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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 207

Chapter 207.
207 Start

「Then, I will destroy this facility. You don't mind taking separate action after that, right?」
「OK. But, how about the time when we meet again?」
「You're at the Demons territory, isn't it? Then, I will go there. I will leave the preparation for the acceptance to you」
「Aye. I prepare even only the appearance when Kuro-chan came」

The conversation of the Demon King and Kuro is completed.
Waiting the time for it, and a voice is emitted from the smartphone.

『Then, I will also leave. Because I still will watch you as a mere spectator after this, please do your best to amuse me, okay?』

She says so, and the smartphone disappears with a *poof*.
Although it's a scene that I saw several times, I'm dumbfounded again by the Transfer that breaks the common sense after becoming a God.
Even though she transfers one smartphone, what an advanced technique she used.
If I try to do the same thing, don't I need to be devoted to the magic construction for about 10 minutes?
But then, the analysis of the magic might take years.
When seeing from the present me, I don't know what is it because it's too advanced.
With that alone, I understand well how high D is as a high rank God.

I'm marked by a troublesome person.
Speaking honestly, I don't like it very much that this me have to be under the supervision of someone.
Because the Demon King is only the form, it's fine, but a complete hierarchical relationship is completed regarding D.
I hated it.
Although I hate it, when it's said whether I can evade it or not, I can't help saying that it's difficult.

The status of D as God is higher than me. 
In addition, it's a wide margin.
Even if the present me fight seriously, there's no chance to win.
I recall the time when I met with the Earth Dragon Alaba for the first time.
I at that time was weak to the extent that it can't be compared with the present.
Let alone fighting against the Earth Dragon Alaba, it's impossible even to run away properly.
The present situation is similar to it.
If there's a difference, then it's Alaba completely ignored me, but D has locked on to me solidly.

I don't think that joy-type transcendence heinous Evil God will let go the prey that she marked once.
If that's the case, the route left for me to survive is nothing but to do as D says.
It's really unpleasant in the extreme.
But, if I compare life and pride, it's obvious that I will pick the life.
Well, I'm still a kin candidate now, so she will not interfere to that extent.
I will do as D says until I can't endure it by all means.

「Yosh. Then, Shiro-chan, let's go」

I nod to the Demon King's word, and leave the facility.
After we escape from the facility, an earth tremor occurs, and the hole connected to the facility that I opened was blocked.
It seemed that Kuro begin the destruction of the facility.
When I think back, I spent a considerable amount of time here.
Because I'm unconscious by the apotheosis, there's no such thing like an emotional attachment though.

Come to think of it, the Demon King did well to know that I'm here.
Did Kuro contacted her?
Oh, well.
She's not an enemy anymore, so there's no need to mind it.

「Do you want to walk and return leisurely? Or, do you want to return running in a hurry? It's possible to go sightseeing if it's leisurely. There's money. After all, it will take reasonable time for Kuro-chan to finish the world check」

That's an attractive suggestion.
It's not bad to travel while enjoying the local fine food in this world.
The advantage when returning in a hurry is I can indulged in every possible luxury by the Demon King's influence.
Although it's also hard to throw that away, the gourmet tour is good.

Even if I came out of the Elro Great Labyrinth with great efforts, I haven't entered a town where people lives in magnificently after all.
If it's the spider appearance, it's impossible to buy and eat immediately.
This world's food that I have eaten properly is only the offering.

Ah, come to think of it, what happened to the Vampire child in that town?
More than one month passed since the time when I checked her, right?
I'm interested in the outcome of the war too, so let's peek at it a little.

The Clairvoyance is, err, was it like this?
I open my eyes and adjust the view.
Now that the assistance of the system is lost, it's necessary to do what the skill has done by myself.
I try to zoom up the view while remembering the sense of the Thousand Miles Eye skill.
Oh, this is good.

I extend the view all the way as it is.
Although it doesn't reach the speed of light, the view flies far at a terrible speed.
Because it arrived at the target town's vicinity, I stop it once there.

Isn't it burning?

I move the view slowly in the town.
The people who run about trying to escape.
The armed men who pursue them.
The soldiers who attacked back, and are repelled oppositely.

Ah, an invasion.
Although I don't know what kind of situation it is in detail, does this mean the war still continues?
The equipment of the invading one is good things that can't be compared with the bandits.
I mean, it's a united armor appearance to some extent.
Is it the soldiers of a country somewhere?

Ah, well, such thing doesn't matter.
Is the Vampire child alive?
That girl is that town's town chief's child, right?
Judging from the invader, I think that the defeat priority is considerably high.

I look for the Vampire child.
Ah, there she is.
She's still alive.

Although it's fine if she drop dead in somewhere I don't have concern with, if I let her die after witnessing her like this, as expected, the aftertaste is bad.
It can't be helped.
Let's save her.

「Eh? What?」

I grab the Demon King and transfer together.
Ah, Transfer is difficult.
Although I succeeded, this need practice.


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  15. Take a bit rest. Its ok for slowdown. We nearly catch raw now 2 chap for day is ok. And thx for the chapter

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