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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Oni 7

Oni 7.

Oni 7 Illusion Weapon Creation

Because I spent every day creating weapons as long as my MP last, the skill level of the Weapon Creation reached 10.
At the same time, the Weapon Creation skill has evolved into a higher rank skill.
The name of the skill is Illusion Weapon Creation.

From the fact that the name is illusion weapon, this skill's effect is to be able to endow a special effect to the created weapon.
However, the effect that can be endowed is fixed, and the one that I can do at level 1 is endowing one from the five effects.

The effects are divine protection, attribute attack addition, abnormal condition attack addition, automatic repair and automatic recovery.

The divine protection raises the defensive ability of the person who equips it.
The resistance towards attribute and abnormal condition are raised to some extent.
Although it's a continuous activation-type that doesn't consumes MP and SP, the effect is low because of that.

The attribute attack addition is as shown in the name that it can endow the effect of activating the attribute attack to the weapon.
The attribute is never added in it, but it's an arbitrary activation-type, and the MP of the person who equips it is consumed to activate it.
The abnormal condition attack addition has almost the same effect as the attribute attack addition, and if there's a difference, the one consumed is the SP.

The automatic repair recovers the weapon's decreased durability by time progression automatically.
There's no consumption of MP and SP.
Although it's plain, it's suitable for the person who wants to use the same weapon all the time.

The last that's the automatic recovery has the effect of the combined Automatic HP Recovery skill and MP Recovery Speed skill.
Although it doesn't recovers the SP, if saying oppositely, it doesn't have consumption.
Although the effect is inferior to the skills, because it's possible to overlap it with the skills, the recovery speed becomes faster to that extent.

Although it's somewhat plain to call the effect as illusion, the power can't be underestimated.
If it's adding the simple offensive ability, it's attribute attack addition and abnormal condition attack addition.
If it's to raise the defensive ability, it's the divine protection.
If it's for the ability to continue fighting and securing the MP for magic, it's the automatic recovery.
If it's the maintenance of the weapon, it's the automatic repair.
Because each of it is simple, the usage is also wide.

However, there's a problem.
This special effect endowment consumes MP to use it.
The height of the effect depends on the consumption of the MP, and it becomes a better effect when using a lot of MP.
The important thing here is the weapon that endowed with the special effect is also created at that time by consuming MP.
The special effect can only be endowed at the moment when it's created.
It's impossible to endow the special effect after it's created.
Therefore, in order to endow special effect, it's necessary to use the remaining MP when the weapon is created.

There's a limit in my MP.
Up until now, I poured all of my MP into Weapon Creation in order to create the best weapon.
But, when I were to endow the special effect, I can't do that.
As long as my MP is limited, I can either drop the weapon's quality to endow special effect, or raise the weapon's quality, give up on special effect and endure with low effect.
I must choose either of it.
Even though it increased considerably, with the amount of my MP,  I can't finish both to a satisfactory result.

I have evolved into the Goblin Shaman.
The result of the power leveling by the monster user man, Buirims's means.
Buirims subdues a monster and returns with the monster, and I'm made to kill the monster.
The subdued monster can't counterattack even if I attack it.
And, it continues being attacked by me until it dies.
I can safely defeat a higher rank monster with this method, and level can also be raised.

When I become level 10 and meet the evolution conditions, Buirims ordered me to evolved into the Shaman.
The purpose is the rise of MP.
The Shaman has good magic status growth, and the MP growth was better than the other's further evolution.
In order to secure MP for Weapon Creation, there might be no other choices than the Shaman.

The ability of the weapon created by the Weapon Creation rises by the amount of MP loaded at that time.
The more MP I have, the better the weapon that can be created.
Because there's no upper limit, it's necessary to choose either the weapon's quality or the special effect.

Well, I was only ordered to create weapons.
I don't be particular about the weapons that they use.
If there's a disadvantage effect in endowing it after all, I want to apply it.

After evolving into the Shaman, my combat ability rose from the fact that my level rose.
My status has grown, and my skills are trained whenever possible.
But, the chance to escape from Buirims's hand has not come yet.

I learned their language too.
This was comparatively easy.
I have the experience of learning the Goblin's language from the beginning originally, and above all, although I don't understand what Buirims's order is, I understood the meaning.
Even though I understand the meaning of the words and learn from there, it didn't take a long time.
Because there's a lot of words that I don't understand yet, it's difficult to say that I have learned perfectly.
But, because I don't know the name whether it's the name 「Buirims」 or the word 「Captain」 at the beginning, I should have progressed considerably.

I who have learned the language eavesdrop on their conversation to collect information.
It would be good if there's a chance to escape from this situation among that.
The one I'm bothered recently is Buirims seems to be in a hurry of something anyhow.
Buirims seemed to be a general with a high position in the big country called the empire, but he seemed to do a big mistake and have been demoted to here.
It seems that he wants do a meritorious deed somehow, and return to his own country fast.

The reason why he wants to return to his own country in a hurry.
The mistake done before.
Although it might be unrelated to escape from this situation, it might be connected to Buirims's weakness.
Let's continue the information gathering.


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    1. I think you should change it to fantasy weapon creation.

      And also you can solve the comment problem by changing your DNS server back to Google

    2. Actually never mind keep it illusion

    3. actually phanstamal weapon creation fit better than illusion or just fantasy

    4. probably shouldn't aim for the most fantastic word you can think of right from the get-go. Skills tend to evolve ya know.

  2. I would have guessed burimu was the summoner kumoko fought in the labyrinth, but it can't be since he's so old now

    1. Why can't? his age isn't mentioned before but he isn't seem old.

      beside. this is still a little years after they met kumo-chan. not 10+ years .

      PS. Ronant called summoner Buirims in the capital war or teacher chasing, not sure.

      And character introduction chapter also named him so.

    2. yeah, i also think, that he´s the summoner, that got all his strong summons killed by Kumo xD
      But man, didn´t think he was such an asshole.

    3. It's certain he's the same guy. The story we are told (had a high position in the empire, made a big blunder, was defeated, lost face, was demoted to the frontier) makes it evident.

    4. it's funny though. Either this guy is more of a bastard than we thought when we first met him or he somehow doesn't realize the cruelty of his own actions. He talked about those 4 beasts that Kumoko killed like they were comerades and treats Goblin boy pretty well for the most part after it's all said and done.

      But he still works him like a slave and still made him kill and eat his own sister so.........yeah. Either this guy has the most messed up dark side or he somehow doesn't realize what he's done. Either way he's probably going to get owned in the upcoming wrath chapter.

    5. Likely the dark side. Goblins that (it seems) weren't that much trouble before started becoming trouble with better weapons, so he has to "tame" the weapon-maker. Assuming he got to the reincarnated skill when appraising Shiro, he saw the same thing on this guy and was likely reminded of that time. That's why, I'd go with this being his not-well-considered "revenge" through someone very unrelated.

  3. now i really would like to know, how he gets away from the Tamer xD

    1. the guy command him to use rage skill and get insanity status applied then massacre everything?
      Someone killed the guy?

    2. I think it because he skills reach ruler lv.

  4. "Illusion weapon" sounds a bit weird. Like, you think you have a weapon, but actually it's an illusion and you have nothing. That sort of meaning, get it? "Illusion" is normally used when talking about a false appearance of things that aren't really there and don't exist.

    The standard word for a weapon magically imbued with special powers is "magical weapon". All English-speakers are used to that word. I think you should go with it. If you say "magical weapon" everyone will understand immediately what the special thing is about that weapon.

    1. Well the thing is it's not written as magic weapons in the raw.
      The best translation would be phantom weapons or fantasy weapons

    2. @ Shirobara no Sei

      You are totally right. Everyone who has read fantasy novels or played RPGs knows that the word for "a weapon magically made which has eldritch powers" is "magical weapon". That's the right term.

      Illusion/phantasm/fantasy/mirage/phantom/whatever weapon makes no sense whatsoever, and will only confuse the readers.

      Don't go with the literal translation, go with the translation that makes sense and conveys the correct meaning, and everyone understands.

    3. But they're not called "magic weapons" even by the author.

      The whole illusion weapons thing is the author basically saying he's using "projection magic" from fate just like shiro emiya

    4. As you all know, my translation is machine translation. So, I translate what the word is and I think illusion or whatever related to it is more suitable. And, Blastron is doing the English translation. So, just hope that he would change it as you want

    5. You can't chage what author have names it.
      If raw didnt call it magic weapon it doesnt. What ever it make sense or not.

    6. You can't chage what author have names it.
      If raw didnt call it magic weapon it doesnt. What ever it make sense or not.

    7. Enchanted weapon would fit better, and enchantment vs illusion is a common confusion in translations.

  5. Thank you for the chapter and all the hard work.

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  8. But, because I don't know the name whether it's the name 「Buirims」 or the word 「Captain」 at the beginning, I should have progressed considerably

    The part I don't know shouldn't it be I Didn't KNOW because in it's in the past that did not know the meaning

  9. Oni wants to kill the Captain, but what he doesn't know is people die if they are killed.

    1. He's really more of an Archer parallel than a Shirou. Rather than being a naive idiot(Shun), he had a goal, failed to protect someone important to him(well, everyone really) and is now looking for a way out. I guess you could say he's closest to Alt Universe Shirou in Prillya.

  10. Happy happy happy so happy rib rip r.i.p.