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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 141

Chapter 141.
I totally forgotten about the author note. Added it.
141 Spider vs Earth Dragon Alaba ④

Author note: The S series is on a short rest

The fight that both made desperate efforts.
But, the situation that both don't have a trump card continues.

I who can't break through the high defensive ability and recovery power.
Alaba that all of its attacks continue to be dodged with high evasive ability.

It's not that both of us have no trump card.
My trump card is thread.
If it's caught in my thread, even Alaba will take time to escape.
Meanwhile, I can win if I fire a lot of magic.

But, Alaba is considerably cautious of my thread in the fight so far.
It understands that it must not receive only that.
Therefore, it faces the attack in relation to thread carefully.
It's hard to hit the thread on Alaba that has entered the complete defense stance.

In contrast with me, Alaba's trump card is the largest scale breath attack.
The breath that Alaba releases with all its power boasts of power more than the breath that destroyed my home before.
If I receive such a thing, even if it's me, I will vanish.
Even if I activate "Patience", if I receive it once, the breath will continue to shower at me as it is, and I will die eventually.

But, Alaba can't shoot it.
Alaba has received my counterattack twice for the breath attack.
Because of that, Alaba can't shoot a breath for a long time.
Because Alaba has received the same move twice, it only uses the single-shot breath thoroughly.
The single-shot breath is not bad.
But, the attack range becomes small no matter what, and the power decreases too.
Everything is evaded by me, and even if it hits me, it's far from being a fatal wound.

Both of us can't use it effectively even though we have a move that can be the trump card.

When it becomes like that, the fight was naturally prolonged.
Both of us mix feints and serious attacks sometimes, we wait for the chance while preventing the opponent to take hold of the pace.

The progress of the battle is slightly disadvantageous.
My attacks are not working.
It hits.
But, there's no damage.
Even if I damages it, it will recover instantly.
Even if I succeed in continuous hitting, Alaba takes distance in every cases for a moment, and stop my attacks to gain time for recovery.
In the end, even though I have fought this much, the damage is 0.

On the contrary, its resistance increased.
Alaba's "Dark Resistance" that was level 4 at first has rose to level 5.
If this continues as it is, the low damage now will decrease even more.

In contrast with me, Alaba's attacks will pierce me if it hits.
With just receiving a hit, all of my HP and MP can't be blown off.
But, a hit of Alaba is strong.
If I receive such a hit, my small body will be easily blown away.
If it becomes such a thing, there's a possibility that I will receive a further pursuit.
If that happens, it will be the end.

The one chance difference is too big.
If I who's specialized in evasion made a mistake, the situation might be reversed immediately.
Of course I don't intend to be killed easily.
Although it won't happen, it's not impossible.

The nature and my tension increase.
The sharpened nerves.
I concentrate so that I won't miss an image of "Foresight".
In the slow motion world of "Thought Acceleration", I sharpen my senses so that I won't miss a slight information.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Thought Acceleration LV9』 has become 『Thought Acceleration LV10』》
《Conditions met. Skill 『Thought Acceleration LV10』 has evolved into Skill 『Super Thought Acceleration LV1』》

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Foresight LV9』 has become 『Foresight LV10』》
《Conditions met. Skill 『Foresight LV10』 has evolved into Skill 『Future Vision LV1』》

Skill evolution in this timing.
I'm thankful.
The movement of the slow world becomes slower.
The image of Foresight that can only be seen sporadically, can be seen always.

I can see.
What Alaba is going to do next.
Furthermore, I can foresee until the end of the movement in the stagnant world of "Super Thought Acceleration".
Like a chess problem.

I finish dodging the sure-kill shot, claw and fang, a sweeping combo attack with the tail with composure.
I'm so amazing.
When I think about hitting an attack to the present me, don't it need to have the speed at the level that I can't perceive?
This is good.
It's good.
Come at me more.
If it's now, I don't think that any attack will hit me.

In addition, I continue to throw a counter in the interval.
Alaba's HP that begins to decrease slightly.

Alaba starts to feel impatient for the rise of my evasive ability after coming this far.
I understand that even that feeling is quite clear in the "Super Thought Acceleration".
And, I'm not so gentle to overlook that chance.

"Heresy Magic" Phantom Pain.
It's a magic that inflicts phantom pain.
Alaba is astonished.
That's obvious.
For Alaba who has the "Great Pain Alleviation" at high level, it's an intense pain that it has not felt for a long time.

The Phantom Pain by "Heresy Magic" can't be relieve by Pain Alleviation.
I who was tormented by Detection have experienced this with my own body.
How is it?
The pain that's felt after a long time.

Alaba who clench its teeth painfully.
When there's a chance in the heart, it's easy for "Heresy Magic" to pass through the resistance.
If it's a monster that has a willpower like Alaba, the effect of the magic will be shaken off immediately.

But, an instant is enough.

At the moment when Alaba's consciousness turned towards pain, threads coil around its body.
More threads get entangled one after another to Alaba's body that tries to shake it off.
Threads coil Alaba's body many folds, and the movement stopped.

I did it!
It seems that the end comes before the poison works.


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