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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Oni 4

Oni 4.
The summoner at the end?

Oni 4 Naming

Thanks to the Weapon Creation, the village has developed slightly.
Because if it's an edged tool, I can create it mostly, and the daily necessities such as kitchen knife, scissors, etc, were enhanced.
In addition, concerning the weapons, the ones that were use are shabby one, used article of the dead adventurer, the one made from monster's bone,etc. So, by providing the more proper weapons, the rate of returning alive of the Goblins who went out to hunt rose slightly.

Half a year after I'm aware of the Weapon Creation skill.
I continued to create weapons every day.
Thanks to that,  my MP that dropped to the bottom only by creating the shabby knife at first has increased considerably, and nowadays, I can create a considerably good quality of weapon.
I appraise the completed sword.

Creation Sword:Offensive ability 96, Durability 1099:The sword created by creation』

I borrowed the appraisal stone from the village elder in order to confirm the ability of the created weapon.
When judging it by using the power, it can be said that this sword has a fairly good ability.

The offensive ability is an offensive ability that's added to the status as it is.
The durability shows the strength of the weapon, and when this value is lowered, it becomes easier to break.
It's like the defensive ability of the weapon, and I think that it will probably break in one blow if it's attacked by an offensive ability higher than the durability.
When thinking so, if it's less than the offensive ability 1099, this sword will not break in one blow.
It can be said as considerably strong, isn't it?

The offensive ability also rises by 96.
Because my present offensive ability is 81, my offensive ability will become twice or more just by equipping this sword.
Should I grieve for my offensive ability that's lower than the offensive ability of the sword? Or, should I be glad that a sword with good ability is created?
It's a complicated part.
It might be inevitable because I only do the Weapon Creation during this half year and didn't develop my offensive ability much.

Various things happened in this half year.
The Goblins of the same age that I know froze to death, the harvest time was mistaken and the vegetables was eaten.
The senior Goblins who went to hunt didn't return.
When thinking so, my real elder brother evolved into a Hobgoblin.

My family consists of 4 elder brothers, 6 elder sisters, both parents, 1 younger sister and younger brother, and me. A total of 15 people.
Although it's a large family when it's the human, it's not so much when it's the Goblin.
Because the pregnancy period is short and the fertility is also high, it's possible to give birth to a child in a quick span.

However, because of that, the death rate is also high.
From what I heard, I seem to have 4 more elder brothers, and 1 younger brother was miscarried.
That was severe.
He was supposed to become my first younger brother.
But, it was not good.
Everyone of the family cried.
My appetite decreased for a while.

And, the one who comforted such me was the eldest brother, Razaraza.
I feel that it's doubtful to say that I was comforted.
When you ask what he did to me, I was hit.

「Don't have a depressing face forever. Eat and live energetically. That's the obligation of the one who's alive」

He said that, and made me to eat forcibly.
My mouth was opened forcibly, and food was stuffed.
After that, when I show a depressed state in mealtime, I was made to eat forcibly.

Although I thought that I was going to die, I gradually stop becoming depressed.
What Razaraza-nii said is right, and above all, a new life is in Mother's body at that time.
Goblin's vitality is amazing.

Like that, my younger sister was born.
At that time, I swore to protect this child.

Razaraza-nii is a leading warrior in the village.
He's a High Goblin that's the further evolution of the Hobgoblin, and the status is high to the extent that it can't be compared with the ordinary Goblin.
My elder brother of the boast.
Every brothers are aiming to be like Razaraza-nii.

But, because I have the Weapon Creation, I'm at a slightly special position.
Even though I'm a minor who can't go out to hunt yet, I'm becoming the existence that's necessary to the village.
Hunting is dangerous.
But, if I don't go out to hunt, I can't raise my level, and I will die by my life span without evolving.
Although the village can't lose me, they must let me to go to hunt.
Because of that, the tops are arguing on what to do.
Well, it's still a matter for the future that I will go out to hunt, so I think that it will be roughly decided at that time.
I think that I will probably be guarded by the best warriors in the village.

I want to request for Razaraza-nii to be the guard at that time.
That's if it's possible though.

I give a name to the completed creation sword.

「Naming, Dansou」
(TL note: Dansou(断爪) means resolute fang. I decided to use the name in Japanese instead of translating it for no special reason)

The named creation sword sheds light for an instant.
I try to judge it again.

Dansou:Offensive ability 116, Durability 1199:The named sword created by creation』

The offensive ability rose by 20, and the durability rose by 100.
This is the effect of the 「Naming」 skill.
Although I gave name to every weapon that I created, this skill was obtained at that time.
The effect is increase the status of the named things.
Now, the skill level is 2.
The effect of the weapon that I named rises further by this skill.

Actually, this skill not only has effect on weapons.
If I give a name to a living thing, the status will rise.
Even the one that has a name originally, the effect can be displayed by overwriting the name.

But, there's no Goblin who lets me to name it in this Goblin's village.
For the Goblins, the name has a sacred meaning.
Even if they understand that the status will rise, there was no Goblin who wants to change its name after being named once.
I respect that pride.


「Captain. I killed a Goblin」
「I see. Good job. How's our loss?」
「It's 0. It was a little dangerous though. Recently, they have excessively good weapons after all」
「Is there a Goblin who can do blacksmith?」
「That's impossible. It's the Goblin, you know? But, if there's such a Goblin, let's make it into a servant by Captain's skill. Then, we who were transferred to such a remote place can make our equipment a little better」
「Yeah. However, we can't overlook that the Goblin's range of action extends. Work out the countermeasures immediately」
「Yes yes」


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    1. Uuuh ... wrong story. Goburou is from Re:Monster, not here, okay?

    2. Everyone! Goblin Rou is in danger!

  2. Funny, seems like a unique skill like oka-chan's name list. I can't imagine this being commonplace

  3. Actually have a theory with the whole naming think.

    It's possible that since names are so important in this world monsters in general just don't have names when they are born. that's a possible reason why Shiro couldn't see her name.

    And monsters with names are usually fundamentally stronger. Just like with the case with the dragons and Alba.

    Its not like she didn't have a name at all it just has as a monster she have to wait until give him one by someone stronger than her because it symbolizes her.

    And the name "shiraori" which means "white weave" symbolizes her as a white thread weaving spider.

    Also wonder what kind of power of she got from D

    1. Now that I've read this chapter, I have to disagree with your theory that "names have power" in this world.
      The only times names have real power, is through the Naming skill, and as you may have noticed, that's through the power of the system. The Goblins value their names on a symbolic level, rather than anything else.

      And Shiraori was named outside of the system.

    2. She got no power from being named, she's now outside the system...

    3. I dont mean about the skill. And D could easily do such a thing

    4. Shiraori was named by a God though. What's more, a high level/rank God like D. Since Gods have powers outside the system, shiro might still have gotten some powers

    5. "Might"
      But it's a completely baseless theory, with literally no proof, that came out of nowhere. Using the "Naming" skill as proof as absolutely laughable.

      Using the same amount of evidence (with the same level of credibility), I can say that D is Wakaba from the future, because D "MIGHT" be able to do that.

    6. Actually this one seems the less baseless that the wakaba =e quals D theory.

      At least this one actually has a higher might possibility.

      But then again I forget what we're talking about.

      Are we talking about the fact that she might have gained powers from D naming her?
      The fact that the reason she might not have the name was that she was born of monster as had to be named by someone else?

      And also since gyurigyri is the administrator of the Dragons he's probably the one who names them

    7. They're both "Mights" with no evidence of being true, but both "possible" given D's level of power.
      Both theories are equally viable, and thus equally baseless.

      Obviously I'm talking about D giving Wakaba a name. There's nothing to indicate even a remote possibility that D bothered to give Shiro extra power, through that name. As far as D is concerned, giving power to Shiraori wouldn't require a name, and giving a name wouldn't give any power.

      And there's nothing to say Kumoko couldn't have given herself a name. She never decided one for herself, so of course she doesn't have one.
      Even if it was the case that she needs someone else to name her, why would the rational be that she's a monster? Did you know? Humans don't pick their own names either? Shocking, I know.

    8. It's a little off on what you said TUSF. Mostly right, but off in the understanding of why being a monster makes it so she doesn't have a name. It isn't because she's a monster in general but the culture of the taratect monsters that was the problem. Goblins speak and have an established community, these are things which would lead to the naming of people in real life. Dragon's communicate too. Taratects, aside from Ariel, haven't been shown to communicate.

      A more accurate explanation of what Arnold meant is that, because she was alone the entire time, because her species generally doesn't form a community, she has no name.

    9. well, I think that's more what he meant...no wait, it probably isn't...well that's what I believe then.

  4. isnt that durability is so high? but since defensive ability of the monsters of this world is like so high, that high durability is kinda useless against unreasonable monsters like Shiro and Ariel?

    1. Unreasonable monsters? Those two are walking calamities. You can't even hope to subjugate a queen taratect. without a large, skilled army and a willingness to sustain heavy casualties, and among those monsters of monsters, the two stand above them the way those monsters stand above the rest. Hell, for most, dragons are a hopeless fight for all but the best.

      If dragons are bombs and queen taratects nukes, then ariel is an antimatter slug and shiro is the same fired at 0.98c.

  5. so there is where the summoner of the four gods(LOL) was demote to.

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