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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 175

Chapter 175.

175 Revival!

Several days after the middle-aged man settled down.
The babies returned with the preys again.
On this occasion, because the middle-aged man was about to be attacked, I stopped them.
After I stop them, I felt like it's fine even if I don't stop them, but oh, well.
It's a pleasant middle-aged man who I don't get tired of watching him. Although it's not necessary to keep him alive, it's not necessary to kill him.

I mean, babies.
If my eyes are not fine, is it an imagination that among the killed preys, there's a medium rank Earth Drake?
It should be a monster that's approximately equal with the eel and inhabits in the huge passage with quite high status.
Even though there's a violence of number, they have become able to defeat monster equal with the eel already.
What's with these excellent brats.

But, as expected, there's no one who evolves this time.
If they evolve two stages in this short term, as expected, I will feel down.
The time when I evolve for the second time was the time I defeat the monkeys, huh?
There was such thing too.
It's nostalgic now.

But, there are the guys who seem to evolve if they are dispatch another time.
They might become strong enough to be able to defeat the snake alone.
Of course the status is not equal to the snake, but because the skills are considerably improved, they really seem to be able to win against the snake.
After all, the time when I defeat the snake was when I was weaker and my skills are also poorer.
If they have the average man's thinking ability like me, the snake seems to be defeated easily if the babies make full use of the present status and the skills, but as expected, they are not that intelligent.
Not, right?
I will be slightly suspicious if they are that excellent.

Well, it's a good thing that the pieces are excellent.
Thanks to that, I don't have to do anything, and I can slack.
The babies put the preys, and left immediately again.

{Hey, is it an imagination that they are more excellent than me?}
It's an imagination.
Just decide it to be like that.

Queen-in-charge became quite huge in these several days.
When the middle-aged man came, she was only slightly bigger than me, but now, she has grow up to the Greater's size.
If it's the border of the upper layer and the middle layer that's this place, the wideness is enough, but it doesn't seems that she can move with that size freely in the upper layer.
Should she return to the bottom layer with Transfer when the Demon King disappears?
But, the Demon King might return to the bottom layer with some kind of impulse again.
What should I do?

Should I let her stay here like this?
It's possible to live in this area, and if there are the babies, there's no problem in food.
She can escape to the middle layer if something happened, so the location is not bad.
That might be good.

Either way, we will stay here until complete recovery for the time being.
I must cope with the adaptation to circumstances depending on the Demon King's movement.

Speaking of the Demon King, it seems that she have started a fierce battle with the Earth Dragon in the bottom layer.
There are nine Earth Dragons that exist in the bottom layer..
It's certain because I confirmed it by the Skill Search.
And, when I measure the rough strength from the Queen's memory, they are slightly weaker than the Queen.
In case of the numerical value of the status, the weak one is 7000 in average.
If it's a strong one, 18000 in average.
It's considerably stronger than Alaba.

There are nine of such thing.
Although I don't know why she is fighting with such party, it seems that a grand killing of the Earth Dragons and the Demon King is happening in the bottom layer.

The reason why I know it is because I peep with "Thousand Miles Eye".
This skill is amazing.
Although there should be quite a distance to the bottom layer, I can see it.

When I watch it with the "Thousand Miles Eye", Maou-sama is strange after all.
It seems that the Earth Dragons cooperate somehow, make something like a barrier and shut the Demon King, but the Demon King breaks through it and kill the Earth Dragons one by one.
As if 1 to 9 is nothing.
There are no puppets that are used when fighting with me probably because the barrier obstruct "Summon", but still, she's overwhelming the Earth Dragons.
It looks like the Earth Dragons can only gain time with the barrier.
The Earth Dragons that gain time while escaping.
And, they moved around the bottom layer.

However,  the stalling seems to be over soon.
The remaining Earth Dragons are three.
Looking at them, they are big shots of the quasi-Mother class, but it can't win the Demon King.
To be frank, the Earth Dragons have no chance to win.
The status is too different.
Rather, I'm admired oppositely that they managed to survive well against that monster.
In the first place, I wonder why the Earth Dragons oppose the Demon King.
Instructions of Gyurigyuri?
But, in that case, Gyurigyuri seems to intervene, but at present, there's no such state.

Well, it's no use even if I think about the things that I don't know any further.
The important one is the Demon King is still confined in the bottom layer.
Even though the Earth Dragons are nearing their limits, I consider that they can hold out for another two or three days.
In other words, I will be able to move freely in about two days.

And, my status finally revived.
My body size returns to normal.
The Demon King is not here.
I who completely revived.
Then, there's no problem even if I move freely!

Thus, I will go out!
I will leave the house-watching to you!
Ah, take care of that middle-aged man too.
{Isn't that fine to leave him?}
Even though the middle-aged man repeated eccentric behavior, somehow, his skill level rises.
Uncover the secrets.
{No no. Even if I uncover the secrets, I don't want to do such a self-destruction thing}
Well, that's true.
Well, just take care of him suitably.
{Suitably, huh?}

Then, at first, let's go to see what happened to the town where the Vampire child lives after that.


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      @Andre B: Actually I think it's that she doesn't realize she did anything different. When she first met humans she thought they were super strong and was shocked at how easily she could beat them.

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