Saturday, 17 October 2015

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Oni 6

Oni 6.

Oni 6 Slave

I create weapons.
I only continued creating earnestly.
With killing intent and hatred.

The Goblin's village was annihilated.
The one who survived is me and Razaraza-nii who has been ruled by the monster user man similar to me.
Although there might be some Goblins who escaped safely, I think that the probability is low.
Because there's no way the proud Goblins will turn their back on the enemy and escape.
Possibly, if there's a child, they might let it get away.
But, I don't think that the child Goblin who's driven out of the place where it lives can survive in that severe mountain range.

The humans stationed in the Goblin's village for about seven days, they collected the things that seemed to be usable and withdrew.
Taking me and Razaraza-nii.
It was a small village in the foot of the mountain range that we were brought.

It seemed that not much time has passed since the village was built.
I think that several years, at least ten years has not passed.
Men and women of all ages live there, and in the center, there was the unit that the monster user man led.

I think that the monster user man is probably a soldier of a country somewhere.
Although the people of the subordinates have a bad atmosphere, elegance can be felt from the monster user man somehow.
I might be because he's a former noble.
I don't know his name yet.
Because the monster user man used two kinds of way to call him.
Because I don't know the words, I don't know which one is the name.
I think that one of it is probably the name and the other one is captain.

My body doesn't move as I want as usual.
It only obeys the monster user man's orders.
Razaraza-nii was the same also, and even when he's with me, we can't even talk.
I'm sure that Razaraza-nii also has the killing intent boiling up in the heart similar to me.

After reaching the human village, we were given a little freedom.
Giving the conditions don't attack the humans, don't do anything that becomes the human's disadvantage, don't escape, don't suicide, act to be useful to the humans, etc.
But, after all, I can't talk with Razaraza-nii.
It's because I was isolated to a different place from Razaraza-nii.

There was a given order to me apart from the one given to Razaraza-nii.
Create weapons.

And, I continued creating weapons.
I can't cut corners by the order.
The best weapon that I made is completed.
And, it's used by the people who destroyed my village.

It was a disgrace.
If those men can be killed by curse, this village would have been ruins by now.
I continued creating weapons with such hatred.

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『Curse LV1』》

I really acquired it.
But, I can't use it.
Because it becomes the human's disadvantage.
Even if I want to use it, the body refuses me to use it.
What a troublesome compulsion force.

Like that, I continued creating weapons as much as possible.
The unexpected one is that the monster user man treated me comparatively polite.
From that first treatment, I was resolved that I would surely be a disposable.
But, he doesn't let me create weapons more than the limit, and he prepares the meal and the bed properly.
He even gave me an appraisal stone.
Although I can't understand the words as usual, I somehow understood that the monster user man is kind to me.

However, neither this killing intent nor hatred will disappear.
Whenever the monster user man receives the weapons from me and smiled after appraising it, the killing intent boils.
This power is not polish for you.

It seemed that the monster user man have the appraisal stone similar to me.
And, it's the one higher level than mine.
Apparently, the chill felt when meeting the first time seemed to be caused when being appraised.
I'm sure that he appraised me, and because he found out that I have the Weapon Creation skill, I'm subdued like this.

I create weapons until my MP is exhausted.
When my MP is exhausted, the weapons can't be created until I recover.
During that time, I train for myself stealthily.

The one given to me is the place where the hut that was remodeled in haste that was the village's warehouse.
Because it was originally a small warehouse, it's narrow.
And, there's no one like the lookout attached to me who's made to obey the monster user man.
It probably means that they trust the ability of the monster user man that much.

I do muscle training that can be done even in a narrow room.
Push-up, sit-up, dorsal muscles, squat, etc.
I don't think that this can do anything.
But, it should be a gain even if it's a little.
I don't intent to obey the monster user man forever.
One day, I will definitely kill that man.

There's no way to escape from that man's spell now.
But, I will wait for the chance.
In order to make full use of the chance, I will get stronger even if it's only a little.
Otherwise, the long-awaited chance will be wasted.

To be honest, I don't know whether such a chance will even come or not.
But, I won't throw away the last hope.
Like I will give up.
I continue flaring up this killing intent and hatred until the chance comes.
While dreaming that the hell fire will burn up that man one day.


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  2. Seems it's that tamer knight from kumoko's battle...

    1. But according to Ronant, that guy was sent alone, basically to die because he was useless to the country.

    2. "From what I heard, the summoner, Buirims who survived with me was thrown into the Magic Mountain in the border with the Demons territory in the name of replenish the lost familiar and the recruit's training.
      Strong monsters inhabit in the Magic Mountain, and it's a danger zone where the Demons occasionally surrounds with strategy.
      It's not a place for a man who suffers half-dead wounds and lost all of his familiars to go.
      Moreover, it's said that the followed subordinates are all quirky problem children."
      No, he was sent to tame other monsters. Its also his punishment (sending him near the border). He had no more monsters but had subordinates.

  3. I'm the most excited for this story. I wonder if he achieves the Ruler skill Wrath all the control over him will be invalidated? I'm hoping so~

    1. wonder if any and all control will be lost over him, even his own. Then he would go on a rampage and burn the village down...then he might kill his brother...if wrath makes you rampage, hopefully he would get patience eventually.

    2. It's exciting alright. I dare say most of the readers are just as furious as Kyouya and hoping tamer guy and all his men will die in a really awful way.

      If this is how "taming" works... then Kumoko did a big favor to all those summoned monsters she killed in the battle at the Elro maze.

    3. Well if I remember right Anger was a physical enhancement skill that didn't use MP or SP like magic art or combat art but put the user in a beserker state in exchange.

      So like some of the other sin skills Wrath is likely the higher form of that skill and grants incredible power. Whether it still drives the user mad or not is questionable since that would be a detriment and most of the sin skills seem to be without any real downside or weakness.

    4. Since it's a ruler skill it's probably something along the lines of controlled anger or righteous indignation

    5. haha pretty sure you just want him to be an ashura of justice. Personally, I'd like him and Sophia to get more than one ruler skill and to have both vice and virtue to balance them out.

      Also, saving Kyouya from himself would give impetus for Kyouya joining their group.

  4. If I was in his place, I'd give each weapon name of a particular male reproductive organ. I'd also use it on all the furniture and people since that would "benefit" them.
    1 month has passed and my goal has been achieved and it is glorious