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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 211

Chapter 211.

211 Vampire training plan

The time returns a little.
After 210

Mera lays the slept Vampire child in the tent courteously.
She might have been tired because a lot of things happened.

「Merazofis-kun, you also take a rest. You're considerably exhausted after becoming a Vampire. You should just discuss and decide what to do from now on with Ojou-chan」
「You are right. I will accept your kind offer」

Mera disappears into the tent.

「Now then. No matter what choice those children pick, the things that we're doing won't change. We only head to the Demons territory. Shiro-chan wants to go leisurely? Or, do you want to rush?」
「If it's leisurely, how long will it take?」
「About 3 years. If rush, it's about half a year. Ah, it's the standard here」

One year in this world was 411 days, right?
The three years in this world means that it doesn't reach three and a half years when converting to the Earth's calendar.
If we rush, it's half a year which is about 200 days.
Because there's no transportation like the car, rushing means running, but I can't insert a retort of "How long".

Well, a 3 years course, huh?
After all, the Vampire child will come along.
I mean, there are no other choices.
Selecting the other choices in this situation means that it's OK that she's a suicide applicant, right?

When thinking so, rushing to return is impossible.
Although it's nothing for the Demon King and me, there's no way the Vampire child and Mera can catch up with us.

Even if it's not like that, I want to go sightseeing, so I will go with the leisure course.
It's not that the world will ruin today or tomorrow.

「Let's go leisurely」
「I expect that Shiro-chan would say so」

Ah, yeah.

「By the way, did you appraise?」
「I did」

It's about the Vampire child and Mera.
As expected of the former half same existence.
On top of guessing what I wanted to say by tacit understanding immediately, she begins to write the appraisal result of the two people on a paper taken out of somewhere.
The passed paper, no, this is the thing that's made like a paper with threads.
Can the thread do things like this?
I will use it as a reference.

And so, I look at the written content in the passed thread paper.
Ah, no.
When comparing them with the ordinary people, they are not weak.
In the first place, seeing from me, the entire Humans are weak, and the Vampire child is still a baby.

But, this is the status that will die immediately when being thrown into the Elro Great Labyrinth.
Can the Vampire child live with such a weak status?
Although she might get better if she grows up because she's a baby, when thinking about the human's weakness, even if she grow up like this...
Not to mention the Dragon class, even the Drake class is seen as an enough threat for the humans.
The present Vampire child seems to even be killed by the frog in the Elro Great Labyrinth.
Although Mera has the status to some extent, still, if he encounter the snake, he can't win.

Should I train them a little?

Although I don't have such firm motivation, it might be considerably different if I train them a little while moving.
Let's do so.

The travel time might be able to be shortened if the status of Vampire child and Mera rises.
Above all, if they become able to protect themselves, there's no need to do it anymore.

I decided so, make a simple home and go to bed.
Before that, I transfer to every places where I laid my eggs and recover it.
Although all of them have hatched, I make them into my subordinates by the point of Kin Domination, or rather, I make them into a part of me and throw them into a different space.
It saved the trouble because they stayed obediently after hatching.
If such group has been released to the world, it would be a great tumult.

The Elro Babies?
They have grew up splendidly.
They will surely live strongly.
I mean, they probably their self have established by now, I can't recover them.
After this, they will surely be acknowledged as a new monster in the Elro Great Labyrinth.
Well, none of my business.
Childcare abandonment or anything. Just say whatever you want.

I finish recovering most of them and return to the simple home, and this time, I'm going to bed.
Although I don't need to sleep in particular, if the sleep desire and appetite are omitted from me, nothing will remain.
Sleep, wake up, eat, sleep!
Un, healthy.
Thus, good night.

The movement begins on the next day.
I have the Vampire child to walk.
Although she's a baby, as long as I see her status, she shouldn't have any problems if it's only walking.
That's why, it's good to walk.

The monsters don't come near thanks to the Demon King's Intimidation, it's an easy work to only walk in the forest.
Although Mera said something and opposed it, why does he have to reject that much when it's only walking?
I ignore him.

I passed the bottle filled with the blood of the Elves to Mera.
Although the Vampire child is alright even if she doesn't drink blood because of the effect of the True Ancestor title, if Mera doesn't drink it, his status will fall steadily.
Although his face became stiff, I want him to give a clear-cut attitude because he must drink it.
When compared with me who only had poison as food, it's much better.

Ah, poison, huh?
Raise their Poison Resistance, and on the occasion, let them acquire the Gross Feeder title, huh?
Sounds good.
They can acquire the Corrosion Resistance after all.

Thus, I consult the Demon King.
The Demon King has the Poison Synthesis skill, so she can create poison easily.
The slight poison to the extent that they won't die is synthesized, and if a meal is prepared with it, the poisoned dish is completed.
Let's have them to eat poisoned dish until the Gross Feeder title can be acquired.

The Vampire child and Mera reluctantly ate the poisoned dish completely.

The next day.
I taught the Magic Combat Act to the Vampire child and Mera.
The way to do it is easy.
I use my power to activate the Magic Combat Act forcibly, and have them only to maintain it.

Although it's only that, Mera had a little troubles in maintaining it.
Although the Vampire child succeeded in one time, Mera failed many times.
Is it because the skill level of the Magic Manipulation low?
I'm glad because he became able to do it in the end though.
In my case, I have to work it out from the start with feelings, so if they can't maintain it easily, I will be troubled.
Although I started this with a light feeling of "if they train a little, isn't that fine?", there seems to be full of troubles in the future.


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