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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 210

Chapter 210.
For those who don't know yet, I changed Weapon Training to Weapon Creation

210 Vampire master conciliatory operation

『Well then, a question to Ojou-chan. Are you a reincarnated person? Answer it with yes or no』

The Demon King questions the Vampire child who woke up with Telepathy.
Although I understand it completely, the most quickest method to make Mera to understand it is to have the person herself to say it.

The silence continues for a while.
I eat the cooked dish in the meanwhile.
It doesn't taste bad.
But, when it's said as delicious, it's strange.
After all, I only season it suitably.
If I have free time, I guess I should really learn cooking.

What was bad?
Was the meat slightly light?
As expected, according to the fantasy setting, do the people only eat vegetables?
The blood is drained because it should not be wrong to let the two Vampires to drink it.
Is it more delicious if I cook it after making a sauce and pickled it thoroughly?

『Wh-What would you do to me?』

The Vampire child opened her mouth as she made up her mind while I'm worrying about the reflection of the dish.
Because it's Telepathy, her mouth doesn't open though.

『Hai, boo! I told you to answer with yes or no』

The Demon King pouts while drawing the x-mark with her arms.

『To be frank, I take hold of the right of your life-and-death power now. Because I'm not particularly an enemy, I don't intend to cause any harm to you, but I'm not an ally either. If you hurt my feelings, I might leave you in this deep forest where there are monsters, you know?』

Even though you show no signs of to do so.
But, the effect was preeminent.
Impatience that can't be concealed floats on the Vampire child's face.

After seeing that impatient face, or rather, at the stage when the Vampire child responded to the conversation with Telepathy, Mera opened his mouth in surprise.
Seeing the Vampire child's reaction, the credibility of the thing that the Demon King said has increased.
Although he understands it in the head, he's like denying it in the heart?
And so, the result is freeze.

『Well, it means that it depends on your attitude』
『I understand. The answer of the question a while ago is yes』

The Demon King smiles to that reply, and Mera looked up at the sky.

『Then, can you introduce yourself lightly? Ah, make sure it's easy for Merazofis-kun to understand』

There's a pause for a while, and the Vampire child began to speak bit by bit.

『My name is Sophia Keren. My former name is Negishi Akiko』
『Un un. And?』
『And, um, I'm a one year and two months old baby since birth』

I heard that one year in this world is 411 days, and one year is divided into ten months.
In other words, one month has 41 days.
I heard that the one extra day is called the new day, and it's the first day of the year that's treated as a special day that doesn't belong to any months.
In case of this world's basis, one year and two months is about one year and four months if it's converted to the Earth's.

『Un un. And?』
『Eh? And, eh? Um』
『Aren't you hiding an important thing?』
『A, u, ah. Yes』
『Then, vomit that out』

The Demon King who waits for the Vampire child's answer while grinning.
Although she wants her to say about the Vampire, what a good personality she have to put on the airs to have the person herself to say it out even though she knows it.
I mean, although the Elves said Vampire in the riot a while ago, didn't she hear it?
Or, she heard it, but she forgotten it?
The Vampire child glances at Mera repeatedly.
Mera looks at the Vampire child without looking away.

『I'm...a Vampire』

The Vampire child who confesses it like she gave up in the end.

『Un. I know it』
『By the way, I told Merazofis-kun a while ago』
『Eh? Huh?』

The Vampire child who's extremely flustered.
Is she really okay?
Because Mera became a Vampire, there's no way that he doesn't know it.

「Ojou-sama, I have the consciousness that I became a Vampire, and I also understand that Ojou-sama is a Vampire」

Mera tells it to the Vampire child not with Telepathy but with natural voice.

『I'm sorry. At that time, I could only thought of that method』
「Please don't apologize. I'm suppose to be the one who should apologize」
「I couldn't protect Ojou-sama to the end. I'm sorry」

Mera prostrates himself.
This world seriously has the prostrate culture.

「In addition, if you didn't do that, I would have died. There's only gratitude, and there's no feeling of grudge」
『But, Vampire, you know? You can't live as a human anymore, you know?』
「I'm prepared for that. In order to protect Ojou-sama, it might be just good」
『Merazofis. You still』
「Master and Madam have entrusted Ojou-sama to me. Then, I will protect you until this life comes to an end」

What a good story.
Eh, the Demon King is crying?
Can she be deeply moved by this?
Is my sensitivity strange?

「I have heard your story! You come under me! I will take responsibility and protect you!」

A switch has turned on in the Demon King.
Oh, well.
On our side who saved them, it's kinda bad to say good-bye to them here.

「I think that it's not a bad condition. After all, I'm the Demon King. For your information, there's almost no one in this world who can defeat me. I think that it's profitable to obtain the protection of such me who's the strongest. That people who attacked you will not make a move on you as long as I keep a watchful eye on you. In addition, you can't live in the Humans society. Then, why don't you go to the Demons territory with me?」

The Vampire child and Mera exchange glances.

「I will follow Ojou-sama's decision」
『I understand. But, please let me think a little』
「Okay, okay. Worry very much」
『And, could I ask various questions?』
「If I can answer it, anything」
『Then, un, that, what are you eating?』
「Hmm? Shiro-chan's homemade dish. The menu is Elves meat stir-fried vegetables」

The Vampire child's face become stiff terribly.


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