little while making sure that the root of the crops is not damaged.
It needs power, and it also needs the nerve to do delicate work.
And, there are the works of harvest, sowing seeds, normal plowing, etc.
Because the grown crops are a species of monster, when the harvest time is mistaken, we might be eaten oppositely, so it's necessary to check it carefully.
It was quite a heavy labor.
Thanks to that, my physical strength rose, and I acquired some skills.

Such a field work marks the end easily on a certain day.

The start is when the meat captured by hunting went up to the dining table.
It was the time when I wished that I want a knife in my mind to cut the too hard meat.
A flash burst in the narrow house, and at the next moment, a knife was gripped in my hand.
Although it was something more shabby than the one I imagined, it was certainly a knife.

Dad took up the knife from the hand of the dumbfounded me.
And, he went out of the house.
Dad who returned after a while brought the village elder along.

The village elder as its name is the one who lives the longest in the village.
It was one of the very few Goblins who had reached the age that was able to be called aged.
And, that elder handed something over to me.

It's an appraisal stone.
The magic tool that the skill called Appraisal dwells in it that's the only one in the village.
If someone use the appraisal stone, it's said that the person can understand his own skills.
I confirmed my status with the appraisal stone as told to me.

『Goblin LV1 Name Razraz
 Average Offensive Ability:68
 Average Defensive Ability:66
 Average Magic Ability:33
 Average Resistance Ability:31
 Average Speed Ability:65
 「Magic Perception LV2」 「Magic Manipulation LV1」 「SP Recovery Speed LV3」 「SP Consumption Down LV6」 「Concentration LV3」 「Prayer LV8」 「Blunt Resistance LV2」 「Wind Resistance LV1」 「Ice Resistance LV6」 「Enhanced Vision LV7」 「Enhanced Hearing LV6」 「Enhanced Smell LV4」 「Enhanced Taste LV2」 「Enhanced Touch LV3」 「Life LV9」 「Magic Amount LV4」 「Agility LV7」 「Endurance LV7」 「Powerful LV9」 「Sturdy LV8」 「Magician LV3」 「Protection LV2」 「Dash LV7」 「Weapon Creation LV1」 「n%I=W」』

The one that strikes on is the Weapon Creation skill.
When I report it to the elder, I was told to examine the skill with Appraisal.

Weapon Creation(武器錬成):Create weapon by consuming MP. The quality of the created weapon depends on the skill level and the consumption of MP』

It's this skill without a doubt.
The knife just now was created by this skill's ability.

After that, I became in charge of making weapons by making full use of this skill.
Only simple weapons and armors can be made in the Goblin's village.
It's because there were neither proper equipment nor materials.

At first, I can only make useless ones.
This is because my MP is low, and the skill level is also low.
But, the skill level rises gradually while using it continuously, the amount of my MP also increases, and the MP Recovery Speed was acquired.

There was a limit on the weapons that can be created by the Weapon Creation skill.
First of all, I can't create it if I can't recognized the thing as a weapon.
Although I can almost create edged tools, when it's the blunt weapons, I sometimes can't create it.

Armors can't be created.
Somehow, only the shield seemed to be an exception because I can create it.

Machines can't be created.
Even the guns can't be created.

In other words, I can only create primitive swords and spears.
But still, it's useful in the Goblin's village that doesn't have proper weapons, and I created weapons as long as my MP lasts.


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  2. is it me or "Weapon Training" sounds weird for a skill name with such effect?

    1. No it's not just you. Maybe it's just a weird choice by the author but "weapon training" should be a skill that allows for quick mastery of any weapon if you go by the name.

  3. "Actually, I don't think that the Ranger is inferior to the Fighter and Ranger."
    There is a mistake somewhere...

    1. Going from the flow, the first Ranger is probably Shaman.

    2. Nah, it's the second Ranger.
      He's saying that the Goblins don't like "Ranger", but in his opinion Ranger isn't that bad compared to Fighter and Shaman.

  4. Replies
    1. Therefore he will pick the not so popular Ranger

  5. "Actually, I don't think that the Ranger is inferior to the Fighter and Ranger."? The Ranger n°1 is wrong i think (or it's n°2?)
    Anyway thank as always ^^

  6. I maybe wrong because i am bad in japanese but the kanji 錬成 in chinese can be infer as creation.

    1. Yeah, it seems like the two kanji relate to "tempering/refining" and "become/get" (which makes sense for this skill), but together in Japanese they generally mean "Training"

      Probably because the term is usually meant to refer to people (Tempering and refining a soldier) and not weapons. I would probably go with "Weapon Creation" for the context.

  7. Yea i dont think it means "train"
    武器錬成 > weapon creation
    Specifically "錬成"
    錬 wrought
    成 formation in Japanese/ "to make" in chinese

    Have seen this term being used when authors are referring to alchemy in other works.

    I think the proper word should be " made" or "created"

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    Limited to "primary sword and spears" meaning he can't make daggers even though he made a cutting knife?

    Is an axe not recognized as a sharp primary weapon? Wouldn't that mean he's also limited to only pointed spears and not halberts?

    I guess it's cause his weapon creation level is still low but if a cutting tool was his first creation, I would think lv2 would make daggers if not improved knives before swords and spears

  13. Its really nice reading this..I like him growing up as a goblin. But I somehow have a bad feeling..

  14. Thank you for the chapter and all the hard work.

  15. When you think about it, isn't it weird that a goblin village would have a high level appraisal stone? On top of that, you need to be able to read in order to understand the results. I doubt the goblins even have writing tools, let alone the ability to read. To most of them, the appraisal stone would be totally worthless. Assuming the shaman could read, it's still usable, but why did he give it to Kyouya when he hasn't been taught to read?

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  17. imagine when he can create a gun the goblins would go rob towns with horses and hats

  18. imagine when he can create a gun the goblins would go rob towns with horses and hats