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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 147

Chapter 147.
Kumoko's POV.

147 So, this is the possibility that a person has

For the time being, "Evil Eye of Grudge" loaded in eight eyes.
I activate it properly from somewhere near.
When it's activated, they died instantly.
Although I think that you don't know what I'm saying, I also don't know what have happened.
It's not something shoddy like fragile or weak.
I tasted that I thought that it was the Owata style.
(TL note: From what I found, this Owata style is where the controlled game character is killed instantly just by receiving a damage. Something like a game mode, I think)

No no.
Aren't you guys too weak?

When I thought about it, I leveled up.
Furthermore, it's two.

Um, even though they are this weak, such a large amount of experience points enter?
Although I have defeated 8 people by now, the experience points obtained per person is higher than a Greater Taratect.

Certainly, they have a lot of skills, and I thought that the experience points seems to be a lot, but it's up to here.

Human experience point is too delicious.
Suddenly, my motivation came out.

For the time being, I take off the skin after shedding.
If I think about it, doesn't this becomes a striptease in a certain meaning?
How pointless.

Ah, when I was thinking such a foolish thing, they come at me recklessly.
Although I can do it quickly, I will have you guys to accompany me for a little experiment here.

Magic is constructed.
It was the magic that I have seen a lot of times a while ago.
I make the magic relying on my memory.
And, I activate the completed magic.

The "Earth Magic", Earth Wall.

Even if I don't have the skill, I can do it if it's only the activation of the magic.
However, it's definitely easier to activate if I have the skill because the system will assist.

If I were to compare it, it's like moving on foot and moving by train.
Reach the destination while confirming the road on foot and reach the destination automatically by train.
When saying which is easier, it's obviously the train.
However, it's possible to walk to there.

Acquiring the magic skill means acquiring the automatic construction of the magic.
Then, I only need to make the acquired construction.
In other words, if I know the construction, I can do the same thing.

In the middle of the fight with Alaba, I looked at this magic construction to the extent that I can hate it.
Then, reproducing it should be possible.

Although I thought so, I was able to reproduce it unexpectedly easy when I try it.
Is this also thanks to "Magic Extremity"?

The Knight-kun who got pushed up by the wall that appears from his feet.
He has become the strange state that can't be said with the mouth.
Namu Namu.

The summoner is shouting something.
Something is being summoned.
Bird, turtle, tiger, and Drake?
Although it might be a coincidence, it's like the four gods said to rule over the four directions.
But, this is a little different.

First of all, the bird.
Whole body black.
I think that it should be red.
And, the attribute that it uses is not fire but wind.

The turtle.
Come to think of it, I did defeat you when you're a child turtle long ago in the upper layer.
You have grown up.
Rather than that, Turtle, you're like a rock.
It's not a turtle carrying a rock, but the existence itself is already a rock.

The tiger.
Why is it pink?
You, are you fine with that?
Isn't the tiger the king of the jungle?
Is it fine for a king to be in such pink color?

And, the Drake.
The only Drake part of you is the skill.
Your appearance is a blowfish.
Are you a blowfish?
You have poison unexpectedly, so you're not a Drake but a blowfish, right?

They are full of points to be retorted.
Well, they are fairly strong though.
When only the status is seen, they are stronger than the person who summoned them.
If it's the highest status, it exceeds 800.
But, the skills are fewer than the people.

The bird comes and uses Wind Magic.
So, it can use magic.
As expected, when it was raised by people, its brain will somewhat improve.

I don't have the resistance for wind, and it won't deal a great damage even if it hits, so I guess I should receive it purposely to acquire the resistance.
It was a little painful.
As expected, the resistance can't be acquired with just one hit.

The wind and water attacks me at the same time.
I don't have resistance for water too, so let's receive it.

Ah, the tiger has plunge in.
Because it's pointless to receive this guy's attack, I don't need it.
I activate the Earth Spear that I got used to seeing it in the Alaba battle.

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『Soil Magic LV1』》

Even though I'm using the "Earth Magic", the one I acquired is the "Soil Magic" that's the lower one.
Ah, so that means even if I use "Earth Magic", the skill that accumulates the skill proficiency is "Soil Magic"?
Although it's a good discovery that I can acquire magic that I don't have if I construct magic from scratch, the magic acquired is the lowest rank magic in the group of that magic.

Oh, well.
If I can acquire magic skills without paying any point, it's definitely better to do that.
As expected, it's easier to construct when I have the skill, the power and accuracy also increase.

Ah, then, I should also copy the bird's Wind Magic.
I understand the rough composition because I have been seeing it since a while ago.
If I can use the "Wind Magic", there's no need to acquire the resistance purposely now.

Thus, Bird, your role has already ended.
The bird is knock down by "Evil Eye of Magnetism".

I try the "Wind Magic" on the blowfish.
Ah, success success.
If I continue to use it, I'm sure that I will acquire the skill.

The last is the Rock Turtle, huh?
Certainly, its defensive ability is high, but compared with the Earth Dragons, well.
It has a lot of SP uselessly, so I absorb it with "Evil Eye of Grudge".

Thank you for the meal.
While I was fighting against the Four Gods(lol), the knights try to run away.
I won't let you, Experience Points.

In order to accumulate skill proficiency, I mainly use the soil and wind magic.
I reduce the number with the Evil Eyes while using magic.

That magician, he's trying to transfer?
Moreover, isn't that the high rank large-scale Transfer?
You intend to run away with everyone.

The Evil Eyes are out of range, huh?
Let's snipe with magic.
Ah, the summoner blocks it.
Not bad.

The summoner summons monsters desperately to block my magic sniping.
Immediately after he drank something, his MP recovers little by little.
Is it the MP restorative medicine?
To have such a convenient goods.
Humans are dirty, it's indeed dirty.

Although the surrounding knights are settled, those two might be able to run away.
I think I should stop sniping, and shoot a huge one.

If it's this distance, it's faster to dash rather than transferring.
I move to the front of the summoner and the magician.

Darkness Spear activate.

It's different from the skill proficiency accumulating a while ago.
It's the highest level of magic that the present me can use.
I will kill the magician with this first.
After that, I can just boil or roast the summoner as I please.

When thinking about that, the summoner used his body to protect the magician.
Although the Darkness Spear penetrates through the summoner's body and wound the magician, they ran away with Transfer at the last moment.

They ran away.
Oh, well.
Because I have marked them, I can kill them any time.

Besides, I have gain a lot of experience points, and my level rose considerably.

Evolution Possible:Zana Horowa』

To the extent that it's possible to evolve.


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