Thursday, 1 October 2015

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Elf Village Battle 1

Elf Village Battle 1.
Start of the battle.

Elf Village Battle ①

【Elf camp outside the barrier】

When you ask what is the most dangerous mission for the Elves, most people will answer the patrol outside the barrier that protects the village.
The barrier set up around the village is the absolute defense that has never been broken in the long history.
However, just because of that, they can't afford to not be cautious.
The Elves placed soldiers for the patrol outside the barrier even in the peace time, and performed a patrol whether there was any suspicious part or not.

The reason why this mission is the most dangerous for the Elves is because of a certain monster inhabiting outside the barrier.
The name of the monster is Queen Taratect.
The monster with the power of the Myth rank that's said that there are five of it in the world.
One of those.

The Queen Taratect made this forest as it's house.
In addition, it's close to the Elf Village.

The Queen Taratect gives birth to the subordinate monsters by the "Spawning" skill.
Those monsters aim and attack the Elves obstinately.
In case of a lower rank one, the strength is not a big deal.
However, as for the monster of the species called Taratect, the strength skyrockets by evolution.
The Taratect species that evolve and became an adult, is a brutal monster that's equal to the Dragon species.

In the forest outside the barrier, such evolved individuals of the Taratect species lurk.
Even the lower rank individual makes the nest sometimes, and when someone got caught in the nest, even a skillful Elf will die without being able to escape.
Although it's safe in the barrier, when they go out, it's the spider's hunting ground.
The most dangerous place for the Elves.

However, a threat different from it has gathered outside the barrier now.

The allied forces of the Humans.
It's the army led by the Rengzant empire.
In the place where the Taratect species strode usually, the Humans formed a formation and standby.

The figure of the Taratect species is not seen.
The Elves predict that it probably have been exterminated by the army.
Although they don't think that the Queen can be defeated, the Queen rarely moves by itself.
It seems that it's abandoned.
The existence that have threatened the Elves so far was defeated by the existence that threatened the Elves now.
Only the kind of the threat changed, and either way, it was a situation that can't be welcomed for the Elves.

The Elf observers observe the state of the army.
What should be paid attention is the existence of the magic division that has been advancing the preparations for the large-scale magic all the time in the firm defense for several days.
As for the Elves who have long life span and deep intelligence, it's obvious that they have the knowledge of the skill more than the Humans.
And, even if they compare it with the knowledge, there's no magic that corresponds to it. It was an unknown magic construction.

The hugeness of the construction exceeds the strategy class magic called great magic lightly, and it takes pride twice of the magnificence.
The preparations for several days is also abnormal.
It can't be predicted what will happen if such a huge magic is activated even if they have the Elves knowledge.

The Elf observers considered to somehow interfere when there's a chance.
However, it was not put into practice.

The basic strategy in the Elf Forest is climb the tree, and showers magics and arrows to the opponent on the ground from the top.
Because this Garam Forest is made of large trees, the space between the trees is wider than normal forest, but still, because it's a forest, it's a narrow and complicated terrain compared to the plain.
It's a place where it's considerably difficult to move the army, the march becomes slow by all means, and the formation of the army is disordered to avoid the trees which are the obstacle and becomes sparse.
If they are attacked from the top, they will be helpless.

The Elves strategy is the guerrilla strategy, they are familiar with the forest, and they receive the training specialized in the combat.
They cooperate and corner the opponent while moving individually and separately.
The observers also spread out and observed the army from various angles.

The observers' heads fall approximately at the same time.
Without knowing what happened.
Without realizing that they died.

「Haa. To be taken from the back this easily, aren't the Elves not a big deal?」

It's a boy who decapitated the Elves.
If a viewer sees him, the boy will be called a ninja.
Black clothes and a katana at the waist.
The katana probably decapitated the Elves.

「That damn old man pushed such a troublesome thing」

The boy who scratches his head in the way that the bottom of his heart is troublesome.
The state that the magic made spending several days activates is reflected in the eyes.

「Well, it's the best to do it suitably. It's a farce anyway」

The boy who annihilated the spread Elves at the same time alone.
He sees the magic crashes into the barrier, bends, and breaks unnaturally, and he smiled wryly.
It looks just like the barrier broke only because the magic hits.
But, the boy doesn't miss the unnaturalness.
Something that was different from the magic destroyed the barrier.
The boy was able to see so, and in fact, the boy knows that it's so.

「Well then, let's go. Although it's bad for Ken, my own life is more precious」

The boy looks down at the state of the marching army.
Like despising, and like looking down.

「Here was done well, so the others will do well. I mean, can this not go well?」

The boy disappears in the forest with a carefree state.

And, as subsequent to the boy, the monsters that lurked in the darkness have begun to wriggle.


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