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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? The Sword King and the Magician

The Sword King and the magician.
Changed master swordsman to Sword Saint.
Second chapter/the latest chapter of the raw. Started translating at 9:47 p.m. and ended at 11:16 p.m.
Managed to get it translated before my posting time.

The author wrote Nyodoz at first, then it became Nyudoz again. And, the author used Rengzand instead of Rengzant.

The Sword King and the magician

「And so, you missed the Ogre?」
「Yes. Thinking about that escape speed, we might get killed if we continue fighting」

It actually was even equal to Nyodoz.
Nyodoz might be in danger without my assistance.
Because even Nyodoz who's called the Sword Saint uselessly was like that, I don't think that the adventurers and the ordinary soldiers there can do anything.

I reported it to the man in front of me.
To the Sword Emperor who stands at the top of the Rengzand Empire.

「I see. If you try do defeat it from the front, it will only increase the damage in vain, huh?」
「That's right. Although it might be able to manage somehow if the empire elites are gathered, only me and Nyodoz who can move, right?」
「Quite so」

The Sword Emperor sighs deeply.
Although someone might warn him usually, there are only me and the Sword Emperor in this place.
I will let you sigh.
This guy should have accumulated many things.

「It looks like you're having a hard time」
「Because there's a little people that I can trust in both the inside and the outside」
「Oh. That means that I'm trusted?」
「I trust you in a sense. You are only interested in magic, and you completely ignore the authority, isn't it? If I can even prepare the bait called intellectual curiosity about magic, you will work obediently」
「Kakaka! You're saying it!」

It's not wrong.

「Is there any purpose that I was demoted?」
「First is the pressure of the Divine Word Religion. Second is as a force that can move freely, and the third is to make sure that you are not involved in needless troubles. About like that」
「After all, there's the movement to make me do this and that, huh?」

Although I expected it, I was more desperate, huh?

「The Divine Word Religion doubts you saying that the Hero rescue play was too good. But actually, how is it?」
「Well, I was only given the role to rescue the Hero. Originally, I intended to raise the Hero with my own hands after that」

Although the time was short with Julius, he absorbed my teachings well.
Maybe because he has an obedient personality, he understood it quick.
If there's the period to teach him more properly, he might surpass me and arrive at the essence of the magic someday.

「The Hero is the prince of the Anareito Kingdom and the Divine Word Religion is assisting. Something like entrusting him to our country is impossible」
「I understand it. That's why, I said that I will go and teach him, but the dumbass of the Divine Word Religion rejected me」
「Considering the other side, the fellow who hides the truth can't be trusted」

Even you.
I never did anything guilty.
I only obey that person's instruction.

「You don't have the intention to tell the truth to me either, right?」
「Nothing can be done even if I tell you. Don't worry. I won't do something that would harm the empire」
「I hope so」
「When you always do foolish things, I might be disgusted with you」
「I would be troubled like that」

It's not a joke.
If you do something ashamed any further, it's interesting to return all my titles and inheritances to the empire and leave.

「If you abandon me now, the empire's future would be dark」
「That's exaggerating. My power is of no importance」
「You should review your own value a little more」
「It's the judgment after reviewing. I understood that I was extremely conceited up until now」

Because I met that person, I was able to aware of my inexperience.
And, there's still a height.

「Judging from me, I think that you have the worthy ability to be conceited」

The Sword Emperor sighs exaggeratedly.
Well, because this person has a hard time with his lack of ability.
The present Sword Emperor is capitalizing on the fame of his parent.
It's a fact to be said so.
While naming as the Sword Emperor, he's inferior to Nyudoz in ability. But having said that, his political ability is not remarkable.
In short, he's an ordinary man.

It's also because the retired previous Sword Emperor was great.
After all, he's the sword teacher of the previous Hero.
Even though he has retired, he's a swordsman who overwhelms Nyudoz.

This guy who grew up being shown the back of his great father is doing his best well judging from me.
Although he's doing his best, unfortunately, he don't have the caliber to stand at the top after all.
Because the Demons have become quiet, there was no war-like war recently. It reach the point that the nobles use their authority from the inside, and he did well to even suppress it, and prevent the empire from disintegrating.
That's also because the nobles see the predecessor's appearance when seeing this guy's back, and he manage to hold it because they didn't take poor actions.

When the parent is superior, the child is difficult.
Come to think of it, although it seems that this guy's son is also superior, is it alright?

「By the way, how's your son?」
「You mean Yuugo? That might be not good」
「Mu? I heard that he's an exaggerated monster from the rumor」
「Don't call the son of another person as a monster. But, I will forgive you. Even if I see him, he's a monster. Both the body and the mind」

It's serious somehow.

「That is loved by God naturally. However, he's self-conceited because of it. And, there's no owner of power who can correct the self-conceit. It will be good if Father is here at such a time, but I don't even know where is that person now」
「Should I correct him with willpower?」
「It's probably impossible. The nobles who abandoned me are protecting that. Although that is overflowing with talents, the mind is immature. He's flattered by the nobles and becomes conceited. Pitifully, I can neither restrain that nor separating that from the nobles. Even if you try to contact that, you will probably be obstructed」
「How troublesome. Then, I shall pass」
「That's better for you」

Although it's harsh, child rearing is a parent job, huh?
I should not get involved in it deeply because it seems troublesome.

「Returning to the talk, I decided to leave the Ogre in question to the dark side」
「Dark side?」
「Umu. The combat is avoided directly, and guide the Ogre into the Demons territory」
「I see. Pushing it to the Demons, huh?」
「That's right. Although I don't know whether it will go well or not, it's more realistic that losing soldiers in vain. Several villages have already been destroyed. It's necessary to drive the Ogre out of the Humans territory before the damage spreads any further」

Well, that's appropriate.
If it goes well, it's a congratulatory matter that the Ogre and the Demons will crush each other.
I wanted to talk with that Ogre if possible, but it's impossible with that state.
If it's a dangerous creature that scatters such killing intent, I don't think that even the Demons would try to talk to it.


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