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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 179

Chapter 179.

179 Demon King of Gluttony

The Demon King runs after the Earth Dragons.
The Earth Dragons obstruct the pursuit.
The Demon King runs after the Earth Dragons while breaking the barrier generated by the nine Earth Dragons.
The Earth Dragons reconstructs the destroyed barrier, and nine of them make an exquisite rotation and confine the Demon King.

Although it seems to be equal in offense and defense, the result is decided.
The Earth Dragons have no way to win in this match.
That's why, the perfect confinement.
And, a detour suicide.

The Earth Dragons are strong.
Especially, the individual that seems to be the leader who talked with the Demon King with Telepathy, is terribly strong.
Every kind of the status numerical value are approximately 18000.
It's the result that I see by using the Demon King's "Appraisal" skill without permission.
It the strongest monster that I have seen so far.

The remaining eight are strong too.
After all, 5 out of the 8 have the status average of more than 10000.
The remaining three have the status more than 10000 partly, and they are not weak.
The average status of the weakest individual is around 7000 after all.
To say this as weak...
But still, they can't win.
Against this Demon King.

Among the nine Earth Dragons, six of them have the "Divine Dragon Barrier" skill.
The remaining three only have the "Dragon Barrier" that's the deteriorated skill.
So these six become the center, and are in charge of the barrier of the Demon King surrounding.
To be frank, the low powered "Dragon Barrier" can't even confine the Demon King.

The role of the three that don't have the "Divine Dragon Barrier" is to make walls by "Soil Magic".
With this, the Demon King can be stopped even a little.
But, the effect is not so favorable.
The Demon King penetrates the generated soil walls very easily, and charges forward.

What's with this nonsensical creature?
Although she has the human figure, she's completely a monster, right?
A woman t*rminator?
I'm not surprised even if the insides are made of metal.
When I think of the present feeling of the Earth Dragons being chased by it, namu.

And, I'm interested since a while ago, what happens to the MP or SP of this person?
Although the number displayed in the status is ridiculously high, the stock is added more than usual.
The unique skill, "Gluttony" that's probably the final evolution of the "Satiation" skill that my main body has.
By the effect, the Demon King's HP, MP and SP have an outrageous +stock value.
What's with the +99999?
There's no way such a numerical value can be reduced no matter how a person struggles, right?

But, this is not the thing that I'm interested in.
Her SP doesn't decrease at all.
On the contrary, it's even increasing.
If it's the HP and MP, there's the automatic recovery skill, so it's not strange.
But, the SP should only recover by eating.

The secret is because the SP recovers whenever the Demon King moves her mouth.
When the Demon King move her mouth like chewing something, a part of the Earth Dragons' barrier vanishes.
Rather than vanish, it's better to said that it's shaved off.
And, she chews.
Whenever she swallows, her SP recovers.
The secret is in the effect of "Gluttony".

Gluttony:n% power capable of reaching the Gods. It becomes possible to devour everything, and it can be stocked as pure energy. In addition, the W system is surpassed and the the right to interfere with the MA area is obtained』

Ruler of GluttonyAcquisition skill 「Abundant Sky LV1」 「Sublimation」:Acquisition condition:Acquisition of 「Gluttony」:Effect:Each ability of HP, MP and SP rise. A+correction whenever status strengthening-type skill proficiency gained. The Ruler class privilege is acquired:Explanation:The title presented to those who rule gluttony』

In other words, the Demon King eats the Earth Dragons' barrier using the effect of "Gluttony".
And, it's converted into energy, and restores the SP.

Although all the Sin-type skills have broken abilities, among that, this "Gluttony" is outrageously terrific in combat.
After all, it's similar to the pseudo perpetual motion.

The weakest Earth Dragon that got impatient releases the breath.
The breath of the power that seems to destroy everything.
If the opponent is not the Demon King, the attack would surely be effective.
That's if the opponent is not the Demon King of Gluttony.

The Demon King opens her mouth.
The Earth Dragon's breath is sucked into the Demon King's mouth.
And, she swallows it as if nothing happened.

It's like this to eat everything.
The level as a skill is different from my "Satiation".
Not only food, but even the stone, soil, and metal are eaten, and even eats the opponent's attack.
Every one of them return as energy.
That's the power of "Gluttony".

Let alone the offense and defense, but it has the worst ability to make up for sustainability.
If it's seen as the pure combat ability, it's a more frightening skill than my "Pride".

The tag of the Demon King and the Earth Dragons restarts.
Thanks to the "Divine Dragon Barrier", stalling can be done.
Even if she has the "Gluttony" skill, the "Divine Dragon Barrier" can't be broken quickly.
But, the Earth Dragons that maintained the barrier and restore it whenever it's broken, are exhausted steadily.
On the other hand, the more the Demon King eats, the more she recovers.
There's no way they can win against such a cheating opponent.

Generally, the difference with the original status is too much..
The Earth Dragons are strong.
The dreadful status that even veiled the Earth Dragons.
The ridiculous status that's about 90000 in average.

The Demon King's manipulated thread pass through the gap of the eaten barrier and coils one of the Earth Dragons.
The Earth Dragon is the individual with the lowest status.
It was the individual that had the highest status that the thread aimed.
It jumped to the front of the thread by itself to protect it.

The thread takes the life of the Earth Dragon mercilessly.
Even though it was the weakest in this place, the Earth Dragon that's the leading big shot in this labyrinth died very easily.
The remaining Earth Dragon is 8.
They still challenge the fight that can't be won.

It seems to be impossible to take over the Demon King while you guys are doing your best.


  1. Gluttony is probably the most broken one so far

    1. Really? Even more broken then Wisdom?
      Doubt it.

  2. lol I missed the first because of some stupid pop-up that chrome wanted to update, promptly switching away from Firefox, opening chrome and giving me that message, without me being able to do anything about it xDD

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  3. Awwww... what a sad sad truth...

    [Body-in-charge] won't remove the scales anymore. she don't need to.

    gluttony will bypass all of them. ;w;

  4. If gluttony is good in terms of sustainablility, then how did she get the power of the abyss magic I wonder. Maybe through the proper way of training? But I doubt so, as kumo-chan got it by attaining pride

    1. Abyss magic is just really high level dark magic.
      And you should have seen earlier that most of her skills were maxed out anyway. Kumo-ko cheated her way up to getting abyss magic and the other high magic.
      The Demon Lord has several hundred years worth of experience

    2. she has live long. she's the ancient god beast. so she should have all the time needed.. it will be clear in later chapter though.

    3. In abyss magic is exactly what it is. magic.
      It can be performed by anyone as long as they have enough power and the knowledge to do so

      Demon Lord Ariel has a high amount of both

    4. She probably bought it with her Skill Points. Really if we look at the magic skills then Abyss Magic is 4th tier magic. We've only seen 3rd tier magic at most in the other forms of magic. In addition to that Abyss Magic isn't located next to the other dark magic so it probably needs to be bought or intentionally learned.

  5. The fate of one who can eat everything is to be eaten by kumoko.

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  6. At the very end of the day all I can say is, GG little hero boy

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  10. This, Slime, it seems that the stories I've found that have a focus on the sins indicate Gluttony to be the most powerful. I wonder, is there a reason for this?

    1. Simple really because gluttony is eating it makes since as this sin is owned by Beelzebub and right under satan/pride pride is a feeling in fact most sins are a feeling even lust is an action or feeling gluttony is a pure action of eating anything and everything only eating it could said gluttony could eat tha because Beelzebub is a giant fly lord of the flies a prince second in line the is meant for war while the first is the prideful and diplomatic prince meaning satan is the Brain Beelzebub the brawn

  11. So I don't understand what Ariel's appearance is like. I think it went over that too quickly without being descriptive enough. It seems that she has a queen spider form but doesn't she also have a human morph form too?

    Can someone elaborate on this?

    I felt it was so vague that I got confused.

    Also that gluttony skill is too unbelievable. That's a story wrecker because it seems too unrealistic.

    1. When (main body) encountered her, Demon King Ariel was described as a humanoid. Don't recall specifics like hair, skin, or eye color, just 'human'.

  12. The reason gluttony is so op is because a certain slime has the same skill in a different world

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