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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Elf Village Battle 6

Elf Village Battle 6.
Oka vs Natsume.
Yuugo's Seven Sins skill.

Elf Village Battle ⑥


I throw away the hesitation.
I shoot the magic of the maximum firepower aiming at Yuugo.
The magic of "Heaven Wind LV4", 「Dragon Wind」

This magic is a magic that generates a tornado if I say it.
Although it might seem to be plain when it's heard so, the thing called tornado is actually a natural disaster in Earth.
There was not so much tornado damage in Japan, but it's a frightening phenomenon that blows off the house in America.

People, etc, are easily swallowed by the storm.
If it's a person that's as strong as Shun-kun or a brutal monster that's more than the danger degree A class, it might be possible to prevent it.
However, Yuugo loses all the skills once, and his status also falls.
Although years passed since that time, he can't regain his former strength even if start over again.

I know that he has the Seven Sins skill.
But, the skill that Yuugo has is 『Lust』.
According to the Elves' record, the "Lust" skill has a brainwash ability.
It seems to give a strong brainwash to the extent that it's dreadful, but it's not a direct combat skill.
Although his status might increase to some extent by the title, that's all.
He can't endure my magic.

The tornado swallows the soldiers, and even their lives are swallowed.
And, I approach to Yuugo's front.

「U, raa!」

It was dispersed by Yuugo's sword.

That magic should have the highest power among the magic that I can use!
My magic offensive ability exceeds 1500, you know!?
That, how?

「Oka-chaaan! I wanted to meet you, you know? Though I didn't think that you're here」

Yuugo shouts.
The voice is like he has gone crazy somewhere, and I feel madness.

「Even though I actually thought to greet you after destroying your hometown, snatching Sensei's important, important students, and pushed you into the depths of despair. Why are you here?」

I shoot magic again without answering the question.
This time, it's a bullet of wind that aims at Yuugo alone.
However, that's also repelled by Yuugo's sword.

「Ahahahaha! Like such shabby magic will work! Say, do you think that I will stay weak forever after my power is deprived?」

I judge that magic is ineffective, and I hold the bow.
I can also handle bow as a minor one of the Elves.
I endow "Wind Magic" to the arrow and shoot it.
The arrow that's endowed with the power of wind, accelerates and flies like a bullet.
It's like the bullet of wind just now that has an entity.

However, he avoided it this time.

「Mysterious, right? Do you want to know it? The reason why I became this strong!」

Yuugo kicked the ground casually.
He shorten the distance between me with one step instantly.

I nock an arrow again and shoot it while retreating.
Yuugo avoided it without knocking it off with the sword a while ago.
That means he can't knock it off with the sword.
Although it becomes a wishful thinking, I think that he felt that it's dangerous if he hit it directly.

As I thought, Yuugo shift sideways from the arrow's line of fire, and evades it.
His advancing speed becomes slow to that extent, and the distance with me opens.

「Don't run away!? Isn't this the relationship of me and Oka-chan!」

I shoot an arrow.
At the same time, the Elves who spread in the surroundings attack Yuugo all at once.

「What a joke!」

Yuugo blew off the showering magics and arrows.
This is slightly unexpected.
I order the surrounding Elves to retreat with Telepathy.
It's very unlikely to stand a chance against Yuugo with odd power.

「Let's continue the talk! I am thankful to you, you know? Because I have writhed in agony to the extent that I would go mad, the present me exist!」

It's not that you would go mad, but you have gone mad!
No, I have no obligation to say it.
After all, I was the one who drove Yuugo mad.

「Because of that, this power is obtained! You know one of it, right? The 『Lust』 skill, The best power that makes the opponent to move at will!」

I shoot an arrow.
He avoided it.

「And, another one! I have the power to become the strongest! That's the 『Greed』 skill! It's the highest power that deprives a part of the defeated opponent's power! What do you think that why I'm in the front line? Because that way, I can kill a lot of enemies, and make those powers into mine!」

I was upset and my movement has stopped for an instant.
The 『Greed』 skill.
It's one of the Seven Sins skills, and it has the ability to deprive a part of the power when the owner kills others,
The ability that can be deprived is random. It can be either status or skill or even skill points.
As for the skill, it doesn't deprive the skill of the opponent as it is, but it should deprive it in the state that the level fell.
Even if a level 9 skill is deprived, it should fall to level 1.

That's why.
The reason why Yuugo continue to chase me without using a long distance attack while having the status to dodge my magic easily is because.
Not because Yuugo don't use long distance attack, but it's probably that he can't.
Even if he deprive a magic skill, it would return to level 1.
The level 1 magic is not significant, and even if he use it, there's hardly any effect.

Such a thing is not important now.
The important one is that Yuugo acquires the power more than before, using the skill.

How many lives did he take?
How many crimes did he repeat to regain such power?

It's an instant that I stopped moving.
But, Yuugo shortens the distance in that instant, and brandishes his sword.


The swung sword penetrates the armor of wind that I always wear, and slashes my arm shallowly.
I spark an explosion of wind between Yuugo at once, and take distance by the recoil.
Although I also receive damage, I am disadvantageous in close combat.

「Not bad」

On the other hand, Yuugo has no remarkable damage.
I shoot an arrow without minding it.
Yuugo avoids it easily.

However, the preparation was completed.
I didn't shoot the arrows without a plan.
If Yuugo is conscious, he would understood that I run like drawing a circle.
The arrows that stick on the ground are the origin that generates the barrier.
Although the output is lower than the one that covered the village, it's the barrier that I imitate the ancient technique that can't be reproduced by the skill.

Yuugo is left behind in the barrier.
I didn't just shut him.
Air comes out of the inside of the barrier rapidly.
To manipulate wind means that to move air.
And, although I tend to think that this world is variously different from the Earth, the thing called oxygen exists properly.
The law of this world is not different from the law of the Earth that we know, and by the having the new laws like magic, skill, etc added to the law, it just looks different.

Therefore, it's the same as the Earth that a person can't live without air.
Although the barrier doesn't change form, the atmospheric pressure will change suddenly if the inside air comes out.
The human body can't endure the change, and even if it's endured, the person will die sooner or later by lack of oxygen.
This is the original magic that I developed individually.

Although Yuugo tries to destroy the barrier desperately, it's useless.
Even though the output is low, it's the reproduction of the barrier in the ancient time.
I can't activate it if I don't be reckless, but it's the end if I activate it, and the barrier will never break.

I won.
Yes, I have been careless.

The thunder pierced me from the side.

「Ka, ha!?」

My consciousness flies for an instant.
At the same time, the maintenance of the barrier becomes negligent.
Yuugo didn't overlook the chance.

「Hahaha! That was close! That was really close, you know!? Nice, Yuri!」

Yuugo destroys the barrier, and praises the opponent who used the magic of thunder to me.
Yuri-chan who smiled was there.
When Yuugo was announced as the Hero, she was also announced as the Saint.
If it's the Saint who's the Hero's attendant, it's not strange even if she's in this place.
Rather, it's unnatural for her to not be here.

I was careless.
I only pay too much attention to Yuugo, and became negligent to the surroundings.
With this, I can't make light of Yuugo.

Yuugo swing down the sword without mercy to me who stopped moving because I became numb by the thunder.
Although I somehow dodge it barely, the part of my stomach is cut deeply without being able to dodge every swing.

It hurts!
It hurts!
It hurts!

「You sure give me a hard time. But, it's my win. Kukuku. I won't kill you. Because after this, I must have the downfall of the Elves burnt into your memory! What should I do with the people in our class? If they want to cooperate, I can add them into my subordinates though. Should I torture the one who resist in front of Oka-chan? I'm sure that you will have a nice face at that time, right? Ahahahaha! I'm looking forward for it, oi!?」

Please stop it!
I must stop him.
But, my body doesn't move properly because of the pain.
Yuri-chan pushes down my body to the ground.

「What a good state. It's opposite to that time. How is it? The feeling of crawling on the ground? You're uneasy about what's going to happen after this, right? It's hopeless, right? I won't brainwash you. I will push you down into the depths of despair while you're sane and torment you until your heart breaks!」

It hurts.
I am scared.
It's already no use.
I can't stand it anymore.
I can't endure it anymore.
Someone, please help me.
Someone, please save me.

Yuri-chan who got on me blew off.
The shadow that slashes at Yuugo.
Yuugo withdraws to the back at once and evades it.

In front of me, the man who held a shield stands in the way.
In front of Yuugo, the boy who held a sword stands in the way.

「I was late, Sensei」
「Leave it to us」

At the end of the words, I fainted.


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