Thursday, 22 October 2015

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Oni 8

Oni 8.

Oni 8 Wrath

That was a spectacle that must not exist.
I doubted my own eyes.
When it's said what joke is this, it's nasty even if it's a joke.
Or, I thought that it might be act in order to make the opponent become careless.
But, it's wrong.
I understand that it's wrong.

Razaraza-nii laughed.
Together with the monster user, Buirims.

Even though that guy is everyone's enemy in our village.
He seems happy from the bottom of his heart.
While feeling respect and affection in the eyes.

Even though that alone must not happen, Razaraza-nii held many flower bookmarks in his hand.
It's an important thing for the Goblins.
When the Goblins go out to hunt, they take it as a charm, and it's a very important thing.
And, Razaraza-nii holds a lot of it.
The flower charm is one per person.
Then, that doesn't belong to Razaraza-nii.
In the first place, quite a long time has passed since our village is lost.
Even if he takes it as a bookmark, it should be that the previous Razaraza-nii's charm has withered.

Then, whose charm is Razaraza-nii holding?
I don't want to think.
But, there's only one answer.
The one that Razaraza-nii is holding is the Goblin warriors of another Goblin village different from our village.
And, Razaraza-nii is holding it means that Razaraza-nii attacked and overthrown the village.

My front becomes deep red.
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

He betrayed.
He dishonored the pride.
He can't be forgiven.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Rage LV9』 has become 『Rage LV10』》
《Conditions met. Skill 『Rage LV10』 has evolved into Skill 『Wrath』》

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Taboo LV3』 has become 『Taboo LV5』》

《Conditions met. Title 『Ruler of Wrath』 was acquired》
《By the effects of the title 『Ruler of Wrath』, skill 『War God Spirit LV10』『Enma』 was acquired》
《『Fighting Spirit LV2』 has unified with 『War God Spirit LV10』》

The anger like the scorching heat boils up from my body, and burnt everything to nothing.
Like scorching myself.

At the same time, the monster user's spell that restricted me breaks as if it's burnt out.
Ah, with this, I'm free.
With this, my actions can't be stopped anymore.

I put all my strength to create weapon.
The one that I want is only destructive power.
The flame sword with an ominous shape is completed as if it traced my present inside.

I strike it at the shameless betrayer without hesitation.
Because he can't defend it properly, the person who I called as older brother before is cut up and swallowed in the explosive flame.

Although I tried to slay Buirims who's at the side with the power, he had already took distance from me.
The other people gathers after hearing the sound.
Buirims summons a new monster.
Like hell I care.
It's fine even if my life comes to an end.
Realize this anger of me.

「This is...karma.....」

I looked down at Buirims who's approaching his last moment.
Only me who's alive in this place other than Buirims.
I killed everyone completely.

The other party was more overwhelming in numbers.
The one that overturned it was the power of Wrath and War God Spirit, and above all, it's thanks to my unique constitution that recovers completely when level up.
Maybe because of my level was low, my level rose only by defeating a few opponents.
I use HP, MP, and SP until I'm on the verge of death, and recovers with level up.
And, I fight until I'm on the verge of death again.
It was the repetition.

At the beginning, most of them were hesitant to kill me.
My Weapon Creation is a valuable power for them.
Is it fine to kill it easily?
Such purpose is transparent, and they fought giving the priority to make me powerless rather than killing me.
It was possible to used the chance well.

「How unsightly」

Buirims who remained at the end was strong.
As a monster user, and as a simple warrior.
Even only with the power as a warrior, he was stronger than anyone in this place.
That man who was strong also lays down on the ground and cries now.

「Do you hate me?」

I don't answer Buirims's question.
There's no meaning to answer him.
Instead of the answer, I swing down the sword that was raised high.

「It's regrettable」

And, Buirims died.
There was a heavy tenacity that sticks in his last words.
He might have wanted to do something that much.
Even if he exterminate we, Goblins.
This is karma.

And yet, my mind doesn't clear.
A terrible sense of loss and the helplessness remain.
And, the flames of Wrath that hasn't disappeared yet.

I take out the appraisal stone from Buirims's corpse.
And, I appraise myself.
There's the character "Evolution Possible".
There are two kinds of further evolution.
Hobgoblin and Ogre.

I select it.
At the same time, I used the Naming skill, and changed my name.
To Wrath.
I don't have the right to name myself as a Goblin anymore.
Both the pride and prayer have been painted out by this anger.
That's why, I can't be a Goblin anymore.
The one here is an Oni.
An ordinary Oni who was ruled by Wrath.

While I roar facing the sky, I lost consciousness for evolution.


  1. First... And thankd for the chapter....

    1. Also, in the previous chapter, isn't his previous name didn't show up when apraised by Sophia? even though when Shiraori-chan apraised her her previous name is displayed?? is it because that Naming skill?

    2. It shows? My memory said it shows. But let me check again.

    3. No, it's only displayed Wrath, Sasajima Kyouya is not displayed...

    4. Seems like the previous name only appear if Wisdom-sama is used

  2. Stupid question at the end. Huh, don't realise that making him kill his whole family will make him angry? Though I think it may have been a misunderstanding regarding the brother.

    1. -technical correction
      He killed -and ate- his sister. If anything, Razaraza was probably the one forced to kill the rest.

  3. Family is the source of power for everyone. It also applies to him; first is his imouto, now his onii-san. :D

    1. Yep source of power you are right family=power exp=level level=power soooo

  4. He Should name himself as KyoKusanagi[since he get stronger as he get mad]

  5. Taboo.... 5 levels to go!
    Now that I mention it, how does taboo level up again?
    -by reviving with [kindness]
    -having a ruler skill/title
    -evolving into an evil race
    -eating one of your race?

    1. after adquiring it whenever you level up taboo gains proficience, that was how kumoko leveled most of it.

    2. by breaking a Taboo.
      it's in the name.
      You know, like doing something that can't be pardoned.

  6. Poor Wrath ;_; Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!

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  8. This chapter felt slightly unfulfilling in a way. Considering his amount of hate for Brims, I had actually expected something more brutal, like actually force feeding him some human flesh or something. Killing him off this way felt a little too merciful, based on how he had felt all this time.

    Oh well, at least we got some power up for our oni here haha.

    1. -consider that people insist Shun was just an idiot for not killing Yuugo, but here Wrath was "too merciful" for just killing Buirims.

      ... Right, then.

    2. Context, my friend. Context. Killing Yuugo might have broken the bastard's brainwashing, and letting Yuugo live while surrounded by enemies is a bad idea.

      Here, it's just "Wrath" and Brimis. Killing him quick and clean is pathetic. Brimis should have been made to feel how unforgivable his actions were.

      And Brimis thought forcing a guy to kill and eat his beloved sister is a forgivable act that won't earn undying hatred? HOW OBLIVIOUS DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO BELIEVE THAT?!

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  10. Ehhh, him being super pissed off at his older brother seems hypocritical. I don't recall it ever being said that he wasn't also under mind control.
    Besides, Kyouya killed and ate his own sister because of those commands. What right does he have to be angry at his brother for slaughtering other goblins because of mind control?
    Though I suppose living for years as a slave in this situation probably warped his reasoning ability. Plus the whole [Anger} skill.

    1. Razaraza was happily laughing while having the lucky charms of other Goblin villages (humans wouldn't have this custom to make him pick it up in the first place). The monster taming definitely doesn't make you think differently.

  11. 「Do you hate me?」

    I don't answer Buirims's question.
    There's no meaning to answer him.
    Instead of the answer, I swing down the sword that was raised high.

    「It's regrettable」

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