Friday, 30 October 2015

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Sword God vs Ogre

Sword God vs Ogre.

Sword God vs Ogre

I dodge the Ogre's two katanas, and ward it off.
If I exchange blows with it directly, my sword will be cut.
The single blow that the physical strength is put that much.
No, all the attacks are the sure-kill power that threatens my life.
I felt that I was inferior in the status by intuition since the time I saw it and intended to be cautious, but my prediction was too naive.


The Ogre roars.
The mere shout becomes a lump of sound and strikes.
Pain runs through my ear, and the impact like being hit goes through my body.
This by the roar without skills at all.

The Ogre wields the katanas while stepping and breaking the ground.
I evade it sideways exaggeratedly while withdrawing behind greatly.

The Ogre steps over with one step to the distance that I retreated with all my best and catches the straight line where I was a while ago.
On the extension line of the wielded sword's point, a flash danced.

As expected, a Magic Sword.
Moreover, it's a considerably strong class.
And, although this Ogre's behavior seems to be mad, its fighting style is not merely entrusting to strength.
It's a good evidence that it's using the power of the Magic Sword.
Although it seems to lose control of itself, still, it's making full use of the combat technique at an instinct level.
What a troublesome existence.
If it rages with all its strength, I have a way to deal with it.

I slip through the intense dance somehow, and swing my sword to the Ogre's body.
In addition, hard.
The feeling transmitted to my hand is not the feeling of cutting the flesh, but the feeling of the blade was blocked by a hard thing.
Let alone the flesh, I can't even the skin.

The victory or defeat is decided.
It looks like I'm until here.
No matter how superior technique I have, if the attack doesn't work, I can't win.
Or if it has the weak points such as the eyes and the throat, I might be able to inflict a wound, but it won't be a fatal wound.
In contrast with that, the Ogre's attack will take my life at a blow.
The Ogre's attack will probably catch me earlier than my attack finish reducing the Ogre's HP.

Then, there's one thing that I must do.
I will gain time so that a lot of the residents can run away.
I abandon the attack.
I turn everything that I cultivated throughout my life into defense in order to gain time.

How much time has passed?
Even an instant felt like an eternity.

The Ogre was the strongest existence as the last that I have fought before.
And, the length of the battle was probably the longest too.

How many times the sun rise and set?
Because I even eliminated unnecessary thoughts halfway, I don't even understand such a thing.
The more I concentrate, the more my consciousness fades.
I let go of my intention, and change that into the concentration to fight.
I lose the existence called me, and just became a body only to fight.

I didn't thought that after reaching this age, I would reach a further extremity of the sword.
I wanted to even tell the experience of cutting thunder to my apprentices if possible.
Though I don't think that my apprentices can do it.

Ah, but I was able to see the end.
Thinking like this is the evidence.
Raised to the limit and I even abandoned the thought to concentrate on the fight, but that's reaching the limit soon.
The cause is the limit of my stamina.

I defended against all the Ogre's attacks.
However, the fight that continued for a long time has exceeded the limit of my stamina.
Muscle tears whenever I move, and I feel that my bone cracks.
The taste of blood fills my mouth whenever I breathe, and my eyes are blurry and I can't see the half.
It's a miracle that I haven't fall yet.

It looks like the miracle is until here.
I can't move even one step anymore.
But still, I don't drop the sword that I held.
It's my last obstinacy.

To me who stopped, the Ogre didn't come to slash me.

「Old man, I will ask your name」

I thought that it was a monster without sense, but it can talk, huh?
Come to think of it, its sword move began to improve strangely halfway.
Did it regain its lost sense while fighting?
Although I don't know what's the reason it lost its sense, to return to sanity in the fight...
If it's the opposite, I have seen countless of it.

「Sword God, Reigar Van Rengzand」

Although in a hoarse voice, I tell it properly.

「Sword God. You have the power to be introduced so. Even though I should be overwhelmingly stronger, I was not able to land a hit on you in the end. I never thought that irritation returned me to sanity. No, it's not sanity. I seemed to even go mad at any time now by the anger that I want to kill. Although my consciousness returned, it's far from sanity」

The latter half is probably a monologue.
The appearance is defenseless.
However, I don't have the power to slash there anymore.

「Sword God, Reigar Van Rengzand. I won't forget your name. And, I will kill you with respect as a warrior」

The Ogre disappears.
Although my eyes can't see much anymore, I can't deal with it even if I can see it.
It was such a keen slash.


My body is cut into two together with my beloved sword.
It looks like it's not only me who have reached the secret of the sword in this fight.
Although it's still not enough, it was a blow that let me feel the glimpse.

「You were also splendid」

Those words reached my ears last at the moment I lose consciousness.


Kuro infringed on all the white spiders that gathered around exhaustively.
On top of that, he escapes from the different space.

In Kuro's subjectivity, about ten days has passed.
However, he sensed that the time flow of the outside world is different from the different space where he was a while ago after escaping from the different space.

「She can even manipulate the time in the space, huh?」

Kuro who mutters unpleasantly.
The obstructor didn't show the appearance directly after all.
She only set a large swarm of white spiders that should be called as her other self.
However, he was not able to make light of these spiders too.
Although it was not a crisis of the life, it was the first time since the system construction that Kuro was exhausted to here.

Kuro crosses the Magic Mountain hastily.
Heading to the country of the interstice there.

However, there was no country there anymore.
Several years had passed in the outside world since Kuro was locked up.


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