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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? The Revolving Lantern of the Summoner

Summoner revolving lantern.

The revolving lantern of the summoner

Where did I make a mistake?
Or, this result is cause because there was no mistake?
I don't know.
Although I don't know, I will die.

「This is...karma.....」

If I think back, this Goblin named Razraz was different from the first time I saw it.
Speaking of the Goblin, it's the combat maniac who only thinks of fighting.
And yet, Razraz had the eyes that have deep intelligence.
And, when I appraise according to my intuition, I saw the skill.


It was the skill that the spider monster called as the Nightmare also has.
The same skill as that non-standard monster.

I had a bad premonition.
At the same time, I thought that it's also a chance.
If I can tame this Goblin, it will bring me favor in the future.
Although it won't reach the nightmarish monster, it might be able to be stronger than a normal Goblin.

The Weapon Creation skill that I had not seen before was also attractive.
If I have this skill, it's possible to escape from the difficult situation that weapons can't be supplied properly in the remote region.
I understood why the Goblins expanded the range of action.

I succeeded in subduing Razraz by the skill.
However, this is only a starting line.
In order to really subdue a monster, it's necessary to earn the loyalty.

The loyalty is a special status applied only on the subdued monsters, and when it becomes 100, it becomes the highest.
The monster that became 100 reaches the point that it will listen to every master's order.
On the contrary, when the loyalty is low, it will back-stab the master if each and every orders are not given.

It's easy to raise the loyalty.
First of all, break the heart.
And, it's completely.
It's impossible to win or oppose the master.
It's important to make it think so.

I made Razraz to kill the Goblin next to it and eat it.
As a result, the title can be acquired, and by having it experiencing the a strong experience of killing its intimate one forcibly, the heart can be broken.
It should be like that.

Razraz's heart didn't break.
Rather than that, it endured its ego by anger.
Even though Razaraza who was subdued at the same time got its heart broken easily by the guilty conscience of not being able to defend the village.

After that, although I tried to break Razraz's heart, all of the attempts failed.
If that's the case, I tried changing the means to contacting it as politely as possible, but the loyalty didn't rise from 0.

At this point in time, I had a bad premonition.
The skill called Anger rises day by day, and it even acquired the skill like Curse.
The other skills also rise slowly, and it was clear that Razraz is waiting eagerly for a chance here.

But still, there was a reason why I can't let go of Razraz.
Because there was a reason that I must return to the empire by raising a meritorious deed quickly.
Razraz's ability had the charm to do it.
The ability to create efficient weapons from nothing.
If I tell this ability that has neither been heard nor seen to the empire's higher-ups, I might be released from this remote region transfer.
There was such a light expectation.
The result of revealing the desire is this.

「How unsightly」

The start is as expected, the subjugation mission of the Nightmare, huh?
That time, I didn't want to go the mission if possible.
After becoming this age, my wife became pregnant.
The expected date when the child will be born is exactly similar to the period of the mission.
I can't see my child's birth there with my own eyes.
I was unlucky.

And, what I have encountered is that Nightmare.
Only Ronant-sama and I who survived.
Moreover, in the story after that, it's said that the Nightmare have gone out of the labyrinth by chasing the guides who ran away on the way.

Mission failure and the loss of the unit, and furthermore, the sin of releasing a dangerous monster to the world.
I was made to take those responsibilities, and I was transferred to this Magic Mountain.
Although it might have been good that I didn't get sack, I can't meet my family.
Although I heard that a girl was safely born, after all, I can't see her appearance.

And, just recently, a letter from my wife arrived saying that my child have been kidnapped by someone.
Although I wanted to return to the empire at once, I will be treated as a deserter if I return now, and I will really be sacked this time.
In order to return grandly, I have no choice but to do a meritorious deed.

The criminal who kidnapped my daughter is unknown.
However, I'm told that it was not done solo, but it's an organization-like crime that multiple people took part of it.
It seems that even a high rank magician is in the member, and it's said that the traces of the magic of the wind had been used were discovered.

Although I have an acquaintance in the army to search, there's no clue.
Although I don't know what I can do even if I return, it was unbearable to not being able to do anything at a distant place in the present state.

「Do you hate me?」

It suddenly comes into my mind, and I ask.
After I ask it, I realized that it was a foolish question.
It's impossible that it doesn't hate me.
The opponent who made you kill your family by your own hands.
It's impossible to forgive such a person.

I see.
Monsters also have the family love.
The one who was devour by Razraz at the beginning was probably its younger brother or younger sister.
It's said that Razaraza was the older brother.
What did it think when it sees the appearance of its older brother changed completely being ruled by my skill?
The start that cause this disastrous scene is probably it guessed that we destroyed another Goblin's village in some reasons.
Although I don't know how it escaped from my skill, the strong anger might have exceeded the power of my skill.
Even if I think about such things now, I can't do anything.

Razraz raises the sword high and swing it down as if saying that this is the answer.
If I think of the things that I did to Razraz up until now, it's the deserved end.
However, I have things left undone.

「It's regrettable」

At least, even if it's only once before I die, I wanted to see my child's face......


  1. Replies
    1. Like hell it's sad. Die, trash. I only wish Kumoko dismembered you properly back then.

    2. totally agree with Me. people like that deserve exactly what he got.

    3. The villagers dying is kinda sad though. There were probably at least some women and children in that place and it doesn't sound like he spared anyone after activating wrath.

    4. Lol i don't feel sorry nor sad at all, weird😅

    5. While it is deserved, it is, in turn, sad. That it took his death being moments away to figure out why himself, moreso.

    6. I feel like the summoner is not at fault here. Like, whenever you eat a chicken or something, imagine that it's not a chicken's corpse, but a corpse of a human reborn into a chicken. A human, that remembered his previous life. A human, that saw other chicken having their heads chopped off, and knew he was next. A human that tried to run away as hard as he could, but was caught and butchered. But you are not at fault, nor is the butcher. The world is built in the way that most of us don't consider the possibility of human intellect and emotions in non-human creatures. So, if another chicken (his brother, for example) evolves into a phoenix and murders you and the butcher in revenge, will you think you had it coming? I wouldn't.(btw, I only used chicken as an example because that's what I'm eating right now)

    7. Wtf happened to this conversation, It went from feeling sad, to anger and then to a philosophical conversation about how the world works... 0-0

    8. Lina you are totally wrong goblin is race that has intelligence and that was easy to see for summoner and he know that forcing him to eat that goblin will make his heart broken so he is on blame and it's good that he die

    9. You need to remember that it's survival of the fittest over there. Goblin lost-they got killed. Humans lost-they got killed. Rules of the jungle.

    10. It is kinda sad, but I feel that he deserved it. I kinda wished he realise what the lw=n% skill was and know all of that, but I know it is impossible T-T.

  2. Although he was wrong you can't "absolutely" call him a bad person.
    And you also got to feel bad for him because his daughter being kidnapped by elves

    1. Well though I still think he's bad, we have to agree that the elves are the assholes, and the teacher is part of that shit

    2. Yet the elves didnt kill the childs village then make the kid eat her sibling.

    3. remember that they kill the ones they think are too dangerous, right? It's kinda hard to beat the elves in assholery.

    4. He made him kill and eat a family member , with the goal of breaking his heart. If he knew it would break his heart, he would have already known that they have family love. which makes him deserve what happened to him.

    5. Hey~ I must say Oku-chan isn't evil even though she's an elf. All that happen because some misunderstanding and that ugly skill of her which stop her from telling her student~~~

    6. This summoner was misled. His mind set is no different from how someone who's playing a game views monsters. "Monsters are mindless beasts who exist to inconvenience humans. Through the taming skill, it's possible to change monsters into pets." His mistake was not being able to think at a higher level. Rather than question the contradiction of "you have to break the monster's heart to increase its loyalty" and "monsters are mindless beasts", he just thought it didn't matter since their hearts could be controlled by his skill.

    7. Well the other villagers didn't deserve to die but the summoner got what he asked for. You normally wouldn't do something like forcing someone to kill and eat its sister even if its just a dog or monster. Goblins are almost as intelligent as humans so its even more cruel.

    8. i know i'm ultra late but
      he did'nt knew that goblin are that smart "It's the combat maniac who only think avout fight".
      his mentho worked for most monster (low intel) and even Kyo brother
      only now he realise that the one kyo ate is his sibling
      he's not bad, just stupid to think a recainen person as normal moster. I would say when he saw that n%, kill it fast or run....

    9. he must have realized at the start, that it was the sibling that he forced him to eat, because the title was aquired. That a##hole got what he deserved, and if there would have been a crueler way of revenge it would have been acceptable. I mean, he did not search for the daughter, and let him eat her.....

    10. You're seeing things in bicolor as white and black, bad and good thou he's just a human and acted for the sake of his family, the summoner had his reason, all that happened to him was a misfortune and in a world were monsters are only seen as unintelligent beasts that can be controll by doing this or that lists of actions he wasn't reaaly wrong. Kumoko has done worst things for less. Still he had what he deserved for the life taken and Wrath from his point of view was also right. It's a grey world with different perspective

    11. Nah i don't feel bad at all, weird...

    12. Unknown soooo if I have reason and kill your fucking whole family and then make meatbun from their meat and give you to eat will you be able to think that way you are thinking? Go fuck yourself

    13. Oka-chan is not to blame for the elves. The elves had their own agenda from the start. It's because of the elves that the kids were reincarnated in the first place. As for his child. It was probably the elves that took her. As for the part about him forcing wrath to eat his little sister. The title is blood relative eater. How diverse do you think he believed the goblins to be. A small village like they had was probably mostly cousins. As for the rest theres many ways it could have gone down. And his mission here was to obtain more tamed monsters to replace the ones he lost protecting ronant. So he had reason by this worlds logic to take the goblin forging those weapons.

    14. I dontd get part about his title, she was his sister so after he kill and eated her he got that title. As for small village that doesn't mean they are most cousins, and nothing can excuse his doing. Imagine that someone order dog to eat sister, I'm not again killing animals but I hate excessive violence etc.

  3. Haha guessed he was the guy that fight kumoko. Well, your death was just pushed back after meeting kumoko already

  4. He was wrong after all. All those greed make unnecessary victims. I said serves him right. Well done kyouya.
    All life is equal wether it's pig, human or even grass. Once lost it wouldn't come back after all.

    1. Not quite. Some life are worth more than others. Either monetarily or emotionally. The worth of a persons life is decided by others. However, the value of that life can be changed by the person themselves.

    2. It's all depend on your sentiments but the fact is lifes once lost wouldn't come back. There's none could revive a lost life.

      Let's say you have to choose to save either one of the boat which one is contain 100 people or the one with 50 people and you have no connection or know anything about them. Which one will you choose ?
      The answer definitely the one hold more.

      Also please don't answer this question without proper reasoning please. I don't like troll.

    3. If you say all life is equal, then what if your example had 50 people on one boat and 100 pigs on another boat. Which would you choose then?

      I doubt its the pigs.

    4. If I'm a pig I would choose pig.

      From unassociated eyes all life has equal value.

      It's we ourselves who differentiate it because relationship.

    5. Exactly. So it is as AsianOtaku says above. The value of a life is decided by others. To a human, a human life's value is worth more. To an alien (or whatever unassociated view you could possibly find), maybe a pig and a human are worth the same, but even that viewer most likely has some type of life they consider to be worth more or less than both humans and pigs.

      But to put it generally, life is not "equal".

    6. I never understood this so-called "moral problem" sort of questions.

      Like "There's 5 people at the left, 2 people at the right, choose which ones will be run over by a train."

      They expect you to choose the smaller number, to continue then with more questions like "Ah but the 2 people are innocent children, while the 5 people are murderers and bad guys, what do you do then?"

      It's a silly game, I really don't get the point at all.

      I remember the first time someone came to me with a problem of this sort, and asked me to choose who would be run over. The answer seemed so obvious and evident to me, I didn't hesitate one second. I replied that I would immediately get my cellphone and call the police and the railways authorities, and ask them to sort out the mess and give me instructions as to what I should do in that predicament.

      My friend didn't like the answer and said that I wasn't allowed to reply like that. Then he came up with a new idea: he said I didn't have the time to call anyone because I only had 1 second to make the decision. I replied that, in that case, I wouldn't even have the time to realize what was going on before disaster struck. By the time my mind finished analyzing the situation before me, one of the groups would have been run over.

      Then my friend changed the time to 10 seconds. Surely, in 10 seconds, I had the time to understand the situation and think, right??? Well, I said, yes, I supposed so. Thus I tried very hard to picture me in that predicament, with the train, the people on the rails, the controls, the two switches, the clock ticking -- and I tried to figure out what my honest-to-god reaction would be. And I came up with the answer immediately. I said that, in such a situation, I would let out a blood-curdling cry of horror, curl in a tight ball at one corner of the room, and let whatever was to happen, happen.

      My friend seems to have decided I'm no fun playing these games, because he never asked me such "moral problem" questions again. I really did my best at replying, though, and I still think that my answers were realistic and reasonable.

    7. To defeat a sophist like that...
      Vito, you're such a good, honest person. :)

    8. hahaha, ah but that reminded me of the boat problem at the end of fate/zero. The actual answer was similar to Vito's first reaction. A person shouldn't be so quick to think they have to save one boat or the other, especially when a situation were only a single individual could save them all was absurd. In order to be the only one to save them, to be the only hero, you have to force your decision, decide that it has to be solved by you alone.

      Originally, it was a hole in both boats, right? But even if your the only one who knows how to fix it, it isn't a job you could realistically do alone. The proper solution is to contact both boats and direct a team on each on how to fix the holes. If you try to save one or the other, it just keeps narrowing down until it reaches the point, that trying to be the lone hero, saving the human race, means you kill them all.

    9. Wait so does that mean I'm weird if I'd chose the 100 pigs over the 50 humans even if I'm human? But pigs can be used to make bacon...

    10. Wait so does that mean I'm weird if I'd chose the 100 pigs over the 50 humans even if I'm human? But pigs can be used to make bacon...

    11. yes, because humans are also pork and can be used to make bacon too.

    12. Who put value in life is the individual sentiments but life is all the same everywhere. Once lost it won't come back. You can't revive dead people.

      My point is once the lives seen without any of yout sentimental emotion or value you will judge it by numbers.
      That's just how equal lives originally was.

    13. right, but the boat question itself was more of a poke at self-righteous people who think they had the right weight lives in the first place.

    14. The question is to plant the idea about the value of other lives other than your own knowing that your decision or act could affect them greatly. And the people affected have their own opinions and reaction.

      Not to make someone feel righteous at all.

      This question doesn't have to be answered in the first place since all it needs to do to plant the idea of 'mind you of other people as you would mind yourself' so it doesn't have correct answer.

      Sorry about that i sound self righteous since i did challenge my ideal to you all.

    15. not righteous, it's to point out that the person answering was self-righteous.

      but, no, that's not really what I mean. The oldest I know of this question showing up is in the Fate/Zero novel where it's posed to Kiritsugu by the grail. It was about pointing out the major flaw in his motivations his notion of good. That trying to save people at the expense of people is inherently flawed logic, as each time they ask the question again, more people are allowed to die. More so, that it was only that way because that was the limit of what an individual could do themselves.

    16. This question is actually from long time ago. You'll learn it from philosophy class in college. It teach people that the weight of people lives can't be judged by your own opinion alone and that people actually equal in such meanings.
      In fate zero the mc come upon conclusion that people lives were equal thus choose to save life of more than few the moment he shoot down the plane his mother in.
      The point is that each one of people lives have smiliar value that while isn't worthy to him worthy to someone else just like how her mother value to him.
      Rather than self righteous he's more like resigned because it's true some choices needed to be made even it's cruel to save people lives. The good things about him that he isn't hard but rather soft since he know full well that the people he has chose to die isn't by any means willing to sacrifice thenselves even it means saving more lives.

      If you mind the question before you choose you already got a passing mark. If you choose more then you belong to conservative type if you choose less then you belong to destructive one.

    17. ah I see now. Though it's to late for me to take philosophy courses...

    18. I hate philosophical study, that's why i never good at answering these thing

    19. Just to address that "there's none could revive a lost life.":

      There is, and it's the Hero that y'all constantly talk poorly of.

      Keep the contextual statements and questions, contextual.

  5. So... Shiraori-, Wrath- and Sophia-stories have connections...

  6. I wish he wins against the vampire and only when Shiro comes that he's subdued. His level is higher, he's a ruler, and I really want him to win

    1. Who said she isn't a ruler already?
      Knowing shiro should probably try to get her to have multiple

      And we've already seen in the past that whole "level is higher" means nothing.
      Skills matter not levels

    2. Kumoko has idaten since birth though. She is nonstandard.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Sophia is a ruler as well. And levels are irrelevant.

    5. Eh? I thought Sophia-chan is the ruler of Jealousy?

    6. Not yet. Unless the author skipped over it she hasn't achieved ruler status yet. After all becoming a ruler isn't related to power it's about obtaining the skill. After she got to know Shiro and Ariel she stopped feeling so jealous of them so her jealousy skill stopped leveling up and she hasn't raised her levels much so it didn't increase through level up either.

      She'll probably end up the ruler of Envy eventually but she hasn't gotten there yet.

    7. Heck she might have actually gotten a different ruler skill instead of envy.
      Maybe pride. Or even a virtue

    8. again levels aren't irrelevant. You need that soul gathered from leveling to run the stats, skills, and all the other powers. It's just that there are other ways of getting power. This is not what irrelevant means.

    9. Levels is just the sure means of raising the stats. Everyone could gain, train skills, and raising stats through training. You could acquire any skill you want if you learn how to get it in the first place.
      It's just a bias that the only way skills, stats and power rises from level up.

    10. Experience points are portions of the soul of what you kill, remember? It isn't the only means but it is a means of enlarging your soul. That is what I'm saying. So, with or without the system assistance, the affect of leveling is steal relevant.

    11. still...why did I say steal?

  7. His daughter isn't sophia, is it?

    1. No we've seen Sophia's father. It's likely another reincarnated though

    2. Thanks for the chapter!

    3. Great reading skills, mate.

    4. Maybe it's the class president girl.
      I think it was said that she was the first one kidnapped

    5. Class president was bought from a poor family, not kidnapped from a noble.

  8. then the reason Kyouya got into that predicament because kumoko let him left ?
    lol XD

    1. Pretty much. She was going to hunt him down later but kind of forgot about him.

      In other words both him and vampire girl fell into such misfortune at least partly by her. She didn't do anything to them directly but her actions had a domino effect that reached them.

    2. Both will face the fall sooner or later even without shiraori messing things.
      Sophia lives in the country that was targeted by Divine world religion and Kyouya make goblins seen as a threat by the humans through his weapon making. While kyouya possible to survive without Buirim in the human forces it wouldn't be long before his village overunned by human forces with their adventurer. Sophia on the other hand doesn't have a chance since she was spotted both by elves and divine world religion at the same time. Furthermore she is a vampire.

      Haha whelp.. enough with ifs.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. No he escaped. They transferred out before she could kill them remember ? This isnt Kumos fault.

  9. Everyone is wrong, and everyone deserves to die - get slaughtered. Die humans! Die elves! Die demons! Die! Die! Die!

  10. From Tokyo Ghoul....
    "it isnt me who broken , it is the world"
    *Demon come and slap me
    Ariel : it the ELF.. you dimwit ~~

  11. So happy he wasn't that kind of "automatically assigned as a douche" character.

  12. Hey hey, enslaving another sentient being is bad enough (though forgivable), but break their hearts by forcing them doing the despicable things like kin slaying and cannibalism is too over the line. And not just once, but several times, several races...

    No one would forgive, not even god. Especially gods of that sinful world~

    1. Yeah. Heck why you only realize it later while you know full well that it broke their hearts making them doing such things. Idiot no wonder none got recycled by the world.

    2. If there's a hell in that world, Buirims will definitely burn in it.

    3. Damnable thing is that he die without knowing where he done wrong~

    4. No he did. Remember he realized at the end "Oh so he had love for family too" so he realizes what he did but by that point it was far too late to change anything.

    5. That's why i called him idiot. He know that it break their spirit to make them kill their kin yet he only admit that goblin too have familial relation when he died regretting about not seeing his own.
      Also there is no hell just absorbed by MA area. People judged as 'good' recycled.

    6. Yep he was an idiot and not just because of the love thing. He knew Wrath had the same skill as "nightmare" yet tried to use the same tactics as normal on him. What kind of idiot does "Oh look a monster with the same skill as that non-standard one that slaughtered a small force and destroyed a fort without even trying. Let's enslave him like a common monster and get on his bad side"

  13. So he was the summoner back then, oooooohhhhh...

  14. Replies
    1. Possibly one reincarnated. The class representative? I dont remember. One girl got separated from parent since young.

  15. Such a fool. He should hate tried to earn loyalty instead of trying to break them from the very start. By the time he tried a gentler approach it was far too late. He treated the goblins as mindless monsters even though he knew they possessed enough intelligence to break them and he failed to realize what that meant about his actions.

    In the end this is what he deserved and even if he did have reasons it doesn't change what he did.

    1. That's the best method he have found throughout his career as successful tamer. Assuming the monster have little thinking capability. Also kyouya have n%I=w skill that negate some system effect like how he is supposedly grow his loyalty as a tamed monser because the skill classed him not in the monster category but rather foreign elements.

    2. I don't think that had anything to do with it. The problem is Kyoya's nature. While for most people making them kill their family would break them for Kyoya it filled him with nothing but rage.

      The loyalty value of taking increases as they become more obedient and the loyalty effect in tern makes them even more loyal. This way most tammed monsters slowly become more loyal. But this only works if the monster themselv gives in and becomes obedient for some reason or another.

      His tactic to make monsters obedient was basically to break their will and let the taming skill take care of the rest. But since he failed to break Kyoya's will the loyalty value didn't rise.

      Also the fact he thought it had been the best method doesn't matter. The fact is Goblins are smarter than most monsters (they are the only ones we know of that form villages) so it was still heartless for him to them like common beasts and besides he knew it has that unique skill so he should have realized he should be more careful with this one.

  16. Kidnapped by people using wind magic.
    Wind magic.
    Elves kidnap reincarnated people
    His daughter is one of the reincarnated classmates stuck in elf village.

  17. so.. Big bro gets lots of medals while wrath-kun only gets please-and-thank-you's? definitely some reason to hate there..

  18. By the laws of cause and effect it's essentially shiro's fault that he ended up enslaved.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ah... So that why he order that kind of thing.
      Kyouya's heart did not break probably because his character from his previous life.
      He's just some kind of keep the dept to be paid with ten fold person~~~~ with that anger in the mind.
      If he is just normal monster, he probably like his bro then. easily subdue.

  20. People seem to have forgotten if humans and goblins speak a different language so.....

  21. I don't know what he expected.

    If Goblins are intelligent enough to create their own society then it goes without saying that they're intelligent enough to bear a permanent grudge if you murder their family.

    In real life even a chimpanzee will bear you a lasting grudge if you kill its famil there are cases of them recognizing and attacking a person who did them wrong more than a decade in the past.

    This is an area where we just have to wave our hands and say "magic" was supposed to make his stupid taming method work because if we go based off actual animal psychology nothing could be more idiotic than what I see written here.

  22. Don't know why the tamer gets so much hate. If we completely disregard Wrath's story, the tamer is no different from any other tamer in any rpg.

    Ooo look, wolfs! Where's the leader, I want to tame it. -destroys any obstacles on the way- -tames leader wolf- alright let's kill the rest for exp and get out of here

    1. At least normal tamer do not force to kill and eat monsters’ sibling right off the bat.

  23. So this is the bastard who survived from Shiro...and to think his child is also a reincarnated one. Crazy fate.

  24. its NOT SAD AT ALL U DESERVE DESPAIR, PAIN AND MUCH MORE, FUCKING HUMAN MONSTER... oh well, damn the bastard was so lucky a clean death.

  25. 2 wrongs don't make a rigjt

  26. Kinda sad. It wasn't his fault that he got the mission to tame Kumoko which resulted in his present situation.

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  29. Too bad... he should have experienced killing and eating his own daughter to know how it feels.... he died too easily....

  30. ah, the wheels of fate, bet that newborn baby girl is a n%=W reincarnate who got kidnapped by Oka-chan or evil elf daddy. But other than karma, it's more like a logical damn thing as to what happened, he knew that the goblin can possibly become super strong, he knew that n%=W monsters will have superior intelligence, getting his body blown in half didn't teach him....