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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? The Rumor of the Adventurer

The rumor of the adventurer.

The rumor of the adventurer

「Yo. Good morning」
「Don't "Good morning" with me. It's already noon」
「Don't mind it」
「Because you're like that, your rank doesn't rise no matter how much time passes」
「Even if you said that, I came back yesterday at midnight, you know? Please let me rest a little」
「Ah, was it the subjugation of Himikuwa?」
「That's right. Although that guy is strong, it runs away fast, and after chasing it for more than half a day, I finally killed it at midnight. I'm seriously exhausted. Rather, I'm excellent to be able to wake u at this time」
「Say it」
「Come to think of it, Rukusso and the others are not here, right?」
「Ah. I hear that an Ogre is found in the forest. They went for the subjugation mission」
「Ogre? It's rare in this area」
「Right? Guild Master said that it might be a lost Ogre wandered from somewhere」
「Even if it's like that, isn't it strange? There's no place around here where there's an Ogre, right?」
「Yeah. Well, something like where did it come from is not something that we should think of. Because it's a rare prey, the Ogre competition have started in the forest by now」
「Ah, so that's why, the guild is so quiet」
「How about you?」
「Why didn't you go?」
「It was troublesome」
「No, I frequently exterminate the Ogre considerably in the place where I was in the past. Rather than me, I think that I should hand it over to the cute juniors」
「Yeah, yeah. Excuses」
「What? Then, go now?」
「There's no way we will go. Even though they go all together, there's no way that we can make it in time even if we go now」
「Yeah. Do you want to bet which party will kill it?」
「No. In the first place, I don't even know who's participating in it this time」
「Rukusso's members, right? Kohan, Agiris, Kuwas, Regen and then」
「There's still more?」
「Almost everyone of the C rank participated in it」
「This is excessive forces for one Ogre. Aaah. How pitiful for that Ogre」
「Ogre is D rank after all. If it evolved, it's better, but from what I heard, it's just an ordinary Ogre」
「How will it be when the Ogre evolves?」
「The first stage is the three kinds of Fighter, Ranger and Shaman. Same as the Goblin. And, the second stage is High Ogre. The third stage is Ogre General. The fourth stage is Ogre King. When it becomes the King, the danger degree is B. Generally, it leads a crowd, so it depends on the scale. It can even become the S rank」
「Oh. Does the appearance change?」
「It changes. It becomes bigger when evolving. The ordinary Ogre is easy to distinguish because it looks the same as the human」
「As expected of the A rank adventurer. How knowledgeable」
「I won't give you anything even if you flatter me. In addition, you're also the same A rank」
「Well, you see, I have not gone out of this town before, so I haven't seen an Ogre before」
「Are you interested?」
「A little. When saying a human-type monster in this area, it's only the Goblin in the Magic Mountain after all」
「Goblin, huh? If it's compared with that, Ogre is easier to deal with」
「After all, Goblin can't be measured with simple status. The place is also a problem」
「If encountering it when climbing the mountain, it's troublesome」
「I experienced the nightmare once when I took the harvesting quest to harvest the medicinal plants that can only be harvested in the Magic Mountain」
「I ran home because of that before」
「That's the right choice. To fight against the monster that crowds and a close combat-type, no matter how many lives you have, it's insufficient」
「It's a relief that it doesn't go out of the Magic Mountain region」
「Yeah. Now that you mention it, you know that there's a village built at the foot of the Magic Mountain, right?」
「Ah. The empire built it to reclaim the land or something, right? I never went there before though」
「It seems that that place has been destroyed」
「What? Why?」
「Who knows. Although I don't know the details, I heard that the people who went for a quest in the Magic Mountain found that the village is destroyed」
「As expected, they withdrew because it's impossible to reclaim the Magic Mountain, huh?」
「I don't know. I only heard it by accident after all. Because that place was convenient when going to the Magic Mountain, it's troublesome that it's destroyed」
「It can't be helped for the things that are destroyed. Although I don't think so, it's not that the Goblins destroyed it, right?」
「That's impossible. The soldier, Buirims over there is a considerable user, you know?」
「He's that much?」
「Ah. That guy is at least the same A rank as us. He might even be a S rank」
「That's amazing. As expected, when it's the empire's soldier, it's so different」

「Guild Master! Is Guild Master here!?」

「Hmm? What's wrong?」
「Who knows. Eh, Rukusso?」
「You're right. OI! Didn't you went for the Ogre extermination?」
「Goto-san, Negg-san! It's bad! It's really bad!」
「Oi, calm down」
「What's wrong with you being so panic?」
「Like I can calm down! That guy, that guy!」
「That guy?」
「It's the Ogre! Everyone, everyone, by the Ogre!」
「Oi, what's wrong? What happened?」
「Everyone was killed by the Ogre!!」
「Wait a second. By the Ogre?」
「That's right! That guy is not an ordinary Ogre! Everyone, everyone has been killed!」
「I will go and call Guild Master」
「Ah. I leave it to you」


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