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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 203

Chapter 203.

203 Uninhabited area

「Yo yo. Newborn Maou Shoujo Ariel-chan visit!」

Oi, someone retort her.
The smartphone, silence.
Gyurigyuri looks away quietly.
I decided that I never saw it.

「Huh? Did I fail?」

A big failure.

Crap, this is really crap.
Although Maou-sama has become slightly unexpectedly pitiful, how do you intend to take the responsibility?
No no no.
I have nothing to do with it.
I'm innocent.

「Oi, what would you do with that?」

Gyurigyuri-san, don't ask me.
And, D, say something.

「Huh? I wonder what's wrong. Somehow, I feel that I'm being treated incredibly rude even though I just appeared」


「That's enough. Don't speak anymore. Just by you speaking, something in me complains of sadness」
「Isn't that harsh!?」
「The harsh one is you!」

Gyurigyuri who weakened from the knee suddenly, and begins to do orz.
Isn't he seriously crying?
Well, when a person of the old friend relation changes into such pitiful state...
I understand the feeling.

When I understand it alone, the revived Gyurigyuri grabs my head.
Wha-, it hurts, it hurts!?

「This is something you did originally, right? How do you intend to take this responsibility?」

I give up! I give up!
No matter how I take it, nothing can be done!?

「No, Gyurie, aren't you completely denying the present me inadvertently?」
「That's not it. It's just that I was only a little upset that the degree of pity is more than expected」
「I would be happy if you can use an indirect expression a little more though」
「The result of using indirect expression is the present words」
「Aren't you harsh!?」

I who's thrown away.
My face was grazed hard.
That hurts.
Ah, because I don't recover automatically, I must recover manually.

「And so, why did you come here?」
「I thought that I should make up with Kumo-chan over there」

Ah, come to think of it, on the last time we met, she did say something about a joint struggle.
Ah, that is the memory as the Queen that was in the Elro Great Labyrinth.
Because the apotheosis has begun at that time, the conversation with the Demon King ended halfway.

That reminds me, why is the Demon King here?
There should have been a considerable distance from the Elro Great Labyrinth to this underground facility.
Did she learn Transfer?
Ah, I'm also interested what happened to the Queen's body after that.

「Ah. Even though the half was the same person, when I face the real thing like this, I don't know what she's thinking」

How rude.
I always repeat difficult considerations variously.

『Kumo's thought no.1, why is the Demon King here?』

D, you really are not reading my mind, right!?
The truth is you're reading it, right!?

「Hmm? What do you mean?」
『In Kumo's subjectivity, she talked with you in the Elro Great Labyrinth as the Queen is the last, but after that, when she woke up, it seems to be strange that the Demon King appeared here who was far away』
「Eh? Ah. She just woke up」
「Ah. Just now」
「Kumo-chan, it's already 47 days ago that I talked with the Queen in the Elro Great Labyrinth, you know?」

That means, it takes that much time for apotheosis?
It's not equal to the evolution.

「By the way, this is the first time that I talk like this. Nice to meet you, D-sama. I am Ariel who act as the Demon King of this generation」
『Nice to meet you. Although I don't know whether there's a second time or not』

The Demon King and D didn't met before?

『Thought no.2, what happen to the Queen's body? Thought no.3, is this the first meeting of D and the Demon King?』

You definitely can read my mind, right?

「Well, the Queen is pretty much alive after that. However, because it's like a husk of soul, I only feel that it's living. It should be usable if you insert a substitute soul into it」

I see.
Although I certainly thought that it will die, it's alive, huh?

「It's only me who have met D in this star. Even Sariel hasn't met」
『By the way, he at that time shook like a newborn fawn』

Gyurigyuri frowns.
That means, it's true, huh?

「There's not much chance for a low rank God like me to meet a high rank God like you」

Um, is D seriously a considerably great God?
I certainly thought that she was a crazy, can't be understood, and mad God.

『Divine Punishment』

Although it's unknown that what was done, it's certain that I have received an outrageous damage.
Very painful.
Even if I were to say where, I'm troubled that where hurts, but somewhere super-hurts.
What's this?
Is this the attack of God?

「Why this girl writhes suddenly?」
『It can't be helped because her head is pitiful』

Why do you have a convinced face, pitiful Demon King?

「The talk doesn't advance at all」
「Yeah. I want to do a serious talk by now, but Kumo-chan don't want to make up with me?」

No no.
If possible, that's OK.
Originally, the reason why I pick a fight with the Demon King is because I thought that I might be ruled by the "Kin Domination" skill sooner or later.
Although I have the "Heresy Nullity", there was an influence to some extent that there was a change in the mind.
Now that I surpassed you even in power after the apotheosis that the connection of the soul completely disappeared, I don't think to fight forcibly.
Thus, I nod to affirm it.

「That means yes, right? Then, don't you have the intention to joint struggle with me?」

You said such a thing in the conversation with the Queen.
That's right.

I shake my head to it.


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    9. well, it's more correct to call her an admin "class"... meaning it's just a ranking.
      administrator = god with a job
      god = NEET
      there u have it

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    The people from the ancient time, due to their greed, build a reactor to harvest this energy to make what Kumoko call "the core" or i like to call it Materia, and use it for their technology, just like the reactor and the robot army that Kumoko find in the basement. Because of this, the Lifestream decreased little by little to the point almost impossible to sustain life. This is the reason why the old world before the system establishment collapse and destroyed.

    To restore the Lifestream, D create the present word system. With the help from the system, creature of this world can make their soul stronger by leveling and acquiring skill. Let's put it this way, when a human born, they borrow 10 point of Lifestream Energy, everytime they level up and acquiring skill, their soul gets stronger, and when they die their soul going back to the Lifestream and converted into greater Lifestream energy, the stonger they got, the bigger they bring energy back to Lifestream (ex. born = 10 energy, die at level 50 = 60 energy).

    But somehow the remnant of the old technology still exist in this world, presumably used by the Elf and the Elf twisted the truth by saying that the Administrator absorb their skill point, prevent people from acquiring skill for an unknown agenda. Maybe the Elf have a grudge with the Administrator, of trying to monopolize the Lifestream or they just simply a suicidle race.

    So, what Kumoko trying to do is to restore the Lifestream, by killing a lot of people, thus sending their soul to Lifestream, so the Lifestream can give birth to more people, let's people level up with the System assistance, kill them again, rinse and repeat until the Lifestream stabilised.

    What do you think? (ps. sorry for my bad English)

    1. Great theory the only problem I have with this is that the problem stems from elves yet you're killing humans to fix the problem? Shouldn't you just destroy the said machine in the elf kingdom? The last thing suicidAL race really is stretching the logic it's possible but then they'd be dark elves bent on world destruction. (Kinda pointless to have a demon king in the first place?)

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      One problem though is the role of Sariel. Did you think of that?
      For the record: Sariel is an admin and the Voice of the System, who tells you when you gain skills. Gyuri says Sariel sacrificed herself for the world, and claims that the world's peoples are draining her power and will eventually annihilate her.

    5. @ takumi168

      Just because she has the title demon king doesn't mean she's necessarily evil.

      She's a apostle of the goddess. Destroying the world is something the goddess doesn't want to do. but she's been holding herself back until now. And now that she's been fused with kumo-ko her whole mentality has changed.

      ... you can say she now truly became the demon king

    6. @ Shirobara no Sei.
      Don't be a dick. If anyone has played Final Fantasy they get that joke. And I do agree his theory is sound.

      And with the sariel thing. We don't really know what's going on with her. That said she probably is dying along with the world but we don't really know exactly why.

    7. There is simply answer for Sariel's situation in this theory.
      Between before the world collapsed and system created, Sariel, the ancient low lv God along with Gyu-kun, sacrificed herself into Lifesteam to sustain the world. And she probably became partly world(Lifesteam) and partly system.

      So admin is a God who can mess with system so D can created Wisdom for Kumoko and Gyu-kun can ... seriously beside transferring to gave Kumoko a smartphone and liquor and asking her what she want to do, had Gyu-kun ever done anything admin-like?

      About the method to save the world, I agree that killing people will help the world somehow.
      But I don't think it's all about killing to certain number.
      Because there're words about 'end of world', 'only strong will survive' , 'accumulate sin point', 'hand over skill to Goddess Sariel', and 'only care about survival of human'.
      I think it's something like if everyone is sheep everyone will survive but if there's a wolf only wolf survive.
      Sheeps are weak people and Wolfs are strong people.
      And The Pope want people to be that wolf because they don't trust that demon will stay weak. They don't believe everyone will choose to stay weak and decide to make sure human will become Wolf.
      Originally, Sariel may inform 'system notice' to tell people that you're going wrong path please return the skill, which accomulate from sin, to goddess(admin) so everyone can survive through judgement day together.
      But DWR decide to lie to human that 'system notice' is encouragement for human to get stronger and stronger.

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      as for why the elves and not everyone else, who is it that has encased their entire race in a super barrier built on this lifestream draining tech? Also, I think the elves movements is more of a recent issue, starting with the old hero and demon king's attack on D.

      Well, Gods are strategizing now. We'll get more info the more they talk. Since Kumoko isn't alone anymore and everyone who actually knows what's going on is chatting, we'll get a lot of info.

    9. Thanks Takumi for your correction, suicidal :D

      I think Demon King and Hero is just a catalyst to make people kill each other, but the hero and demon king before Julius screw this up by refusing to wage a war, which I suspect because they got persuade by the Elf. Instead waging a war between demon and human race, they join a hand to attack administrator, which end up causing an explosion in our protagonist classroom.

      As for Sariel, I agree with Arnold, there to little info about her, but I think Sariel sacrifice herself as temporary source of energy and giving assistance to people (human, demon, monster etc) through the divine word, but her power is limited, if the world energy didn't recover, sooner or later her power will be deplated. But because Sariel loved people too much, she didn't want for people be killed by a war or by administrator and want them (people) to die a natural dead. But it take to long.

      As for why Kumoko want to kill both people and demon race, not just elf who is the source of the problem, killing elf only will not enough to provide required energy, she need to send a lot of soul, that's way she wage a war between demon race and human. I think from the start both Kumoko and Ariel want to annihilate the Elf too, they just don't want to do it frontally.

      As for the reactor, I have a hunch that the administrator cannot search where the Elf hiding those reactor because of anti-magic thingy. Remember that most of Kumoko's magic cannot be used in the room, not even the almighty Wisdom-san...

    10. hai Sansern,

      for DWR and GR, Ariel said that DWR is the decent one between the two, so i think gaining skill and become stronger is the correct way to save the world. Remember that Ariel also said the pope also have Taboo skill maxed, so I believe the pope also knew about the truth, thus he encourage people to gain more skill.

    11. damn, I forgot to put Mako Reactor somewhere in my wall of text, shame on me... :p

    12. World having limited energy is established. the system exists to limit the amount of magic power retained &/or expended to a sustainable level. Since souls and magic are composed of energy from the "lifestream" there's a maximum carrying capacity to the amount of life that can populate the world and the amounf of magic the population can wield with an inverse relation between the two. There's further limits if theres a signifigant delay between when magic is wielded and when the magic is fully recovered, with delays increasing for the more powerful magics. Things like the MA reactors essentially effected a steady approach to a shrinking carrying capacity.

      System regulates world energy by attaching skills to lifeforms' souls, topping off hp/mp for the relevant skill holders, partially converting energy in from food into sp. partially converting mp/sp expenditure to skill profiency, partially assimilating souls of the slain to those of the slayers and recycling the rest. Exp converts to skill proficiency and skill point.

      The system promotes conflict because the collection of a soul by conflict nets a large recovery of energy, and more so for stronger souls, which is why they give disporportionately larger amounts of exp. More die to the stronger opponent than if they played it safe, and the stronger opponent encounters more conflict and is thus at a higher risk of getting offed. It's also fine to have broken characters, since at their strength, they wipe out scads of people. its fine even if no fish in the pond is big enough to take em out. Did I miss something?

      NON spoiler warning: above was either speculah or previously established, mostly the former. Contents are spoiler free until I come back here and shout 「called it!」if I turn out to be mostly right.

    13. Ah, and thats my somewhat more jaded take on the system.
      Note that in mine the lifestream isn't just finite, but fixed.

      If and when carrying capacity is surpassed, one of a number of things might happen:
      People somewhere are either going to get instanuked to make up for the deficit whenever magic is used;
      All skills and such become bloodmagic, by which i mean it consumes some of your soul for energy;
      the system just breaks, killing everyone (or just a lot);
      or all skills just get rebalanced, and the ensuing mad scrambles for power ensure that there's enough conflict that by the time things settle, enough die that there's decent margin in the amount of energy held in surplus.

  13. Quoting text:

    「D. Did you guide her?」
    『Although I only gave a trivial help, it's her own power that reached God. I don't particularly do anything』
    Yes, a lie!
    Even though this person interfered very much, she uttered a lie calmly.
    『It's not a lie. I really did nothing but trivial things. It's hard even to survive, and to reach the God from there is more than my imagination. That's why, it's interesting』
    Wasn't my thought can't be read!?
    『I can't read it, but I can at least predict it』

    So that's how it is, huh?

    1. Hehe. I see what you mean.
      So D can guess all her thoughts without using telepathy, as if they were of one mind, eh? Nice, nice. (^.~)

    2. @Shirobara no Sei

      ..... never go full retard

    3. D is probably cheating here. They are likely using their Admin powers to predict the results of what they say to Kumoko, and pick the one that gets the best result out of her.

      Man, if D is a girl I feel sorry for Gyuri. He's surrounded by crazy women.

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    5. I think it's just exactly as D said. Kumoko is a simpleton, an awesome one, but a simpleton none the less. Her thoughts and fuck ups are obvious.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Her mind might be simple. but you can't predict something you never know before.

      So this is mind reading benefit? loll

    8. Well I don't think D is there in presence or is looking at her face directly.

      And D is described as a high ranking god that even gyuri wouldn't fuck with. I think such a thing as predicting what people are going to say next is extremely easy.

      You know simple omniscience and such.
      There are even some skills within the system that let you do something similar like that ( future prediction, super thought acceleration, super calculation etc..)

    9. As a side note. This is how I believe Sensei's student list skill works.
      Predicts all the various probablities and selects the strongest possibility in regards to that persons death.

  14. Ah, so that's why the Demon King and Hero exist.

    The Human-Demon war is designed to cull the population - keep the numbers below critical level. But the foolish elves tried to rail against heaven and destroy the system that kept the population at a safe level, unwittingly dooming the world.

    It seems that the system is flawed in some way. I think Sariel can maintain a connection to only so many people. If there is peace between humans and Demons, the world will end because she can't handle it.

    1. Why would you thin they did it "unwittingly"? They seem to be in a position to know exactly what's going on.

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    6. The original Japanese was Fey folk not fairy

    7. "Fey/Fay/Fae Folk" is just another term for Faries—or depending on the mythology, Elves.

      Double checked; the raw said 妖精. Which means "Fairy", "Spirit" or "Elf" depending on context.
      I imagine those titles are talking about Elves.

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  16. Thanks to the translator for these chapters. (^o^)

    Thanks to the author for making it a canon fact that D and Kumoko share a brain. I was reminded of the Nina-Michi scenes in RKL, hehe.

    It's nice to be thus confirmed in my trust in logic and the rational methodical way of thinking. Yay!

    1. Shut up, Cabman, you're dumb as fuck.

    2. Yes, he is. He's rude, and stupid, and a troll. I'm really tired of his dumb trolling messages... heck, most of us are, probably. Thus, since Joshua has said banning is impossible here, I simply won't read his messages anymore. Let's ignore him and only debate among smart, reasonable people from now on.

    3. Congratulations, Nene, you must be happy: your pet theory just became canon! Almost, lol. But, hey, honestly, that scene with D guessing correctly every thought in Kumoko's head was like the author punching us in the face with the evidence. Wakaba made herself a clone/copy with carefully sieved memories, as we figured.
      Logic and rational thinking for the win! *high fives*

    4. Nene please Clam down.
      It not neceasery to use swaer word and being mean here.

    5. Wait they share a brain since when how does that do you find out stuff from the author?

    6. There's absolutely no basis of proof that support that idea

    7. I mean, nene, if you want to call yourself "smart" and "reasonable", maybe don't throw around fan-theories, and then say they're canon, because you say they are.

      D has been listening to Wakaba's thoughts for at least a year straight—predicting her thoughts certainly wouldn't have been impossible.
      Celebrating "logic and rational thinking", when nothing has been proven, is kinda silly.

  17. Wait they share a brain since when how does that do you find out stuff from the author?

    1. I think she means they are like Usagi and Minako in Sailor Moon, or Laila and Leili in Otoyomegatari. Somehow like clones who always think the same things, always know what the other one is pondering and even can finish each other's sentences. The fandom says about them "they share a brain". D has that sort of relationship with Kumoko, though it's not mutual because of partial copy.

    2. The author hasn't revealed anything about this, actually.

      D knowing what Kumoko thinks is just a matter of D having observed her thoughts for over a year straight.
      To D, Kumoko is just easy to predict.

  18. There is no real evidence about kumo is D clone.
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      still a cake walk.

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  20. Thank you for thia amazing story I can't stop reading.


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  22. Kumo tainted the demon king, isn't she the real demon king here?