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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Because I am a teacher

Sensei's circumstances.

Because I am a teacher

I am a weak human.
Ah, because I am an Elf now, it's a weak Elf.
Anyway, I am weak.

I was a teacher in the previous life.
It was my dream to become a teacher since childhood.
I wanted to become the teacher who can laugh with students.

I didn't spare the effort for that purpose.
I have dabbled in all the things that the children seemed to be interested in the generation.
Game, manga, novel, and I even searched the internet.
I studied hard of the things that seemed to become the contents of the talk.
Though I was seriously addicted to it slightly.

Like that, I changed my tone, make a character, I'm called as a strange and slightly regrettable teacher, and I became a person who was easy to befriend.
Although the regrettable part is because it's the part of my true nature, it turn out all right in the end.

But, I thought at the same time.
Is this really good?
Was it really my dream to laugh together with a false self?
But, I was scared that exposing my real self will break the position that I built until then.
That's why, every day passed while depending on the present conditions.

And, I reincarnated into a different world.

I became panic.
The last thing that I remembered was teaching.
The memory beyond there broke off, and when I realized it, I became a baby.
Besides, the people who looked at me, all have long and sharp ears.

That is the living thing called the Elf, and I understood it immediately from the Otaku knowledge that I accumulated until then.
And, my present state as well.
Different world reincarnation.
I got involved to the thing that became a boom in the internet.

I am weak.
I can't even live my second life with a defiant attitude like the protagonist who's suddenly thrown into a different world, and live strongly in the novel,
I was not able to abandoned the fact that I am me.

Like that, it was the thing called teacher that I clung with a confused head.
I am a teacher.
Then, I must think about the students first.
That was my idealized image of a teacher.
And, I had the convenient skill naturally.

『Student List』

It's probably the unique skill that only I have in the world.
The effect is the present, past and future of the former students who are reincarnated are written down roughly.
If I close my eyes, the list will rise from the depths of my heart.
If I open the list, the previous life names are written in the order of the attendance number, and if I remind of the name strongly, I can inspect the information of the name's owner.

However, only really simple information that can be inspected by this skill.
The past, this is the record at the moment they are born.
Born somewhere.
Only that is recorded.

The present, the present state of the name's owner is expressed with a word.
Healthy, sick, fatigue, etc.
The present location, etc, are not known.

And, the future.
In here, the time when the student dies and the cause of the death are written roughly.
Apparently, the time is assumed to be 0 when I was born and it's written down that 365 days as one year.
And, I was shocked seeing that time.

Most of the students died within 20 years.

When I saw it, I lost consciousness without being able to endure it.
I could not accept the fact, and I escaped from reality while trembling for a few days.

But, the reality doesn't change.
Time passes even if I can't look straight at it.
And, I noticed.
The student that has the earliest death time which is written that the student will die when it's a baby, disappeared silently before I know it.

The blank space in the list.
I had to resolved myself for it after seeing it.
Among the remaining students, 10 people's death times were within two or three years after birth.

I relied on the thing called skill.
The "Student List" is also a skill, so if it's this world that has such a mysterious power, I thought that there might be a thing that can do something like Telepathy.
The Otaku knowledge that I searched during my previous life was useful.
I hear the Divine Word comparatively easy, and I succeeded in acquiring the "Telepathy" skill.

Fortunately, my father was Potimas who's the Patriarch of the Elves.
In addition, normally, a person will doubt the daughter's sanity if his own daughter speak about the previous life, but Potimas believed in my story easily.
Somehow, it seemed that Potimas has thought that I was different from the beginning.
Although it was a dangerous bet, I won the bet, and Potimas promised the protection of the reincarnated people.

It went well there.
From the past description, I know where the students were born.
If I search around there, it should be fine.
The Skill Search in the Ruler authority that I obtained afterwards was useful.
Unfortunately, there were students who died, but most of the students' well-being were able to be confirmed.

Sometimes, it was settled with money, and sometimes, I did something not much different from kidnapping.
That is a clear crime.
But, the Elves didn't hesitate to carry it out.

The Elves also have their own circumstances.
The Elves are aiming at the world without skills as much as possible to oppose the Administrator.
And, the reincarnated people somehow have a large amount of skill points from the beginning, and they seemed to be born with a powerful skill.
If such reincarnated people polish the skills, they will catch the Administrator's attention, and they might be used for the Administrator's good.

There was credibility in the story.
The death reason that's written down in the "Student List".

『Death by skill deprivation』

It's still written as the death reason of Shun-kun and Katia-chan.
This reason was written on most students.
By making them living in the environment that can't develop the skills in the Elf Village now, the death reason decreased.
The future item changes relatively frequent.

But, the one sentence that "this skill was deprived and die" was not changed.
And, the time that it occurs was all the same.
It's this year.

And, there's no future description after that.
The description other than the students dying this year becomes blank.
I become scared when I think what it means.
My name is not in the "Student List".
It's obvious.
Because I am a teacher.
I don't know about myself.
But, it's like that.

The students that died by deprivation of skills are students with a lot of skills.
And, I also have many skills.
Probably, I will die at that time too.
Because I will die, I think that I don't know what will happen after that.

I am scared.
I don't want to die.
I also thought about "Skill Erasure".
But, I can't let go of the power of the skill until I do something on Yuugo.

In addition, if I erase my skills with "Skill Erasure", I don't know what the Elves would do.
"Skill Erasure" means surrendering the power to the Administrator.
If I give power to the hostile opponent, the Elves might become an enemy.
It's not strange even if Potimas purges me without changing his expression.
If it's only that, it's fine, but it might bring harm to the protected students.
The Elves don't protect the reincarnated people with good will.

Then, there's only one way.
Perhaps, make the opponent that comes to deprive the skill to defeat the Administrator.
Although I don't know whether such thing can be done or not, I have no choice but to do it.

Before that, it's Yuugo.
It's my responsibility as a teacher that he has turned out that way.
I must take the responsibility.

I open the "Student List" by the name of Natsume Kengo.
It's written as death in action in the Elf Forest.
I swallow saliva.
I will kill a former student after this.
Although I have prepared for it, still, I come to have a pain in the stomach, and feel nauseated.

Why did it become like this?
I only wanted to become a teacher who can laugh together with the students.

Kudo-chan's cold glance recalled in my mind.
I understand it.
It became like this because I don't explain properly.
Although I might not be forgiven even if I explain it, still, I think that a one-sided hostility was not directed to there.

But, I can't do it.
The "Student List" that saved the life of the students.
There's one restriction there.
Students' inspection prohibition.
It's a curse-like restriction that I can't tell the information of the "Student List" to a student.
No matter how I explain it, I can't say anything about the "Student List".
It's obvious to spill the existence carelessly.
Besides, the frightening part of this restriction is that it will bring harm to the students who heard it and not to me who said it.
Although I think that it depends on the degree, the worst case, it's a serious penalty that brings death.
Although I have not tried it, I don't intend to try it.
I can only remained silent.

Rather, I want to tell everything.
The "Student List" is not perfect either.
When Katia-chan was brainwashed, I was not able to perceive the abnormality, and Shun-kun's death that was displayed was evaded when we rescue Leston-kun without incident.
Although I don't know what exactly cause the deviation, I suspect that the Ruler skill might be related.

Then, if it's Shun-kun who has the Ruler skill, isn't it fine to tell him?
I have also been driven by the temptation.
But, I can't tell him after all.
I can't let him to shoulder unnecessary risk.

At present, the problem is I am only hated.
It's not to the level that everyone's dissatisfaction will blow up yet.
Then, it's one of my work that the teacher is hated by the students.
I will accept it contentedly.
This much is nothing.

It's a lie.
I am sad.
I am weak.
I am scared.
I don't want to die, and I don't want them to die.
Am I right?
Is it not wrong?
I don't know.
But, there's no one who I can talk with.
The Elves can't be trusted.
I can't tell to the students.

Am I being a teacher properly?
Someone, please tell me.


  1. This is worse than I thought...... she's just utterly incompetent

    1. I kind of figured that when she let yuugo live. It's one thing if there was a chance for him to come around, but yuugo was clearly a lost cause, he lost himself in thE world and got full of himself and entitled, should of had him killed.

    2. Eh? I saw a lot of spoilers saying that Oka's reasoning is terrible, and makes her stupid, but reading this... I have to ask those people who say that "what the fuck are you people on?"

      She's going about things a bit improperly, but she's really trying hard to protect them, considering she knows of their possible death in the future.
      Regarding Yuugo, she didn't think he'd actually be able to work himself back up from Zero skills, so I guess she just underestimated him.

    3. lol. This is a fictional story. They're only a lost cause if the author wants them to be. Gaara and Nagato were clearly lost causes but that didn't stop them from being redeemed. I think the problem with Yuugo is that she didn't do any follow up. She took his skills and then just ignored him instead of watching him and giving him therapy.

    4. Nah, I don't think being incompetent is worse. Not everyone can become able just with some determination and a new start haha. At least she's just useless, not evil

    5. I thought I was the only one who sympathizes with oka.

    6. You can't blame Oka completely for all this. D is also at fault for being a bitch and including a "don't tell anything" effect in her student list skill. The fact is most of those people she saved should be dead by this point so her taking them away to keep them save wasn't just her being over protective they were legit going to die if she didn't do anything.

      Most of their mistreatment is from the other elves who Sensei has no choice but to depend on because she can't possible take care of them all or protect them by herself.

      In the end her only truly big mistake was with Yuugo but considering she was clinging to her teacher identity it makes sense she couldn't bring herself to do it especially when he was still so young.

      Seriously though D is a bitch for making that student list ability. Everything about it is made to tell just enough information to make her worry about them but not enough information to know what to do. She clearly made that skill to mess with sensei.

    7. the problem is that she acted without proper knowledge or authority. It's like an ordinary guy trying to perform surgery because their the only one around. She acted in a panic without have the ability to understand WHAT the problem was, IF there was a problem, and HOW to deal with the problem.

      Oka wasn't really in a position to try and save them, especially through any means necessary. She doesn't have the kind of relationship that would allow it. A teacher from Japan or America would not be allowed to intervene this much.

    8. So do nothing and let them all die? If somebody is going to die without the surgery and you have good reason to think that nobody qualified to preform it is going to appear then you either risk it or let them die. Now the two adventurers were old enough to take care of themselves before being abducted so perhaps that doesn't really apply to them.

      Oka seems to have her hands tied. She had to ask the elves for help because she was a baby and the elves are douches.

    9. Exactly. Think about it this way if the elves were friendly and welcoming then gathering them all in the elf village would mean they could live safely and comfortably and maybe even be allowed to travel once in a while when they grow strong enough.

      But the elves won't have any of that and Sensei can't do anything about that. All she can do is find them before they die and prevent their death. But with so many people she can't just keep an eye on all of them so she had to gather them all in one place.

      Given what she had to work with and the time she had to do it (Remember several were going to die before she even had a chance to grow up) she really had no choice but to depend on the elves or let most of her students die before she could do anything herself.

      Do you have a better idea for what she could have done given her situation? The only thing she could have done to improve the situation was to explain things to them better but since her skill is cursed to harm any student she tells her hands were tied there as well.

      In the end she did the best anyone could be expected to do in her situation and the kids only hate her for bringing them there because they don't know they would have died if she hadn't.

    10. and worse is she cant even tell the kids why she is doing what she is doing..... its not like she can say oh yea Student #12 you were going to die before you hit 3yr old in this world but look thanks to me your now 16 your welcome spoiled brat

    11. so many deffenders of her just because she "saved" the students, sry but ill take my freedon and die anytime better than being a prisoner or some kind to slave-toy for some trashy elfs and a "teacher" that had no right whatsoever to decide but still did it for her own greed and selfsatisfaction, In my eyes she is the worst kind of trash and if I where one of the students i wouldnt doubt to put a sword through her heart or die trying.
      I preffer to be free and die young than be a unhappy caged bird and die old.

    12. She is incompetent of the highest level. Her list sees the future. Most say they die by skill deprivation. So she takes them all to one spot, nothing changes...

      Hmmm, just maybe the place she put them in is the cause!? Obviously the list knew the teacher would intervene with others lives. So it listed all their deaths similar because of her own insecurities. She doomed her own students to make herself feel better.

    13. Steven Alvarez, you need to reread again. Most of the listed deaths /said/ Skill Deprivation. That's past tense. Now, most of the [future] entries are blank because... well, their death was averted or delayed until a point where the Student List can't function anymore. It's just a few students like Shun and Katia that're still predicted to die.

    14. Its too long since the original post said it but i think its fine to reply...

      what andre b said is right, YOU FUCKING DO NOTHING you guys are trying to help etc but you could just worsen the problem and even make the patient die faster, this is why when you call an ambulance they tell you to do nothing not even move then because if you even try to move their head you can just broke their neck and make then paraplegic, oh well but who i'm to say anything she could have told then someting else like she gathered then and later move then to academy but oh well she is just useless like all the humans i'm reading it just because of kumoko and its still hard to keep going because i know the future i hate this type of approach we know no mather what she is not going to die etc etc...

    15. Andre yeah you are right. Except for the fact that she saved more than 10 of them from dying as infants. And erased the causes of death for them. And provide them with a space to live with 3 meals a day and and necessities they needed. And the fact that she did all of that as an elf, a race which is forbidden to have contact with humans and other species. Yeah really why couldn't she as an elf who is told to not leave the forest not send them to the academy to develop their skills while they have the dying of skill deprivation cause? I mean she should've just stood to the side and watch all her students die rather than interfere and try to help right?

    16. The Problem: The people she was responsible for, and am /still/ responsible for if the skill she got by /birth/ is any indication, will die quickly if she does nothing. Case in point, one died soon after she figured that skill out.

      The Solution: Do something about it, which she has.

      Put yourself in a fictional character's shoes for a moment. You're a teacher. Beyond /you/ (because I'm sure "you" would hate such a thing), you like being a teacher. You're liked well-enough and you enjoy yourself. You die, and are reborn with the most vague prioperception possible, that lets you know who, of the 20+ people you died with, is still alive, their current condition, and how they die, and /when/. You're not the "pragmatic" you that can critique a horror movie character for doing what they do, from outside the screen, you're now in it.

      Oop, now someone's dead. One of those 20+ people you've gotten to know over time, is dead. But you hadn't even figured out what you wanted to do-- too bad, they're dead. But, but, it sounds troubleso-- oh, lookit that, another one's dead, you gonna waffle over what you should and shouldn't do still?

    17. Do not forget with taboo skill...

    18. I don't know how far you people are from reality, to think a person, who did the most humane thing posible as scum. I guess it's better for you to watch people die from the sidelines am I right? I don't know if you people are delusional or lacking in comprehension, but they'll die a year, 2 or 3 years of birth, they won't have a chance to live nor are they the freest bird you'd see. They're just dead toddlers without interruptions.

      Also don't talk about self-satisfaction, when you yourself do thing to satisfy your conscience. Bunch of hypocrites vilifying someone who wants to help. She's better than you wuxia mc delusionals.

      Also we are humans, so be humane, we do things we think is right and absolve from wrongdoings. We don't just think, hey my beloved brother is dying, might as well play a game of dota.

  2. Not just incompetent, but unable to see the ones before her. To her, students are silent figures, without wills and without personalities. Like cardboard figures for her to determine where to put, where to store.

    I dont blame her for Yuugo case, though~ That boy was lucky to be alive after his planned massacre.

    1. hey. 10 of students die within 2 to 3 years. that's baby time. what can she do aside from ask someone for help? and when you ask for someone help. you can't ask too much. well, elves have their own stand point and it's not a good one.

    2. I do though lol, it's an owner's job to put down a rabid dog. She just expected him to grow depressed and give up (at which point hE probably would have kiled himself, theres no way a guy lIke yuugo could lI've on like that). He clearly isn't that kind of person, he has a inferiority complex and he tears down anyone better than him, what would happen if you made that guy the weakest? He'd try to tear down everyone or die trying.

      Well that's just my opinion though lol, well at least that's where I'm coming from. I'm not a psychologist, I don't know people that well lol

    3. -Sleeping Knights
      She /expected/ to be able to keep track of him and correct his thinking when she recovered from the temporary loss of her own skills, but he didn't return to the academy and fully dropped off her radar.

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  4. Yep, as I said before the kidnapping doesn't bother me. She clearly saved 10 of their lives. It's the treatment afterwards that's the problem but I guess she's not in a very strong position there.

  5. "The student that has the earliest death time which is written that the student will die when it's a baby, disappeared silently before I know it."
    So is kumoko in one of the dead student list or am i thinking too much?

    1. maybe someone else?

      can be she too though

    2. The name disappeared silently before she know it.
      Used ruler privilege to make her name disappear
      Or was it when she died(lol) after fighting the demon lord

    3. Well what is becoming an admin is counted as death? Like ascending to a higher plane or whatever? I'm pretty sure she won't need more than another year to become an admin at her rate. So if becoming an admin appears as death within the book then that could explain it.

      Or maybe when her original body was destroyed it was registered as a death.

      Or that student that died as a baby might not even be her. It's hard to say.

    4. Or she's no longer connected to the "system" itself

      I've always found it weird in other stories why gods have such a thing as "stats" when they're the one who made a system for lesser beings.

      And also the thing is when she appraised administrator black it didn't say "appraisal is obstructed" like when using ruler skills to block.
      It simply said "appraisal impossible"
      And I've actually check the original Japanese for this and whenever ruler skills were mentioned

    5. That is kind of what I meant by being an admin appearing as death. If she goes beyond the system then the system itself may no longer register her existence and thus Sensei's ability may register her as dead.

      She said the ability wasn't very detailed so it may have said something like "passed on" or something vague like that.

  6. Thanks for the chapter!

  7. >death in action in the Elf Forest

    ...why do I get the feeling that it's actually Demon Queen who killed him when she goes to Elf firest to find that hikki Potimas.....

    And no, I haven't read the JP version if Kumoko, so I'm just guessing.

  8. Why are you guys calling her incompetent? At least justify a reason why is she being called incompetent. I don't think I could come up with a better method to save the children's lives. I would usually think "Lets work together and try to come up with a solution!" But she is unable to tell them because her own skill will kill them. So how would you guys save everyone unable to tell them anything?

    1. Exactly everyone is judging her but no one has given any other options she could have taken.

      She did make a mistake with Sparing Yuugo but she was trying to save everyone so obviously she'd want to avoid killing them. Yes it was a mistake but it's an understandable one. At the very least it doesn't make her incompetent just a bit naive but it appears she's learned from her mistake and is ready to finish him if she gets the chance.

      Everyone starts out naive and it's only through learning that we grow past it.

    2. omg, everyone is acting like shun D;!

      anyway....i do think sensei is pitifull though, but....considering the options she did quite well...

      she could had tried to tell potimas so he can tell everyone else the skill senseis holds ;3

      anyway..........she just should tell shun about the skill, it doesn't bring harm to anyone else and could be kinda fun to watch him be hit on the rebound of the skill~

    3. >she could had tried to tell potimas so he can tell everyone else the skill senseis holds ;3

      I'm pretty sure he's the bad guy

    4. yep, pretty sure he's the main problem of the whole fiasco.
      He detains all of the reincarnator for his own benefit anyway, try killing them would sprout people like Yuugo if failed, some also has political power like Shun and Katia, so making them harmless peasant would be the best option.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Being unable to tell them about her "student list" skill does not mean "being unable to tell them anything at all"

      she is perfectly able to tell them that she has no authority over the elves, that the world is super dangerous, that skills are the gods ways of fattening up their souls for later consumption, and about the administrator vs elf fight.

    7. -Unknown
      For his own benefit? Aren't the elves leaving them to their own devices (not counting the skill monitoring, which is technically at a loss to time a resources)?
      Which would sound as much like an excuse as anything that comes out of her mouth seems to, to even the readers. They (the other students) already consider her a kidnapper, explaining something like "It's for your own good" after the fact does nothing.

    8. Old but I feel the need to answer these:

      >she could had tried to tell potimas so he can tell everyone else the skill senseis holds ;3

      ::It's clearly stated tgat even sensei thinks the elves are not to be trusted, but she have no one else to turn to.

      >she is perfectly able to tell them that she has no authority over the elves, that the world is super dangerous, that skills are the gods ways of fattening up their souls for later consumption, and about the administrator vs elf fight.

      ::yeah, whatever she says will sound like excuses without any real proof that the students would die if left alone, and that proof is the [student list] skill.
      "She has no real authority over the elves"
      --but she's the daughter of the chief so in a way, she does seem like she has the authority;
      "the world is dangerous"
      --that's obvious, but if other people can live normally, why wouldn't they? plus they have lots of points to get skills and grow much more than regular people;
      "god taking skills and the elves fight with admin"
      --that has nothing to do with their current life since they are not elves and the skills are only taken after they're dead. Besides, why would it matter that their skills will be taken by the admin when they die? The originally don't have those skill thing anyway and they're from another world.

      Also, with that last explanation, they'd question how'd sensei even know about that information. From the elves? Why believe informations that came only from one source? There isn't even any real proof she can show about the skill taking thing (even if it's the truth), and in the end, that still doesn't answer why they should go with her.

  9. wtf is WRONG with all of you? clearly sensei is doing her best with the limited amount of things she can do. she already save atlest 10 of them from infant death, thats already justify her actions.

    and saying teachers dont have the right to interfere, wtf - any good adults will try to help kids, especially kids previously under your care. some teachers actually love their students enough that they dont teach just based on the clock.

    its regrettable the elves just hate anyone not elves but at least they dont directly enslaved the kids, just totally ignore them. thats at least better than the life of normal peasants.

    1. Damn you are right, she saved 10 students by kidnapping them or buying them away from their parents who probably couldn't live with themselves afterwards.
      Then shoving the so called in need of help in a prison where they have to do heavy work every single day without contact with the outer world until the day they die, gee why can't people see how great of a job sensei has done.

    2. Yeah they don't even get 3 meals a day, any necessities they request, a house, and live a relatively normal human life right? Oh wait that's exactly how it is. How could you say that their living condition now is worse than dying as an infant? Some of them were in families poor enough that they might've sold their kid off as slaves for Christ sake and was the reason sensei was able to get them. Also it's farm work to support themselves not the entire elf village. Do you not have a job or something? Do you look down on people with more difficult jobs then? And it's not like they work the entire day, it says that they even have free time. They already died once as kids and now you want them to relive that again? Seriously I'd say the people in this thread seem more sheltered than the students in the story.

  10. To all the people saying "Poor Sensei is doing her best why is everyone criticizing her?" What is wrong with you? It's obvious that the reason why MOST OF THE STUDENTS DIE AT THE SAME TIME IT'S BECAUSE OF HER FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! It was because of her stupid messiah complex that all of them are together at the same time, it's because of her that all of them are weak and "skill-ess" and thus unable to defend themselves and last of all, it's because of her stupid weakness that Yuugo became so powerful to threaten them all.
    She simply doomed them all with her childish thinking that she's some kind of God with the duty to save even the most evil of them because "I'm their teacher". That's why most people criticize her. It's not rocket science for Christ's sake.

    1. And its also because of her that they are currently alive right at this moment. You can't say its her fault they die when its her meddeling that has kept them alive up to this point in the story. They are skill less for reasons not yet know to the readers. We think we know but we arn't certain. She has literally done all that she can do. You can't doom people that would have already been dead had you not saved them.

    2. The future isn't fixed, that's how she is able to save 10 of them from dying. Now you blame her for something that didn't happen yet?
      And for that Messiah complex thing, Shun also has it, why didn't anyone ridicule him, because he's a hero? I'm pretty sure he also won't kill Yuugo if he somehow won at the duel.

    3. I hope you went you went back and reread that because I'm pretty sure you missed the part where SHE SAVED THEM FROM DYING AS A GODDAMN INFANT. It even tells you that the cause of death becomes blank because she avoided it.

  11. Ah! So that why she do all those things. She really is not stipid enough to believe in those elve but told those lie anyways to evade about the skill "student list"

  12. is it just me or does this chapter have a error "And, the future.
    In here, the time when the student dies and the cause of the death are written roughly.
    Apparently, the time is assumed to be 0 when I was born and it's written down that 365 days as one year.
    And, I was shocked seeing that time."

    I remember it being something like 444 days in a year in this story not 365

  13. She needs to talk to Kumo...who knows the whole picture of the world.. Her mistake was trusting the elf's and not protecting them herself.. She should leave with them under all this confusion..
    Besides there's no else who can understand Sensei except Kumo..

  14. After reading this... Sensai is more heroic than Shun will ever be. Looks like shes tryed as hard as she can to save the lives of the students. 10 were suppose to die before the age of 3 ? Her saving the lives and constant struggles are more real than shuns hero title power up. She gets the scorn and hatred that comes with making the hard choices yet has to accept it as the consequnce, thats more heroic in my book. Shun doesnt know anything what its like to receive pain, struggle and keep moving forward. Being powerful and naive means jack shit.

    Has Sensai gone about things the wrong way ? Maybe but what else could of she done, the deaths seem real and theres no time to sit back and think of a sound gameplan, Vital action was needed. She constantly looks like shes in despair and puts herself down as weak, but hasnt given up the fight. Shes used the elves, and they have used her. Thats the sacrifice shes given. Her sacrifice is now shes hated by everyone. None trusts her but she gave it all she could to this point. Shes saved lives.

  15. People stop calling D a bitch she stated properly she is a (EVIL GOD) it's kind of the point that she does this

  16. Seems like a ability out of Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

  17. What a dipshit of a teacher. Even knowing about that world structure, rearing her students like a livestock conceading to the uncertain future whispered by her bs traking skill. She right about one thing tho - she's weak.

    1. Seriously? So you are saying that she should just watch as at least 20 of the 26 students die? And nearly half when they are still a baby? There is a reason why the cause of death became blank after she brought them to the elf village. It's because she managed to avoid the disaster that would kill the student.

  18. I don't think it was like that...

  19. I feel sorry for sensei. Also, I wonder what it said about kumo.

  20. Jesus fucking Christ, most of you people here are heartless. I hope I never have to meet you people when I'm in trouble because you would be the type to just ignore me and walk on. Or even worse, yell at the people trying to help me.

    1. I recently found this story and totally agree with you. This chapter reminds me why I normally avoid looking at the comments.

    2. "We know who's really the bad guy because of Kumo who also trusted everything she learnt the first time she heard it like Sensei but Sensei is such a dipshit for being so desperate to protect them and keep them alive."

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  23. Kumooooooo, please appear and decide to save everyone on a whim!!!!!!!

    1. The 'Deprived of Skills and died' is CAUSED by Kumoko's actions. SHE is the cause of their deaths. Kumoko is not this world's Savior, she is it's Grim Reaper.

      She isn't the Demon Lord, she is something far, FAR worse.

    2. (°ロ°)☝ I thought that too xD

  24. Man, Oka played right into Potimas' hands. The 'deprived of skills and died' can be viewed in two ways.

    One, better known as Oka's view, is that someone physically rips the skills from the students and it leads to their deaths.

    Two, the Elves have 'deprived' the reincarnators of their ability to acquire skills and it leads to their deaths. After all, what is the point of having a million skill points and the Hero skill if you are as powerful as a level 1 commoner and aren't allowed to grow?

  25. I have from the beginning disliked the sensei, she like the one in arifureta causes more harm by her actions of supposed Goodwill than some villains, when it just turns out to be her wanting to keep a semblance of what was and not what is. Although this is far as I have gotten in story I will say that what I say next MAY BE A SPOILER so don't read further. On the deaths shown in her list I think the causes are three 1. Is potimas it's mentioned he is a Demi God so a fails attempt at evolving most likely, 2. Lack of action on part of administrator kuro because of his feelings either for Ariel or maybe that weird voice and vision shun had, and finally 3. Because if potimas and kuros actions or lack there of the resources that are used in skills and supporting the world are being unbalanced and is about to breakdown remember this is just conjecture. I have at times felt that that world was set up as a possible breeding ground for new administers / God's oh well thanks for hard work and I am continuing on in story

  26. Gotta say, that Cause of Death: Skill deprivation sounds like they die BECAUSE they were deprived of skills. Sounds like Oka actually killed them all along.