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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter S21

Shun 21.
The world's truth revealed.
Read slowly because that part is very, very, very long.

S21 The world's truth

Ten days passed after we escape from the royal capital.

After that, we break through the soldiers that surrounded us, and somehow escape from the royal capital.
By Leston-niisama becoming the decoy.

「We will gain time. Oka-san, Let's meet at the 16th hideout」

He says so, and led his unit and charged to the soldiers.
I hesitated, but with the desire of protecting Katia who's carried in my arms and because my shoulder was pulled by Hyrinth-san, I decided to leave Leston-niisama and escape.
However, it was a mistake.

Leston-niisama didn't appeared at the 16th hideout that we are told to meet here.

I should have hold back Leston-niisama forcibly that time.
If I do so, then more people should be here.
The people in this hideout now are me, Sensei, Hyrinth-san, and Katia. Only 4 of us.
Leston-niisama, Clevea as well as the people of Nii-sama's unit, not a single person reached here.
If I fought together with Nii-sama at that time, it might turn out more different.

But, I actually understand.
I at that time can't leave Katia alone and fight.
Katia who broke from the brainwash, shot a magic to herself.
It was a high power wide range annihilation magic that can blow up a large number of people.
Usually, she would have died.
Even though I recovered her, Katia was awfully weakened.

I can't fight properly while carrying Katia in my arms.
That's right, I understand it.
Even though I understand, regret becomes stronger.

It's not only the time we escape.
Now that I think of it, when I talk to Sue and Katia with Telepathy, there was a strange feeling.
Sue was somehow strange, and as for Katia, even though it's a Telepathy between the two of us only, Japanese was not used.
Even though Katia always uses Japanese to speak with me when it's just the two of us.

The abnormality happened.
And yet, I was not able to notice it.
If I notice it, I won't allow Yuugo to raise such a thing.

I practice swing without holding a sword in the room to dispel the sunken thoughts.
Only when I move my body, I can end without thinking anything.

When I was immersing myself without thinking about a useless thing, the door was knocked.

「What are you doing?」
「Katia, is it already okay to walk?」

It's Katia who was bedridden until just recently that opened the door and entered.

「Ah. My body is already okay. My head still aches sometimes though」
「Don't force yourself, okay? Even if the brainwash was broken, it doesn't means that the effect completely disappear」

Yuugo's brainwash is ingrained.
Although Katia succeeded in regaining her consciousness for an instant by willpower, being able to do that was a suicide.
Otherwise, it can't be helped because the brainwash power was too strong.
Although the effect of the brainwash has already disappeared now, Katia is still suffers from an unknown headache.

「It's all right. Ah, and, I want Shun to appraise me」
「Ah. It's a new skill that I acquired, but I never heard of this skill before. As much as I remember, I think that it's not in the skill encyclopedia, but because I don't know the effect, I thought that I should have Shun appraise it」
「Ah, I see. I understand」

I activate "Appraisal" aiming at Katia.
Certainly, there's a skill that's not in the list is added.
It's a skill that I don't have.

『Divinity Area Expansion:Divinity area is expanded』

I don't understand it even if I appraise it.
Let's appraise it further.

『Divinity Area:The deep area of soul that the life possess. The root of all lives, and it's also your own final dependence area』

After all, I don't understand it.

「Sorry. I don't understand it」
「Even if you appraise it?」
「Ah. Although it seems to say something like soul, I don't know what effect it has with that」

Both of us incline our heads to the side.

「Well, never mind. And, "Heresy Resistance" also rose」
「Ah. That's probably because you broke from Yuugo's brainwash」
「Next is "Parallel Will"?」
「When you turn on the skill, you will temporary become like split personality」
「What's that? Is there a meaning to do that?」
「It's possible for one side to fight as usual and the other side use magic」
「What's that? Isn't that unfair?」
「If you think that you will become the force of two temporarily, it's quite unfair」
「Oh. Then, on at once」
「Ah, don't use it usually. Although I tried it when I acquired the skill, if you keep it on regularly, you will get confused whether who's the real one. After all, multiple personality is one of the mental illness. It's better to turn it off in your daily life, and turn it on when fighting」
「Oufu. What a scary skill」
「By the way」
「Aren't you close?」

Katia is in front of me.
The distance is extremely near.
Because I'm taller, I have to look down, but that angle, her chest.

「Don't mind it」
「No, of course I will mind. Even if you're a former man, you're a woman now」
「So, Shun look at me like that. Hmm」
「Ah, no, this, um, it's that, it's the man's nature」
「Hmm. Then, will you react if I do this?」

Katia steps another step forward, and presses her chest against my body.

「I give up! Please stop teasing me!」
「How innocent」

Katia steps back while laughing.

「How is it? Did your feelings recover a little?」
「A-Ah. I see. Thank you」

I see.
Katia do such a thing on purpose to relieve my consciousness a little.
Really, a thoughtful person.

「Hey, I want to ask one thing. The Treatment Magic you used that time, it's not a normal Treatment Magic, right?」

Katia asks so.

[Then, Leston's excecution will be held three days later, huh?]
[Yes. Please make sure that this is not transmitted to Shun-kun]

I who was going to answer have sensed that conversation by Telepathy.
I rush out of the room in a hurry.

「Sensei! Is it true that Leston-niisama is going to be executed!?」
「Shun-kun!? How, ah, you used Telepathy」
「Such thing doesn't matter. Is it true that Nii-sama is going to be executed?」
「Shun, calm down. It's true」
「No, then, I have to save him!」
「It's a trap」
「It's most likely a trap. Still, you want to go?」
「I will go. Nii-sama remained at that place to let us escape. So, this time, it's my turn to save Nii-sama」

Hyrinth-san lets out a big sigh.

「Even if Leston doesn't hope for it?」
「Yes. I will still go」
「You must not go」
「Sensei. Even if it's Sensei's words, I won't hear it this time」
「It's no use」
「Even if it's no use, I will still go」
「I'm saying that it's no use!」

Sensei activates the restriction magic.
It's the magic that steals the freedom of the opponent's body with wind.
But, a magic of that level won't work against the current me.
I dispel the wind restriction with a swing of my arm.

「Sensei, it's useless even if you stop me. I will go」
「You must not go! If you go now, you will surely be killed!」
「Sensei. You should have understood when you see that just now, right? I have become considerably strong. That's why, I won't be killed easily」
「It's not that! Such thing like strong doesn't matter! For an Administrator, such thing doesn't matter! ...Ah」

Sensei has a "Oops!" face.

「Sensei, what's this called Administrator?」

Katia's sharp voice.

「Is that the reason why Sensei moved around stealthily up until now?」
「That, I can't say it」
「Sensei, do you think that you can get through just by saying "I can't say it" now? If you can't say it, you have no qualifications to stop Shun」
「I will say it clearly. Sensei, you can't be trusted. In this situation without any explanation, you have taken too many suspicious actions up until now. Although Shun seems to trust you unconditionally, I can't trust you. If you obstruct Shun's actions without any explanation, I will become your enemy」
「Katia, calm down. Sensei too」

I calm Katia who heats up, and comfort the drooping Sensei.

「Sensei. I don't think until becoming your enemy. But, it's true that I have a lot of things that I want to hear from Sensei's mouth. If possible, please tell us」

I persuade as gentle as possible.
If Sensei is only seen from her appearance, she's a younger girl.
The Elves only have slow growth, so we are actually the same age, but when adding the previous life, she's older.
But, the Sensei now looks like her appearance, only a girl who seemed to burst into tears.

The time that nobody talks passes.
Sensei looks down and is troubled.
Katia stare at such Sensei fixedly.
Hyrinth-san watch over the development.

「I understand. I will tell everything」

That was the answer after she was troubled for a long time.

「First of all, I will say this to Hyrinth-san. The three of us died in another world, and were reborn in this world」
「Please hear it based on that. What I'm telling now must not be revealed to others」

Hyrinth-san who look at us because of the sudden story.
I also didn't thought that she will start from there.

「The first thing I do after reincarnating to this world was the learning of language. When I understood to some extent, I acquire Telepathy with skill points. I tried a conversation using Telepathy with the Elves' head Potimas. He volunteered for the students' search after hearing my story. By the time I grow up, a considerable number of students were found and they were sheltered in the Elf Village safely. After I grow up to the extent that I can move, I also joined the search. There were also four students who were too late. There were those born under a powerful person and there was child that can't be interfered carelessly too. Those were Shun-kun and Katia-chan, and Yuugo-kun. Although Yuri-chan is an orphan, when we found her, she was already the Saint candidate and was guarded by the church. Actually, I also want to you all to be sheltered by the Elves, but that can't be done because there's political issues. The reason why I want to shelter you all is because I want to make sure that you won't get involved in this world's system as much as possible. Don't you have doubts in this world's skill, status and level? Because Hyrinth-san is born in this world, you won't have any doubt, but in our former world, skill, status and level didn't exist. Such things only exist in games. It's impossible for such things to exist in reality. And, this world is a game. Those guys who are called as the Administrator, they give strength to people for them to fight by making the Humans and the Demons fight. They raise skills, status, and levels. And, they extract power from the soul of dead man, and make it into their power. That is the system of this world. And, the Hero and the Demon King are no more than pieces made by the Administrators to make the Humans and the Demons to fight efficiently. The church is also the same. The belief  of developing their skills to hear the God's voice is also made by the Administrators. This time's riot has the church involved in it means that there's probably the Administrators' motive. Yuugo-kun believes that he's using the church, but I think that he's being used. And, Leston-kun's execution was revealed by that Yuugo-kun. There's no mistake that it's the Administrators' trap, aiming at the power of Shun-kun who became stronger than the residents in this world. That's why, I can't let Shun-kun go. Sensei don't want my students to be killed helplessly by those unknown guys called the Administrators. So, please don't go. Please」

Everyone fall silent.
The one opened the mouth was Hyrinth-san.

「In your point, the Hero, was Julius made to fight pointlessly for this guy called the Administrator?」
「Yes. We Elves, in order to put an end to this pointless fight, we have appealed to both the Humans and the Demons to stop the war. The previous Hero and the previous Demon King accepts that offer, and reconciled, And, we Elves made preparations to challenge the Administrators in secret. Both of the previous Hero and the previous Demon King are rare Dimension Magic users. It seems that they used the power, opened the dimension, and tried to fly to the ground where the Administrators are. However, it failed, and it connects to our world. We died because of the accidental explosion of the magic」
「What!? No way!?」
「I don't know how far the Administrators are related to the accident. But, we who died there were dragged into this world's system, and we reborn in this world. The reason we have inborn skills that shouldn't be possible is because we are people from a different world, and when we died, the power in our souls was not recovered by the Administrators」
「Then, we died because of the Hero and the Demon King?」
「Consequently, it's because of the Administrators who are puling the strings at the back. The Administrators are the worst people who made us and this world as their food」
「The reason why Sensei didn't let us meet with the other students is?」
「The other students are made to live in this world without acquiring skills as much as possible. So that they won't be marked down by the Administrators. But, you all have become strong. The Elf Village is completely isolated from this world and it's protected with a powerful barrier that even a Ruler can't make a move on it carelessly. However, if I take you all who might have been marked down by the Administrators, the Administrators might get attracted to the other students. I was uneasy of that」
「What's a Ruler?」
「The Ruler is the existence that normally becomes the Administrators' underling and work for them. Therefore, only a little of the power of the world's system can be used. A person will become a Ruler by acquiring special skills, etc, and I acquired one of the skills and became a Ruler. However, I never received the Administrators' influence」
「The reason why Sensei moved behind-the-scene up until now is?」
「I moved to evade the war of the Humans and the Demons. And, the steps to defeat the Administrators」
「Can you defeat them?」
「I don't know. In the first place, the Administrators whereabouts are not known」

Sensei turns toward me once again.

「Shun-kun, I understand the feelings of wanting to save Leston-kun. But, please don't go. If you go, you will die.」

To that sincere glance, I....


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