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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? The Labyrinth's Nightmare 1

The labyrinth's nightmare 1.

The labyrinth's nightmare ①

Author note: The summoner's point of view.

I'm very unlucky for this time.
It was my honest thoughts when this mission was announced.

Tame the mysterious monster that appeared in the Elro Great Labyrinth.
If it's impossible, kill it at once.

It's the mission that I received this time.

How it happened is there's an assistance request sent by the Outsu country that's the small country where there's an entrance to the Elro Great Labyrinth.
The Elro Great Labyrinth is roughly the only way to move between continents.
Although there's the transfer circle which is an exception, only the country's important people or rich people can use it.
As for the common civilians, etc, they hire the professional called labyrinth guide, and take days to pass through the Elro Great Labyrinth.
The people who try to pass through the most dangerous Great Elro Labyrinth are merchants who trade over the continents, adventurers that have skills, those who have a reason to move to the other continent by all means, and people who can be said as a common civilian.
However, in order to hire a guide, a certain number of people must use the Great Labyrinth.

And, an abnormality occurred in that Elro Great Labyrinth.
The monsters came to show up more than usual.
Of course it was not a very welcome situation for the people who passed the Great Labyrinth.

However, the Outsu country is a small country.
It only has the force to defend the country, so there was not enough people to solve the abnormality occurred in the labyrinth.
Having said that, if it's left as it is, there's a concern about the monsters that will overflow from the labyrinth and might break into the territory of Outsu country.
The Outsu country has no choice but to send a assistance request to my empire.

The empire consents this willingly.
The unit in the vicinity of the border was dispatched to the Outsu country immediately.
The dispatched unit is originally a unit created with the noble's second son and third son, but the ability is the same as the other units.
It was thought that they will find out the cause of the abnormality and return.

In reality, they found out the cause of the abnormality, and returned.
However, in a shape different from the expectation.
Their unit ran away and returned.
From the mysterious spider-type monster.

According to the report, it's said that it's a threat to the extent that the necessity to be resolute of annihilation is felt with just a glance.
They withdraw immediately, and they said that it's necessary to create a special subjugation unit.

At first, I laughed off at that report saying 「What a foolish thing」.
However, from the testimony of the detailed report and the guide, the monster's danger is gradually confirmed.
At least, danger degree A rank.
The worst, it reaches the S rank.
If such a dangerous monster came out of the labyrinth, the damage will become serious.

However, at the same time, a strange rumor starts to circulate.

There's a spider monster that saves people.

The local investigator immediately looked for the source of this rumor.
Then, it's said that when a group of adventurers are attacked by a dangerous monster called Elro Baradrad in the Great Labyrinth Upper Layer, the monster defeated that monster, and even recover  their comrades who were on the verge of death.

Such a foolish thing.
That was my thoughts.
I who's a monster tamer knows more about monsters than other people.
Although monster's intelligence is low, it's not like it doesn't thinks at all.
However, something like helping a person, a monster that acts with clear intention, I only heard that such monster is a legend class high rank monster.

If that story is true, the spider monster has a considerable wisdom, and it becomes a monster of the legend class.
Subjugation of such monster, as if I can do that.

However, it helped people, so that means it might be a friendly existence towards people.
If things go well, it might be possible to tame it.
And, finally my turn comes.

Really unlucky.
If the spider monster is a monster of the legend class according to the rumor, there might be no winning chance.
Even if it's not so, it's confirmed that it's at least a A rank monster.
It's quite severe to tame that.

The contract by the "Taming" skill is either the monster acknowledge it, or make it surrender with strength and force it to form a contract.
Because almost every monster won't acknowledge it, it's necessary to beat it with power once.
Beat the A rank monster until it becomes the state that it's not possible to act without killing it.
It's already an opponent that's hard to be defeated, so I can't help but to say that it's severe.

And, the opponent this time is at least an A rank.
In case of it's higher than that, it can be think that it's difficult even to win.
Cautious correspondence was necessary.

And yet.

「Haa. Good grief, having this me to explore the labyrinth. I'm really unlucky」

The person next to me is the empire's great magician, Ronant-sama.
Although he is certainly an excellent magician, there's a problem in his character.
Anyway, he is free and selfish.
He ignore orders remorselessly, and make use of the surroundings.

「Ronant-sama. In case of the opponent is higher than S rank, a person like you is needed. Please endure it」
「I know that. Well, no matter what comes, if there's me, it will be peaceful. Prepare with the belief of it's safe」

Although this person is usually a friendly and interesting person, I'm worried because he doesn't change even in the battlefield.
But still, the strength is a real deal.
He certainly has the ability to be called as the Humans strongest magician.

This time, it's the formation of me and Ronant-sama together with 30 empire soldiers and 4 guides.
If possible, I want the previous veteran guide to guide us while inquiring about the story from the guide, but he refuse it resolutely.
He said that "Like I can go to the place where such a dangerous monster is there".
Although it's regrettable, it can't be helped.
Rather, I should think that I obtained the information that the monster can even make the guide who seems to be a considerable professional to said that.
Though it's not a pleasant information.

At any rate, first of all, we must find the monster.


  1. so... Kumoko is the "That Person" that Ronant mentioned from before?
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    1. please don't ask for spoilers. it's more than enough. also, translator is progressed very fast so you'll now it very soon.

    2. 「Ah. I still remembered it clearly. That divine appearance. That person who have reached the extremity of magic」

      The one that comes to my mind is the existence who's the top of magic that I saw once.
      That artistic existence.
      Compared with that person, I'm just a stone on the roadside.
      If I'm seen by an existence equal to the God, everyone is the same.
      Even if the stone on the roadside is somewhat large, a stone is only a stone.

    3. it may be japanese have ambigious way denoting subject/object. if you reread, he did said human and demons both are considerably weaker than monsters.

    4. That might just mean that Ronan thought about her as an intelligent being with consciousness, or just out of respect of her power and magical abilities.

  2. Those fools...

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