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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Elf Village Battle 2

Elf Village Battle 2.
A translation mistake. Just a name. Kushiya → Kushitani

And, it seems that Kumoko (I mean the novel) is going to become a light novel. The scheduled release date is 10 December. Because it's a light novel, Kumoko will be illustrated.

Elf Village Battle ②

【Reincarnated people's residential area】

「Will the barrier seriously break?」
「What are you dreaming? Come on, let's go」

Several hours before the barrier breaks.
In the residential area of the reincarnated people, the two former adventurers advanced the preparations for departure.
Tagawa Kunihiko, and Kushitani Asaka.
Of course there's the name in this world, but Kunihiko and Asaka call each other by their previous life's names.
This is because they are used to that.

Both have the parents of a certain mercenary group.
Although it seems that they stay at a place and settle down there to some extent when both of them are babies, when both of them come to be able to walk, they moved from place to place.
If there's a war, the mercenary group will go there. If there's a request of escort, they will follow. If the monster appears, they will go to exterminate it.
Because they traveled around various places, they end up marching the continent without the whereabouts being pinpointed by the Elves.
Being a reincarnated people was one of the cause that they can walk earlier than normal children.

Although both of them were childhood friends in the previous life, they grew up as childhood friends even in this world.
It was already the level that looked like a family, and it was natural to be close to each other for both of them.
Because of that, when Kunihiko said 「I will become an adventurer!」 and rushed out of the mercenary group, Asaka follows him afterwards like it's natural.

Like that, both of them become adventurers, and they move from place to place again.
During that time, there were excellent adventures, and both of them attracted attention as the existences that surpassed the others among the young people.
Because of the attention, it can be said that they are in this place now.
The obtained fame flows to the Elves as it is, and both of them end up being brought into the same place as the other reincarnated people like this.

When they were brought, they were pleased with the reunion with the old friends who met after a long time.
However, after that, they ask what kind of life in the Elf Village, and the flippant feeling sank in an instant.
They were made to shrink back in the situation like keeping-until-death.

Kunihiko has begun to get tired of the life without dream and romance immediately.
On the other hand, Asaka thought this life is acceptable.
Although she was pulled by the unprecedented Kunihiko, Asaka is a relatively normal girl.
The life as the adventurer was dangerous, and as for Asaka who's stability-oriented, a modest life seemed to suits her even if there was neither dream nor romance.

Starting with chairperson Kudo, the reincarnated people who are in the Elf Village seem to be dissatisfied with the life here.
Asaka also understood the reason well after she actually starts living.
Get up early in the morning, work and sleep at night.
Life without pleasure.
In addition she perceived that the Elves monitored secretly.
It was the honest impression of Asaka that it's inevitable that the stress will be accumulated.

However, judging from Asaka who knows the danger on the outside, it was not unendurable.
Asaka who traveled around various places possessed the thing called adaptability without choice.
If she don't have it, she won't survive, and even if she has it, she can die easily if she's unlucky.
That's the outside, or rather, it's the common sense in this world.

Judging from Asaka, the Elf Village where safety is guaranteed can't be considered as a terrible environment.
Even if that's said, most of the people here don't know the outside fact including Kudo.
Although she speak of the outside dangers in the present life indirectly, their dissatisfaction was not canceled.

She sensed that Sensei is hiding something, and her actions are all for the former students. Asaka understood it because she live as an outlaw adventurer for a long time, and the ability to judge a person was developed.
But, nevertheless, because she felt that following up the abducted people is wrong, she leaves as it is.
Asaka has the peace-at-any-price principle unlike Kunihiko.

On the other hand, Kunihiko doesn't hide his true intention.
He says the things that he thought, and says the things that he heard.

If it's a boy, the word "adventure" is an attractive word by all means, and it was a natural flow to hear it from Kunihiko who has real experience.
And, Kunihiko talked about the previous adventures as he was asked.

The first time defeating a monster.
Level up.
Like that, the boys who listened attentively to the adventure story swung from joy to sorrow.
Although most boys turned an admired look to Kunihiko who realized the man's dream, there were those who understood the outside severity after hearing Kunihiko's story.

Both of them entered the Elf Village gave influence to the other reincarnated people for good and bad.
And, it shook.
Do you demand the safe present life or the dangerous freedom?

Of course it's not a problem that can be solved at once.
But, the time when such choice is done may come someday.
They were chased by the daily life while being at loss.

And, the Elf Village was on the verge of danger without being able to decide it and the power to take actions.

「I begged you. However, don't act recklessly」

The permission to participate in the interception war was given to both Kuniko and Asaka who had the power to fight.
All of the reincarnated people who remained see off the two people.
Kudo sent the words of encouragement representing everyone.

「Yeah. Wait with the intention to board a large ship」

Kunihiko laughs cheerfully, and changes his eyes to cold at the next moment.

「So, Ogi, will you tell me your real intention that you tried to serve poison to us before we leave?」

The glances turns to Ogiwara who's in charge of cooking all at once.
Ogiwara received the glances, and he can only be flustered.


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