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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 139

Chapter 139.

139 Spider vs Earth Dragon Alaba ②

A preemptive attack with Darkness Spear.
It's evaded like it's natural.
A breath of return.
I evade it like it's natural.

The attack was obvious that we avoided it.
The attack that confirms each other feelings.
A series of flows like it's completely arranged beforehand, and it becomes a feeling like the lovers who were not able to meet for a long time.
Well, I don't even have a friend, let alone a lover.

We exchange the attack like greetings, and the real combat starts.

Alaba's large build approaches like a gale.
What speed.
Although the Arch was also fast, this guy is more than that.
But, I won't lose in speed.

I avoid the swung foreleg's claw.
After I avoided it, the point of the sharp tail approached.
I even avoid that.
The tail that cuts the air.
But, it bends immediately and pursued me.

I apply "Evil Eye of Magnetism" on myself, and activate the pseudo barrier.
On top of that, I evade it.
The tail repelled by the repulsive force barely passed my body.

And there, a pursuit of kick with the hind leg.
But, the kick stops on the way.
Tch, so you noticed the threads that I have spread on your line of fire.
It looks like it has noticed the threads that I spread secretly while avoiding.

Alaba takes a distance.
Although it might intend to get poised again for the next attack, it's my turn this time.

I shoot a Darkness Bullet aiming at Alaba that tries to take distance.
Although it's a surprise attack, Alaba dodges it with composure.
But, it can't dodge the threads that I shot that's waiting for it over there.

It's the threads endowed with the maximum poison and slash attributes without viscosity.
Alaba plunges into the reticulation with all its strength.
And at the same time, I who's holding the threads rush to the opposite side of Alaba.
Like a twine.

The result, my body was blown off.
Oh, well.
The physique difference is too much.
I can't win Alaba's power even if it's my strengthened power.

Alaba's HP has decreased slightly.
Poison and slash, I don't know which one is effective, but I succeeded in wounding it just a little.
Even if it's a wound that can be recovered by automatic recovery instantly, it doesn't change the fact that it's wounded.

If it can be wounded, it seems to go well.

I release the threads.
I control my posture with "Space Maneuver" in the inertia of being blown off.
I confront Alaba once again.

If it's the present sense, the physical offensive ability is Alaba.
The speed is me.
The defense is Alaba.
The magic is me.
Like this.

However, when it's said that we are equal, to be honest, I lose.
It's merely because a certain point of Alaba is extremely high.
Alaba's defensive ability.
With my offensive ability, I can't break through Alaba's defensive ability.

Physical attack is blocked by the defense of "Hard Shell" and "God Steel Body".
Even the attack with threads of my best only can graze it just like a while ago.

It's hard to say that magic attack is effective.
Because of the "Heaven Scale" skill that's the higher rank skill of "Reverse Scale", the power of magic decreases sharply.
Still, if it's my magic offensive ability that exceeds 10000, I can at least damage it.
If it hits.
The evasive ability of Alaba is also high.
Although it will likely become a damage if it hits, the possibility that it will be recovered before I inflict the next damage is high.

In the present condition that I don't use "Parallel Will", shooting magic while fighting is hard.
In addition, if I think about Alaba's evasive ability, the recovery speed seems to be faster than the damage.

I won't use "Parallel Will".
Although it's merely my obstinacy, I want Alaba's opponent to be only me.
If I mobilize all of my "Parallel Will", it's probably possible to fire magics at the same level as Gatling gun and settle the battle instantly.
Even if it's not like that, it will go well if I activate "Abyss Magic".
But, there's a meaning to win by myself.

There's no trump card.
In addition, if I attack it unskillfully, I will let it acquire resistance.
Because I won't use "Parallel Will", I can't use the countermeasures that I thought for Kaguna that's to visit it with a huge "Abyss Magic".

Then, there's only one strategy that I can take.

And, to do that, I have no choice but to fight with all my power now.
To let Alaba thinks that I'm an opponent who should fight with all its power.
If Alaba uses all its power, I can see my winning chance.
Because, at that time, my invisible second Deadly Poison will start to undermine Alaba's body.

Alaba takes a stance.
I understood that it's the previous action of the breath by "Foresight".
It's that breath that destroyed my home before.

Alaba's breath attacks.
I transfer to Alaba's overhead.
I fire a Darkness Bullet to the defenseless head that continues releasing the breath.

The Darkness Bullet hits Alaba's head directly, and shuts the mouth.
The mouth that's releasing the breath.

The breath explodes in Alaba's mouth.
Apparently, the Dragon's breath doesn't seems to only have the Dragon's attribute attack.
The HP of Alaba who should have "Earth Nullity" decreased.
If I match it with Darkness Bullet, it becomes a proper damage.

Oh my!
Perhaps, I can continue like this.
No, it's probably impossible.

Although the mouth is exploded, the tail attacks me like a different creature.
This tail is troublesome.
I avoid the tail that bends like a whip.
My inner heart gets chilly by the wind roar when the tail passes in point-blank range.
If I think about my HP and MP, I don't think that I will die at a hit.
Although I think, the power is strong to the extent that I can see a visual hallucination that I will split in two by the tail unintentionally.

I fly back and dodge the foreleg swung after the tail.
I take distance as it is, and I fire a restraint Darkness Spear.

Alaba's leg is stopped by the Darkness Spear.
The HP recovers rapidly.
It's fast.
As expected, it's difficult to defeat it by repeating damage.

But, Alaba completely recognized me as an enemy.
It should come with all its power from now on.
My poison starts the erosion.
You have already received my poison.
A special poison that can't be seen in abnormal condition.
Now, let's begin the countdown.
When will Alaba notice the poison's existence?


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    1. the other dragons were only too much because the two of them were right next to each other

    2. Ya ikr, her pride is really acting up

    3. Technically she got like four level ups. With her skills that's like a massive boost in stats. But yeah, her battle junkie attitude with zero caution is not likeable.

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  9. If the kagura earth dragon is so strong that kumo could not damage it, how can she hurt the alba earth dragon who got even better defense!? It is such a plothole and it like you could not kill the mid boss but can defeat the final boss

    1. Talk about plot holes I call BS on these huge monsters can dodge ranged attacks in a cavern no less its bad enough when the MC does it. but my mind try's to break when these godzilla monsters start to breakdance evade attacks lol

    2. Her issue wasn't that she couldn't damage Kaguna at all, but rather due to how high Kaguna's defense was paired with Geere's speed made it impossible for her to win, in her eyes.

      Fighting Alaba is different because it's just one enemy. Like how she fought the Arch Taratect. She specifically Transferred the Arch Taratect to a place where it was alone, not to mention harmful to it, but she specifically said that she'd have trouble winning if it was the Arch and all its subordinates.

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      Agreed. I hate how the author hides all the skills and then reveals them like a "Haha, you didn't see this coming." Well of course not, you walnut, you didn't tell us ffs.

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