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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 142

Chapter 142.

142 Spider vs Earth Dragon Alaba ⑤

I want you to wait a minute.
Whatever the circumstances may be, that's impossible.
I have thought that I probably can't defeat you just by restricting you with the threads.

For example, something like shooting the breath on itself.
If it's a full power breath, as expected, I think that my threads can't endure it.
Then, although it will receive damage to some extent, as long as it has "Earth Nullity", Alaba itself won't receive a fatal wound.
I think that it's a very realistic escape rather than being shot with magics continuously by me while it's defenseless.
Because I think of it, it's not strange even if Alaba carry it out.

But, the thing that Alaba did was something that I didn't expect.
It can be said that it's completely contrary to my expectation.
Besides, in the worst way.

The skill point is obtained by level up.
But, somehow, it looks like there are other methods to obtain it as well.
When I see the skill points of the Arch Taratect that should be equal to me in the species, it's clear that my skill points are fewer.

As for the difference of status, it can be explained by the difference of time that it has lived.
The status rises gradually even if it doesn't level up.
I grew up rapidly in a short period because I raise my level assertively unlike the wild monsters.
Because of that, the rising value of my status except the level up is low.
But, I think that the normal monsters won't try to fight other than the time they hunt food.
That's why, the level rise is slow.

Although I don't know how long it takes to grow up to that extent, as long as I see the difference of status with me, I can guess that it's quite long.
The status differences between the Arch and me except the magic and the speed is more than 2000.
Even if I calculate that the status increases by 1 each day, that means that it has lived for 2000 days.
Because there's no such thing like the status increases by 1 each day, I'm sure that a very long time has passed.

Then, can the skill points also be obtained in a fixed amount if I live for a long time?
For example, 100 points for the birthday.
No, I think that it's probably wrong.
But, I think that the guess about getting points by time passing is right.
If it's not so, the difference of the skill points with me can't be explained.
Possibly, there might be an unknown points acquisition condition.

Well, what I'm trying to say is the Earth Dragon Alaba that seems to have live for a very long time has the skill points that corresponds to it.
Up until now, the monsters that I have seen were also the same, but perhaps, Alaba has never used its skill points since it's born.
The skill that's obtained using points is not to be found, and above all, when it hold such a enormous amount of points uselessly, I can judge it.
Although it's a waste, even if I tell the monsters to use such points, they won't understand. Because the amount that's not used is like something that's not there, I try to not mind it.

And, that Alaba's skill points has decreased.
In addition to that, it's using up all of its points.
The 41100 skill points has become only 100.

And, I have my breath taken away by the added skills.

「Hell Flame Magic LV1」 「Enhanced Flame LV1」 「Flame Resistance LV1」 「Darkness Resistance LV1」 「Space Perception LV1」.

My weakness, the highest rank fire magic, "Hell Flame Magic".
The higher rank skill of "Enhanced Fire", "Enhanced Flame" that enhance the magic.
In order to not get hurt by its own magic, it improve the "Fire Resistance" that it has further, and acquire "Flame Resistance".
The "Darkness Resistance" to resist my main weapon which is the "Darkness Magic".
The "Space Perception" that seems to be the countermeasure for Transfer.

The skills that are gathered only for me.
The skills that literally concentrate its full power.
The skills acquired only to defeat me.
The thing accumulated for a long time is used up only for me.

Besides, apart from the points, there are also skills that flowered by the mortal combat.
「Concentration LV1」 「Prediction LV1」 「Parallel Thought LV1」 「Calculation Processing LV1」 「Heresy Resistance LV1」
It must have seriously think of a way to escape from this crisis.
As expected, I don't think that it can evolve until my golden combo of "Thought Acceleration" and "Foresight" in the middle of this fight, but it doesn't change that it becomes more troublesome.
Because it even has the "Heresy Resistance", it might be better to think that "Heresy Magic" won't work anymore.
The Soul Break is an exception and it's impossible to use that.

However, this is bad.
This is really bad.
There was a considerable differences of the affinity so far.
But, it never took any countermeasures.
Alaba is a formidable enemy that can't be said that it has a good affinity with me.
That formidable enemy took countermeasures for me.

The threads restricting Alaba burn off.
The ground becomes red-hot centered on Alaba.
The earth is burnt.

The magic of "Hell Flame Magic LV1", Scorched Earth.
It's a range annihilation magic that covers the widespread ground completely with flame and changes into the Hell's field
Moreover, the frightening point of this magic is that the effect continues.

I have already escaped into the air.
But, as far as my eyes can see, the earth below has been covered by the roaring intense heat completely.
The earth is originally Alaba's field.
And, that has completely become my away.

The flame swallows everything.
Even the aftermath alone is hot.
The corpse of Greater Taratects that have been left on the ground burn out.

My meal!?
Although a lot of corpses were blown off in the mortal combat with Alaba a while ago, because of this flame, everything disappeared completely!
What the heck.
How dare you do it!
The grudge of the meal, I will have you pay for this!

I will surpass even that!
Bring it on!


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    be pride of yourself, as the highest being in that labrynth (Or the highest so far) took countermeasures against you ;3

    1. Mother is obviously a higher level but I guess you can say sending the army is a countermeasure.

    2. What if the Earth Dragon Alaba is actually someone who got reincarnated before Kumo?

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    1. Did u forget that skills dont cost the same for everyone?

    2. Not only do we know skills don't cost the same to all, but you need to look at it differently.

      He didn't just bought 6 skills. He bought several skills and continuously spent a huge amount of points in order to level them up a lot. These are not ordinary skills. He upgraded them so much he is pretty much now both a fire dragon and an earth dragon.

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      2) You're concerned about that it should be able to buy more when it /did/ buy more, and that it's been explained that individual compatibility applies.
      3) You're complaining it could only afford so many when, as Kumoko notes, monsters tend to horde points due to seeming not being able to buy skills... and then it bought skills. Interesting, innit, that this part didn't trip a flag for you.

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  11. I really liked this chapter. If was small, but we saw into the mind of this dragon and what he felt during this battle. The author has great skill to make Kumo's enemies seem strong and worthy of praise.

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    "The skills that are gathered only for me.
    The skills that literally concentrate its full power.
    The skills acquired only to defeat me.
    The thing accumulated for a long time is used up only for me."

    Why does this feel like a love letter hahaha
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