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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Blood 17

Blood 17.
Changed two things.
First is the name of the Eighth Commander of the Demon King Army is changed to Wrath. This is because this person is highly probable to be Razraz/Kyouya, and the name sounds the same. But still, it's not confirmed yet, I think.
The second one is related to this chapter. Changed Areius to Aleius. Nothing much. Just one letter.

Blood 17 The Demon King of money

When we reached the town, we went to the inn directly first.
As expected, I'm hold in Merazofis's arms in the town.
Something like a self-propelled baby is too strange no matter how fantasy is the world.
Well, even without that, we are a group that stands out.

First of all, because Merazofis is in a full pure white appearance with a pale face, he can only be seen as a ghost or something.
Because he's actually a Vampire, it's pretty close.
And, such Merazofis is holding me who's a baby.
At this point in time, it's already an out variously.

And, together with the parent and child is two bishoujo.
Especially, the glance of men concentrated on Shiraori is impressive.
It's obvious!
This person nabbed the boys' glance from the previous life even if she's like this after all.

Because of this person, an adverse effect that the number of boys and girls coupling was little came out even though it's coeducation.
When you ask why, it's because when there's such a flower on a high peak nearby, the boys will expect even a little.
There was a lot of fools who had the naive expectations "possibly".
Even if it's not so, they will compare her by all means.
Thanks to that, there were pitiful couples who started to date but they breakup shortly.
There was also a pitiful victim who holds faint love to this person in the heart in our class, but she don't even look at them.
But then, that person does backbiting and trifling harassment afterwards, it returned to the assailant, so it's not worth to sympathize.

The beautiful face that drives men mad is still there even if she's reborn.
Moreover, because her eyes are shut, it brings about a mysterious atmosphere, and it gives impetus to collect glances.
Although I have been together with her all the time for these several days, she have not opened her eyes yet. I wonder why does she always shut her eyes?
Although I'm interested in it, she definitely won't answer even if I ask.

We reach the inn while enduring the curious glances.
When I heard the conversation which one of the girls is my mother, I really thought what should I do.
Because both are not.
No matter how you look at it, both Ariel-san and Shiraori are in the teens.
Ah, but it might be not strange that even a teen is a parent in this world.

Ariel-san paid the price of the inn.
Passing only one coin to the receptionist.
Is one enough?
Although I thought of the question, the receptionist panicked terribly.

「Keep the change」

When hearing such words, that coin seems to be a very valuable thing.
But, from the panicking manner of the receptionist in the inn and Ariel-san's attitude, I wonder isn't that coin the Aleius gold coin?
When I strain my eyes and see it properly, the design of a person carrying a book.
That design is the Aleius gold coin.
Although it's the first time for me to see the real thing, it's certain because I read it before in the book with illustration in the study room.

The notes are not developed in this world, and the coins are mainly used as money.
The ones used among that are the Aleius coin that's said a while ago, the Rengzant coin issued by the empire, the Sariera coin issued by the Goddess Religion, and the Okut coin that's used widely in the Daztoldia continent. These four kinds are the generally used largely.
Although there are also minor currencies, it's impossible to use the currency in the region where the currency is not used.
Although the Demon coin and ancient coin are an exception that those are deal with high prices, there's no one who use it usually.
Even if it's the four kinds mentioned a while ago, it can't be used if the region changed, and the value can drop remarkably.

The Okut coin doesn't worth much in this Kasanagara continent.
Although it's possible to convert it with a reasonable price when going to a big town, in case of the small village, it can't be used mostly.
On the contrary, although the Rengzant coin has high value here, it seems that the value drops in the Daztoldia continent.
The Sariera coin can only be used in the Goddess Religion's region, and it's not strange that the value drops sharply by the recent defeat.

Among such coins, the Aleius coin is used extremely wide, and the value is high that much.
In case of saying simply in coins, the Aleius coin is often indicated.
The reason is because the Aleius coin is the coin issued by the Divine Word Religion.

The Divine Word Religion is widely familiarized to the Humans.
Because of the that, this coin is used widely, and it can be used in most countries.
With that alone, the value rises more than the other coins.
If it's the Aleius gold coin, it's possible to stay in the inn as long as one likes with only one coin.
When seeing the price list, 1 night is 1 Rengzant silver coin.
100 Rengzant silver coins equal to 1 gold coin.
The market price of the Rengzant gold coin and the Aleius gold coin is about ten times.
In other words, the amount of 1000 nights that we can stay in this inn was paid.

When I see the appearance of the person of the inn who lowers his head respectfully while sweating, the hand that holds the gold coin trembled at a terrible pace.
This self-proclaimed Demon King person is seriously an amazing person even though it's unimaginable from her usual joking attitude.

By the way, we plan to stay in this town for about two or three days.
The inn earns a huge profit.
I mean, Ariel-san, aren't you too generous?
I wonder if her purse is alright or not?

「Don't worry, don't worry. Such a small amount of money is nothing」

Was my uneasiness felt? She said so with a slightly self-satisfied look.
I wonder did it come out so much in my face?
I mean, it's a small amount of money, huh?
Although I feel that I want to ask how much is Ariel-san's total assets, I also feel scared to ask.


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    Alright, who do you guy's think is the guy who tried to bully Shiro after being rejected?

    A. Huugo (the obvious)

    B. Shun (the twist)

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    1. Probably one of dead kids or not the often highlighted one. Yuugo is a weakling in the previous life if i see his change so probably not him. Shun has a secret crush on her so not him either. Kyouya probably ?

      Shiraori have her own secret worshipper in the previous world that involve both boys girls alike so in a way she already a goddess before apotheosis happen.

    2. Natsume/Huugo for sure, maybe Kyouya/Wrath too. I think that the spy in the elf village was another. Basically, any pathetic omega male that has been shown thus far.

      Definitely not Shun, he's so dense to love that you'd have to hit him with a train packed full of love struck women for him to notice.

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    4. In the LN, it is explained that it is (i frogot his name). Anyway , she reincarnates as fei, an Earth drake and then evolves into a light dragon.

  8. Aireus/Aiuleus is likely meant to be transliterated as Aureus (pl. aurei), which was a Roman gold coin.

  9. Of course she has a lot of money, she's the final boss.

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  13. I just realize... Is Wakaba/Shiraori... Komi-san ?

  14. On the contrary, although the Rengzant coin has high value here, it seems that the value drops in the Daztoldia continent.
    The Sariera coin can only be used in the Goddess Religion's region, and it's not strange that the value drops sharply by the recent defeat.

    Bull, gold silver or copper maybe even bronze weight and purity is how it would work. (Maybe a bit of using coinage of an enemy State.)