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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 140

Chapter 140.

140 Spider vs Earth Dragon Alaba ③

In the slow motion world of "Thought Acceleration", I grasp the future's image that "Foresight" shows.
The future where Alaba activates magic.

When it becomes the monster of this class, it can use magic normally.
The Arch was the same too, and it means that i has the wisdom to do it.
Naturally, there's no way an existence with such wisdom will use magic that's more inefficient than the breath without thinking.

A sharp spear of soil spring up at the place where I was a while ago.
It's the soil version of the Darkness Spear.
If I'm not mistaken, was it the "Earth Magic LV3", Earth Spear?
But, in contrast with the Darkness Spear that's the type that shoots toward the opponent, the Earth Spear changes the ground of target point into a spear suddenly.
If I stayed there, I was about to become a skewer.

The troublesome point of the "Earth Magic" is that it has the magic effect of the soil attribute added to it and it also has physical destructive power.
Although it looks plain compared with fire and water, the true state is that it's a mixed attack of physical and magic.
Speaking of the height of resistance, I don't receive any damage from ordinary magic.
But, when it comes with physical destructive power, the story changes.

Did Alaba foresees that I will evade? New Earth Spears appear one by one.
As might be expected of having the "Precise Magic Manipulation", the magic construction speed is impressive.
Well, it's inferior to me though.

Such magic won't hit me who make full use of "Thought Acceleration" and "Foresight".
But, Alaba also understands such thing.
Alaba's true aim is to eliminate my escape.

I continue avoiding the magics, guided skillfully to a place, and at that place, the wall of soil has already surrounded in three sides.
In addition, a wall springs up instantly at the the entrance where I entered.
Earth Wall of the "Earth Magic".
The only place I can escape after being surrounded all directions is up.

And, on top of that, the appearance of Alaba who has already released its breath.
There's only an instant before it hits.
Evasion is impossible.
If it's the normal.


I transfer to Alaba's overhead again.
Darkness Bullet to the head while it's releasing its breath becomes the second time.
A hit.

A scene same as a while ago is developed right under me.
The different thing from a while ago is that Alaba flew up in the air.
The falling Alaba.

A pursuit Darkness Spear.
But, Alaba regains its balance just before colliding to the ground, kick the ground with a light feeling and avoided the approaching Darkness Spear.

Ahead of avoiding it, the waterfall of poison rains down.

The waterfall of poison that's made by maximizing the creation amount of "Poison Synthesis" and activate it continuously.
Alaba blows off the waterfall of Deadly Poison and paralysis with one breath.
The splashing water of poison.
Although it didn't expect any damage, something like blowing it off with one breath easily, nai wa.

Alaba releases its breath towards me who's in the air continuously.
I make full use of "Space Maneuver" to avoid the anti-aircraft fire.
Incidentally, I make a net with "Universal Thread", and fire it with the "Shoot" skill.

That's right, I have acquired my heart's desire "Shoot" skill!
I mean, it was derived when "Throw" reached max level.
Well, it consumes MP and because it's level is low, it don't have much speed. To be frank, throwing it with "Throw" is better, but this is the problem of feelings.
The thread that's shot hardens like a ball, and I use power of "Thread Manipulation" to open it into a net in front of Alaba.

Alaba avoids the net grandiosely with full exposure of its wariness because it remembered that it got wounded by the thread a while ago.
That reaction is not wrong.
Although the thread just now is endowed with offensive ability, the true nature of the spider thread is to catch the opponent.
I gave full adhesiveness to the thread that I used this time.
Even if it's Alaba, it's not easy to escape if it got caught in this thread.

If it's cautious of my thread to that extent, it's convenient for me.

I scatter threads from the air.
Alaba hates it, it avoids and repel it with the breath, and it comes to eliminate me who's the original source.
Alaba who approaches to my location with "Space Maneuver".

Yes, welcome!

The threads that seemed to be scattered haphazardly.
They are all connected by a thin thread that's hard to be seen.
The thread that becomes the root is in my foot.
I haul in the bunch of threads with "Thread Manipulation" all at once.
At the same time, I shoot a Darkness Bullet to Alaba.

The spider threads that approach from the back.
The Darkness Bullet that approaches from the front.
If it avoid the Darkness Bullet, the threads will catch up.
If Darkness Bullet is not avoided, it will receive damage.
Which will Alaba choose?

Alaba chose.
A different choice.

The breath offsets the Darkness Bullet.
It charges forward ignoring the aftermath.


I barely avoid the approaching fang attack.
I graze it a little, and my "Satiation" HP stock decreases.

That was close.
I almost failed to avoid because I'm holding the thread.
Because I'm pulling a lot of threads, of course my movements will be limited.
Even if it's Transfer, if the magic is not made beforehand, it won't make it in time, so if it's a situation like just now, it can't be used.
The reason why I seem to easily avoid my opponent's attacks with Transfer is because I make full use of "Thought Acceleration" and "Foresight".
I foresee the opponent's action with "Foresight" and I begin the magic construction instantly with "Thought Acceleration".
It seems that I transfer at once, but I actually prepared beforehand.

Alaba's action a while ago was a little unexpected.
Thread or Darkness Bullet? I thought that it would pick either one.
It looks like I was still underestimating Alaba.

I motivate myself again.
Both Alaba and I still have composure.
The fight still continues.


  1. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Thanks for the chapter Turb0!

  3. Somehow the 'nai wa' kumoko thought here lost its innocent and budding feeling~

  4. What? Her foresight and thought acceleration is also like a form of plot convienent cheat like transfer. I mean shouldn't earth dragon alaba which is much older and stronger, should have aquired these skills already whom kumo had easily acquired? The story makes it sound like no one in the dungeon, even the strongest ones can acquire such skills.

    1. well duh they don't have the intelligence of humans that Kumo-chan got from being reincarnated

    2. Remember what Oka-chan said? The dimensional magic is quite rare. It's a skill that have the level of maou and hero. and Alaba have all 3 skills you mention. It's just that dimension skill it really unneed with his speed. Further more i think dragon are made to be strong from the time they born, aka Admin made them, not naturely evo, remember Kumo know the number of Dragon?. So they don't have the danger presure (aside from Queen) that make them to train thosse skil's

    3. Forethought - evolved from Prediction, which she got from worrying. As Dragons are the boss-type monster with ludicrous stats, and likely never tasted defeat, likely no reason to "worry."

      Transfer - Space Magic, which Kumoko bought for skill points.

      Skill Points - Monsters don't know what those are despite hoarding them upon surviving long enough. If not edible, they might as well not matter to monsters.

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