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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 209

Chapter 209.
209 Vampire attendant conciliatory operation

We transfer to a suitable forest.
I leave the Vampire master and servant to the Demon King, and transfer to the town again.
I act as a looter and steal various things.
I create a different space and throw those things into it.
Although I tried to reproduce the Space Storage of the Space Magic skill, it's difficult.
It seems that the difficulty of the magic that uses the space is high.

I put up the tent that I stole, and begin to cook simple dishes with the ingredients that I stole.
The Demon King sits down with shining eyes.
Help me.

When I eat the completed dish, the guard woke up.
The Demon King said that his name is Merazofis, and it seems to be a fireball-like name.

「Where is here?」
「In a suitable forest. Because I wanted to talk slowly, I put you to sleep and brought you here arbitrarily」
「Is...that so?」

Merazofis, because it's long, Mera is fine.
Mera is still being slightly cautious.
Well, we are unknown and mysterious oddballs after all.
Mainly because of the Demon King's speech and behavior.
There's no one who thinks that she's the real Demon King.
If there is, that guy is that.

「Thank you for saving us」
「You're welcome. Well, you're just there. The one we want to save is that child」

The Demon King pointed at the Vampire child who's still sleeping peacefully.

「May I ask a few things?」
「Okay. I will answer the one that can be answered」
「The town, no, what happened to the lord and madam?」

The Demon King looks at me.
I shake my head to that.
I went to see the state of the Vampire child's family just in case when I went to procure goods.
The result is unfortunate.

He probably has guessed it with my reaction.
Mera subdued his voice and wailed.
And, a few minutes of shedding tears, he wipes the tears and raises his mushy face.

「I have shown you an unsightly part」
「No. There's no way that the tears shed for someone are unsightly」

The Demon King looks at Mera like pitying him.
She did say something like that when we were going to save them, so it seems that she's pleased with him.

「Another one. There should be another woman attendant of Ojou-sama besides me in that place. Do you know about her?」
「You have seen it, right? She died」
「I guess that's right」

It's probably the feelings like the last hope and pray for a miracle.
The thought that "I don't expect so much, but maybe" was seen.
Although he pretends to be calm, still, he can't conceal the appearance that he was disappointed.

「Well then, I will ask you again. Who on earth are you?」
「Then, we will answer seriously」

Then, the intimidating air increases from the Demon King.
Apparently, it seems that she turned on the intimidating-type skills that were turned off.
Although it has almost no effect on me, the change brought a dramatic effect.

The sweats rushes out of Mera's whole body.
His expression freezes in fear.
I felt that the creatures in the forest are going away all at once.

「I'm the genuine and real Demon King. It's Demon King Ariel. My best regards from now on」

Ah, I think that she's really the Demon King when she get rid of her usual disappointing aura.
With this intimidation, there's no way that Mera won't believe her.
I mean, there's no way that the people who can release such intimidation are common.

「Demon King. Why?」

In fact, he probably feels frightened and wants to run away right away, but he remains in the place to protect the Vampire child bravely.
Not only that, but he raised a question back even though it's a hoarse voice.
Incredible willpower.

「Hmm. Shiro-chan, what should we do?」

This mean whether we should tell him or not, right?
Isn't it fine?
Thus, I nod.

「Well then, let me explain」

The Demon King cancels the intimidation, and begins to explain attentively.

「A certain total fool in this world do something stupid, and cause trouble to another world」
「Well, just listen. The youngsters of the another world died because of the circumstances here. And so, The God who felt responsibility to that picks up their souls at that time, and let them reborn in this world anew. They are called the reincarnated people」

Mera listens with the face that it's pointless anyhow.
Well, even if such nonsense story is told suddenly...

「They, the reincarnated people are born with the memory of the previous life. In addition, they received a bonus from the God. Although I don't know whether it's because of that or not, the people who attacked you seems to aim at the reincarnated people」
「Um, what's the relation with the story?」
「Oh? You're bad at guessing. In other words, that Ojou-chan over that is one of the reincarnated people」

Surprise floats on Mera's face.
But, it was not the size that the Demon King expected.

「Muu. You don't believe me, right?」
「As expected, I can't believe such a groundless story」
「Is that so? Don't you happen to know? This Ojou-chan is strangely better in understanding compared with the other babies, isn't it? Did she do a strange action for a baby?」
「You have the face that she did those things」

Of course there is.
No matter how high her acting ability is, there's no way that a high school student can act as a baby perfectly.
If she can do it, she can get the starring award.
She was not found out because her body is really a baby.
People will pretend not to know a few sense of incongruity if the appearance is deceived.

「And, I think that you realized it already, but Ojou-chan is not a human. She's a Vampire」
「As expected, is that so?」
「Un. By the way, you too」
「That time, I was bitten by Ojou-sama was a reality, huh?」
「Yes. It seems that Ojou-chan have gotten the Vampire skill from the God. That's why, she was naturally a Vampire. Somehow, it looks like she did various trial and error after she knew it by seeing the status」
「Because there are skills like Memory and Calculation Processing, did she search for a method to conceal the fact that she's a Vampire somehow?」
「Do you have the Appraisal skill?」
「Appraisal level 10. Amazing, right?」

A self-satisfied look.

「Well, we can confirm it in detail when Ojou-chan wakes up. By the way, we saved Ojou-chan this time is because there's pretty much a bond. That Shiro-chan over there is a reincarnated person」

Because Mera stared at me, I nodded lightly.
Although he seemed to draw back slightly, it's surely my imagination.


  1. thanks for chapters you made my day :D

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    2. you'll have a hard time remembering a long name like that unless you have a photographic memory

    3. Try putting that on your tests and driver license or anything really

  3. There's one thing i don't get.
    If Wakaba Hiiro (Kumoko) was a popular Bishoujo in past life,
    Why can't she speak to people normally now? I has the impression that kumoko was a hikikomori or smth

    1. it was stated from the blood series(i think somewhere in the first 5) that kumoko is so beautiful she's bullied out of jealousy...

    2. She probably just never spoke to anyone, and at the same time, no one spoke to her, probably because they were intimidated. There was also the mention of the bullying before, by other girls, so ya know?

    3. And in the oni series the guy said that shiro was getting harassed but did not seem to mind it.

    4. She was popular in the sense that all the guys liked her not that she's a gregarious person. She's shy and doesn't ever talk to people.

    5. I don't think it's because she is shy since shiro did imply allot of times that dealing with people was a pain.

    6. She was anti social in her previous life, and almost had no social interaction in her early spider life. As she says, she has communal disease.

    7. To have lust and envy thrown at you from all sides, wouldn't you also prefer to avoid contact with others?

    8. Kumoko had no clue that she was popular, she also never pays attentions to her surroundings. In fact, I think she STILL doesn't know she's a bishoujo, Ariel and maou-in-charge notice because it's a different person than the one in question.

    9. She is also a lone-wolf in an MMORPG she is playing. Her character is the infamous Bald-san/Idaten that everyone admires. So she is leik a combination of Umaru and Tomoko, a bishin that is awkward like Tomoko.

    10. No need of speculation. The simplest explanation is: Wakaba never paid attention to her classmates and never talked to anyone because she had zero interest in them. She had more important stuff to do, like ruling and managing two whole universes all by herself.

      Kumoko, having her memories partially erased, emulates Wakaba's behavior without really understanding why.

    11. Can you plz top with the kumo is a part of D bullshit. Its fine as a theory and is possible but you make it sound like fact when we all mnow that's far from being proven...any newcomers who read this has the potential to be mislead this is all speculation...i have no problem with speculation and you could be right eventually but you aren't right yet so stop pullying "facts" out of your ass

    12. Please state that its just a theory when saying things like that. Others might believe it and think that you are just spoiling it for us. This might incite others to say spoilers to clear the misunderstanding.
      When i shared some of my theories i tried tu use as much "might, could, would, maybe and perhaps" as i could to show that its just a guess so far.

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  5. from beginning she admitted that she is hikikomori as well as introvert. what we don't know that she is actually a bishoujo. that we mistaken about kumoko is negishi akiko as rihoko the horror child due this introvert trait as well misleading introduction from prologue of shun series. you can actually confirm that it's indeed wasn't her that sleep as she were aware of herself dying with pain in the prologue. her bautiful face as well as her seemingly taciturn personality make her the most popular girl in the class as well her school. shun is probably has a crush on her as he could immediately recognize her.

    1. Kumoko is a bishoujo but she herself does not care about it that's why she never mentioned it and you're right prologue was misleading. Maybe the author changed his mind about how kumoko will look like halfway into the story.

    2. We had an Ariel POV chapter where Ariel makes the comment that Kumoko never realized how pretty she was, and she (body-in-charge) could only see it now that she was a different person.

    3. I know but the beginning/prologue implied that kumo was real horror child

  6. she's stated by negishi akiko as an perfect overwhelming beauty so much that someone could only see her from afar making a feelings like unreachable flower. she's also could drive a relationship breaking apart just being near.

  7. I'm actually quite sad that kumoko changed so much from her carefree happy self in the beginning

    1. Even now she is trying her best to find a way out of this mess and live a lazy life away from everyone else

    2. It's okay, the spirit of pure Kumoko lives on as Maou-in-charge within Ariel, but combined with her habit of voicing everything, so we get a carefree happy maou.

    3. She stil carefree i mean she just go back to that town for stealing stuff and come back to cook with out care anything didnt that call care free?

      She still be our Kumoko chan

    4. She hasn't changed this is just how she is around actual people. Remember when she talked about herself in the classroom and how the others have talked about her?

      Inside she's lazy and carefree but she's not good at talking to people so she tends to be quiet and because of her looks she projects the air of a cool, mysterious beauty that can't be approached.

      The evidence of this is Ariel who absorbed part of Kumoko. She inherited a lot of Kumoko's personality but still retained her sense of self and as a result isn't anti-social. So she openly says and does all the thinks Kumoko keeps inside her head.

      Why do you think she became so hyperactive and carefree? That's kumoko's influence but Kumoko herself has such poor people skills she can't express herself openly.

    5. She's also surprisingly unatheletic.

  8. This is something that just pops up in my head.. Don't be rude and bash me for it..

    Was it stated what caused the classmate with earliest death before? Potimas is killing non-human classmates, which mean in the student list, it should be 'Killed by Potimas' or 'Killed by Elves' right? Or it was only a simple 'Killed'?

    I'm aware that the first death happened before the teacher told Potimas about this.. The reason why teacher said that 'Die when still a baby', is it because there's a 'Baby' written or because there's only a simple 'Age'? If it is the latter, it's possible that the 'First Death' was Shiraori. She got ruler skills within a few months right? And if i'm not wrong ruler skills can obstruct appraisal, which mean it may also affect student list.

    Now, let's get to the main point. Most classmates die in 20 years, cause of death 'Skill Deprivation'. Was there any discussion of this going on? For me, there seems to be no indication of what it means by 'Skill Deprivation' in the story except by Potimas&Elves, and i simply don't trust them.

    My real question.. Is it possible that the student list was manipulated by a skill? Ruler skills? By Potimas? Did the teacher told Potimas about the Student List? I'm pretty sure she did.. Even if she didn't, appraisal might be used. Or Potimas already know from the beginning that the teacher is a reincarnated person.

    These may sound very stupid to you., but I'm just stating my opinion here..

    1. It doesn't hurt right say what they were killed by at the but it says how and where.

      Be something along the lines of "stabbed with a knife in a forest"

      And it was made by D of course of it's not going to tell them details did it just to torment oka

    2. And they're def say something within 20 years of the current point in the s story.

      So probably in the next 20 years they reach divinity level 10..... maybe I don't know

    3. When it came to Yuugo, the Studen Roster simply said "died in action in the Elf Forest"; not by who. It doesn't say if it was a human, elf, or anything. Just that they "died in action in the Elf Forest".
      If the elves killed Sophia, it probably would have said something similar to "murdered, in XXX" whatever city it was.

      "is it because there's a 'Baby' written or because there's only a simple 'Age'?" —maybe because "Age"? But it couldn't be Shiraori here. Sophia and Kyoya also have Ruler skills, and they also have their appraisal obstructed, but Oka never assumed those two were dead. They were just "missing"

    4. Let's say it's mentioned "Killed by Yuugo in the Cave" for example.

      It will mean that Yuugo will be alive no matter what until he can kill that victim in that place, right?

      No way that skill would be so overpowered. Oracle-like abilities always mention vague things for a reason.

    5. I hate this phone i write this 3 time now omg.

      Student list wil change if possible have change it doesnt that good
      Like it said "A die in B city"
      But somehow Shiraori blow B city away then
      Stundent list will change
      Maybe "A die in C city"
      Snd if somehow Ariel blow away C city
      Then it change again.

    6. hahaha, people still think D was just a troll. You remember Oka had every intention of telling them when and how they would die so they would listen to her, right? If you gave her that power, would you let her do that?

      anyway, yeah, there's some discussions and theories going on over at animesuki on this. As I recall, we know that the predictions could be altered by someone with a Ruler skill. The roster also does not declear someone as dead after the matter. It will say how long until they die, but Oka only said that the names blank out or something once they die. Them being dead seems to be more an assumption.

      one of the possibilities is that the roster only keeps track of if they are in the system. Which would mean that Shiro's "death" occurred with her apotheosis. This brings up the question of why Potimas was already looking for them when he spoke to the pope. That can be explained by either Shiro not being the first to "die" or that Potimas was the one looking for and killing them in the first place, with them only being alive now because Oka is helping him gather them while telling him their condition and place of birth. Meaning that Potimas would likely kill or sacrifice all of them once they are found or Oka is no longer useful.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. (fixed)
      Unrelated, but the nature of the 「class list」seems to shed a bit of light on the nature of the world. Unlike 「prediction」, which explicitly makes no claims to the accuracy of it's predictions, 「class list」not actually predicts the future but adjusts itself when appropriate actions are taken.

      I posit that the physics of this world here are simplified and that both it and the actions of most people are deterministic, with only rulers, gods (admin or not), and possibly the reincarnators being stochastic in nature.

    9. >>why Potimas was already looking for them when he spoke to the pope.

      Wouldn't Oka/Firimes have been born by then at least? I'll go back to check, but it feels like she could have told him via 「telepathy」?

    10. the first casualty could be wakaba hiiro (kumoko)
      i forget which chapter it was, but oka-chan told shun that wakaba have died (need to reread all side stories again, lol)
      then in oka-chan's pov, she saw one of the student's name "quietly disappear" so she assumed that student died
      that could be when ariel "killed" kumoko

    11. That who died first (if it wasn't Shiro's ascension) it might have been from accident/natural cause too (like: died at birth, accident, desease, bandit/monster attack).
      Even Sophia was attacked by the bandits and might have died without Shiro's help.

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    Thank you for the chapters :)

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  15. 「Then, we will answer seriously」
    Not relevant here but a thought came to me: should Ariel choose to affect a particularly... imperious air, the royal "we" is suitable in translation not just as a representative of her kingdom, but that she has the backing of a god. several even, if only in name.

  16. Ah I really missed Kumo~ she never changes her mentality as a Spider. Though I notice this a lot but she's never a speaker and never shows her adorable self out in the open. Only when it was D.

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