Monday, 12 October 2015

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Blood 9

Blood 9.

Blood 9 Attendant

I suck Merazofis's blood.
The instinct as a Vampire teaches me how to do it.
The sweet moisture passes my throat that I had not tasted before.
I suppress the urge to want to drink up everything and send in power.
Merazofis's body twitches greatly, and he's accepting my power.
The body regenerates newly.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Vampire LV1』 has become 『Vampire LV2』》

《Conditions met. Title 『Originator』 was acquired》
《By the effects of the title 『Originator』, skill 『Kin Domination』『Abnormal Condition Resistance LV1』 was acquired》
《『Sleep Resistance LV4』 has unified with 『Abnormal Condition Resistance LV1』》
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Abnormal Condition Resistance LV1』 has become 『Abnormal Condition Resistance LV3』》

I pull out my fangs.
At the same time, Merazofis who has a pale face stands up slowly.
The wound on his back has been healed before I know it.

One of the men who noticed our state comes running.
The dagger that swung downwards.
Merazofis stopped it with his arm.
Piercing the flesh and crushing the bones, the blade penetrates Merazofis's arm.

Merazofis strikes the man's face without minding it.
Merazofis's fist catches the man's face, and he struck the wall as it is.
The man's head covered with the hood is crushed being sandwiched between the wall and the fist.
At the same time, Merazofis's fist also breaks without being able to endure his own power.

Merazofis lifts the dead man with the broken hand.
He bites the nape.
Although I can't see it because his back is seen at my position, the men who attacked us might have saw that blood is swallowed by Merazofis.

In a strange atmosphere like being overwhelmed, movement stops.
In such situation, the only person, Merazofis moves only.
Is his stomach satisfied? He throws the man's corpse away.

And, he roared.

It was a shout that makes people to have the creeps that can't be think as a human.
The men clearly have a scared look.

Merazofis charges to the stiffen men while roaring.
The man who's the nearest come to his senses, and intercepts.
The man's sword cuts up Merazofis's stomach.

But, he doesn't stop.
Merazofis struck the man's face while his stomach is cut up.
The man's body blows off, and collides with another man intensely.
That neck turned in an impossible direction, and the struck part is miserable.

But, that's all.
Merazofis still faces the men even though his stomach is cut up and both fist are crushed.

「How long do you want to play?」

Merazofis's body danced in the air.
It's probably the magic of the wind because magical power worked.
It was the act of the woman who appeared newly wearing a hood similar to the men in the inner part of the alley.
Merazofis's body that was blown off with a terrific shock rolls near me while striking the ground intensely.

Even if he's changed into a Vampire, Merazofis originally has ordinary ability only.
Although he has the power as an attendant to some extent, he's inferior by all means when compared with the man who makes combat as an occupation.
Even if he trains by practice-swinging every day, the real ability is different.
The real ability called level.

Merazofis who's an attendant has few chances to fight with the monsters unlike the adventurers and the soldiers.
Because of that, his level is low.
No matter what training he accumulates, the difference of level can't be filled, and there's a difference of combat experience too.
Above all, Merazofis's main job is an attendant, and the combat is out of his area of expertise.
Even if the man of the main job has the same level, it's unlikely to be able to win.

Even if he changed into a Vampire and do a suicide attack without taking consideration of his own body, the result didn't overturn.

My eyes meet with the fallen Merazofis.
Merazofis's eyes were empty.
My appearance reflects in the vacant eyes.
The appearance of me who looked awful being afraid by fear.

Merazofis who shows a surprised expression.
Vitality gradually returns to the eyes.
He made the tattered body to stand up with willpower only.

The newly appeared woman made the half number of men beside her and the men on the side of the alley faint.

「Vampire, huh? It seems that she just started and her status is low, but if she grows up, it's troublesome」

The woman speaks in a dry voice that doesn't have feelings.

「The originator is the baby over there, huh?」
「What should I do?」
「Kill her」

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Fear Resistance LV1』 has become 『Fear Resistance LV2』》

I trembles to the words shot easily.

「Is it fine?」
「I will tell to Oka that we didn't make it in time because we were dragged into the war. It will become a troublesome thing if a Vampire is kept alive」

The men sidle up to Merazofis.
It should be Merazofis's limit just by standing.

「I won't let you touch Ojou-sama」

And yet, this man stands in their way.

「I would let you die comfortably if you are obedient. Why do you do that much for that lass? That's the Vampire who will bring calamity to the world, you know?」

The woman asks.

「Such a thing is unrelated. I have promised to protect her. Yes, I was entrusted by them」

Merazofis answered promptly.

「No no. Aren't you a man who has quite a spirit?」

The voice like thinking that's it's foolish from the bottom of the heart and not feeling anything.
Following it, the cheerful voice that's unsuitable for this brutal place.

「Yo yo. Maou Shoujo Ariel-chan visits the beauty little girl and the attendant's pinch magnificently!」

The atmosphere froze to the appearance of the too inappropriate and strange woman.


  1. yay~~~

    Maou Shoujo Ariel-chan has come ♪

  2. New Ariel is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the new chapter! I love the foolish Ariel. XD

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  5. Damn elves trying to kill a reincarnated because she's a vampire

  6. so among the 3 other deaths, they might be killed with the same excuse

    1. If that's true then oka would most likely to commit suicide

    2. It's a good thing her Class List skill isn't too specific when it says how they die.

  7. Ariel-tan to the rescue with style!

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  9. Okay, Maou Ariel would have done a cool and composed entrance, Kumoko would have just gone in and slaughtered the elves without ever explaining a where the does Maou Shoujo Ariel-chan come from? 1+1=5 apparently...
    Mommy cheated on daddy! There's another soul mixed in!

    1. basically, all the stupidity of Kumoko with the ability to speak it aloud from Ariel. Kumoko may have done it quitely, but she would have still thought of lines like "Magical spider girl Kumoko-chan is here to eat you up!"

    2. Yup even when she looks cool and composed she is still thinking about pointless things.

  10. Eyup, the elves are the true antagonists in this.


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  13. So, it seems that the elves just went and killed the reincarnators who weren't humans.

    I really want Potimas and his entire race, possibly excluding Oka-chan, to die bloody, screaming deaths before Shiraori-sama.

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  15. Called it Elves Are scum! Demon King to the Rescue!