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Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Chapter 151

Chapter 151.
It's finally the time to go out.

151 Outside

Several days passed after I evolved.
Meanwhile, I watch over the four people who I let go escape from the labyrinth while I hunt in the lower layer.
I leave the magician and the summoner who escaped with Transfer for a while.
I intend to let them swim until a subjugation unit comes.

And, about the four people who ran away, naturally, they should head towards the exit.
I judge that I can reach the exit of this labyrinth if I follow the four people who I marked while hunting in the lower layer.
If I go after the two people who escaped with Transfer by Transfer, I can go outside.
But, I want to grasp the exit's location properly.
Thus, I think that I will keep the group of 4 until they reach the exit.

Immediately after evolving, I chat with D and spend my time leisurely, after that, I eat, then spend my time leisurely again.
Well, I have eaten it.
Finally, I have done it.
Un, I will only say that it was very delicious.

I decided to rebuild the home in the same place for the time being.
It should still be all right even if I stay here.

After that, I return to the lower layer to raise my level.
As expected, after evolving into the highest rank, the rise of the level is slower than before.
Because the level will reset to 1 immediately after evolution up until now, the rise of the level is faster than before evolution to some extent, but it's not so fast this time.
Although the necessary experience points decreased compared with before evolution, it still requires a great amount.

I have continue hunting in the lower layer for several days, and my current level is 6.
Only 5 levels rise.
Only 5, huh?
You trash.
Well, if I start the human hunting, it will rise quickly, so I will endure it for now.

Oh, yes.
The Earth Dragon duo of Kaguna and Geere that's in the lower layer.
They became a trio before I know.
The Earth Dragons that exist in the lower layer except Alaba have gathered.

The newly joined one is Earth Dragon Fuito.
It's level 11, and it's the lowest among the Earth Dragon.
The combat ability is also the lowest, it's the same type as Alaba which is the balance type, but it's one step and even two steps weaker than Alaba.
If Alaba is an all-rounder, Fuito is a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.

Well, I won't lose if it's an one-to-one.
If it's an one-to-one.
There's no way I can win against three of them!
Thus, basically, I leave them alone.
Although I might be able to do it if it's the present me, when thinking of the risk and the effort, I don't want to defeat them to that extent.

Because I obtained "Immortality", I won't die, but this skill probably means that I won't die as an existence, and something like wounds will remain normally.
In other words, I can't act if my HP becomes 0.
Because I have "Patience", I can add MP to there further, but when even my MP is exhausted, I think that I can't move.
Because I have Automatic HP Recovery and Automatic MP Recovery, I will eventually recover and become possible to move, but if a person acquired the "Immortality" without automatic recovery, it seems possible that the person will stop moving and stay there forever.
This means that can't die = not invincible.
That's why, when I fight with a strong guy, there's enough possibility for me to be defeated.
Although I won't die, I can't move and act until I'm recovered.
Then, I'm crushed again after I recovered.
It's possible that I will get trap in that loop.
When that happens, it's the end.

As expected, I should change my main target to humans from now on.
Because I overhunted too much, the monsters in the lower layer seem to be depopulated soon.
Bottom layer?
After all, Mother is there.
It will definitely attack me at the moment I go there.
It's still early to go to the bottom layer.

I raise my level in the lower layer properly, raise my skill proficiency in the home, and spend my time leisurely.
When I do such a thing, it looks like the group of 4 have finally reach the exit of the labyrinth.

I pursue them with Transfer.

It's bright!
It's different from the brightness in the middle layer.
It's the brightness of the sun!
Although I don't know whether it's called as the sun or not in this world, it's the sun.

Ah, there's a lot of people.
I'm attracting attention.
Please don't stare at me so much because I'm shy.

The entrance of the labyrinth has the atmosphere like the border.
There's a checkpoint-like facility.
I wonder is the labyrinth's in and out checked properly.
Ah, it's also to make sure that the monsters don't get out of the labyrinth.
That explains why there are a lot of armed soldiers.

Ah, group of 4 discovered.
They are trembling excessively.
Ah, well, just when they thought that they escaped from the labyrinth, I appeared.
Of course that's scary.

Taking out your weapons like that, do you intend to do it?

From what can be seen by appraising you guys, you guys are fairly weak, right?
Compared with the knight party who was annihilated recently, your status and skills are poor.
Perhaps, the recent knight party was actually considerably strong as human?

No matter how you look at it, there's no way such a weak people are strong.
Even if they are not the Dragon class, there should be at least humans of the strength of Drake class.

When I was thinking deeply, the soldier's spear pierced me.
It's painful.
What are you doing?
Because my HP don't decrease much, it's fine though.

For now, the one who make a move is the other side, so it's legitimate self-defense.

I have the people in the place together with the group of 4 become my food of experience points.
My level rose by 5.
As expected, human efficiency is the best.
I wonder what was the recent lower layer hunting for.
I have defeated them specially, so I will eat their meat deliciously.

Because it's my first time to be under the sun, let's take a walk for a moment.
Celebration, De-Hikki.


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  2. "Well, I have eaten it.
    Finally, I have done it."
    Yep~ Those human corpse become her food~

  3. "Celebration, De-Hikki."
    Oh Kumoko-chan, you so silly.

  4. if i'm right, her last evolution is something like an arachne which is a half human-half spider.

    I'm not wrong right?

    1. Well, her species' last NORMAL evolution is Zana Horowa. Remember, one of the conditions for evolving into an arachne is to have the Pride skill, which is extremely unlikely for an ordinary spider monster to have.

      So....she will evolve into an arachne sooner or later, but when she says "last evolution", she means the normal evolution tree she has

    2. As navi said, and she's already at level 10 with her recent escapades (as of this chapter). So only 40 more levels to go.

    3. I don't remember the pride skill being a requirement... all I remember was a small spider species and a certain level (which she couldn't reach due to hitting caps in her current forms).

    4. OH!
      Because she said "As expected, after evolving into the highest rank, the rise of the level is slower than before."
      I thought, she's already an arachne.

      I mean, that would explain "Please don't stare at me so much because I'm shy."

    5. She evolved into another tiny spider again. Its the same monster rank as her giant myth class mother, however she hasn't lived as long as her mother so her mother is far stronger. The requirements for Arachne is Pride and level 50 small spider class.

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      "It's not like I wanna to eat you hmpp' .
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    4. Probably looks something like this:

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  9. Please don't stare at me so much because I'm shy.

  10. Does a group of 4 first appear in this chapter? Or which chapter? I can't remember them.

    1. the group she massacred had 4 guides, remember? They escaped and found their way back.

    2. Did they have 4 guides? Thought it was just 4 soldiers that conveniently fled outside the scope of the summoner's notice. I mean, Kumo mentions they have weapons and one attacked her with a spear.

    3. They did indeed have 4 guides, as far as I remember. Though I don't know if it was only the guides that ran away.

    4. Guides are armed, technically a spoiler I guess, but it becomes obvious later and is such a minor and unimportant detail for the story...

      30 soldiers, 2 casters, 4 guides. Think she counted 28 corpses afterwards, though that could be a typo. And if 2 soldiers ran they were probably following the guides and happened to greet Kumoko at the exit.

      So just the wizard and summoner remaining, probably.

  11. Thanks for the chapter!

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  14. I wonder if there is sometheng like recovering all the stats missed due late aqcuisition of Idaten etc.

    1. she had idaten from day one though? that was her special emperor for yuugo and the blessed one for shun.

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  17. It's at this point the story is becoming much less interesting. Oh look she evolved everything is about the numbers now that arachne form is that great goal for the story to do what eat different foods? I don't think it'll help when she's eating people left, right and center. It seems entertaining at first but now it's gone the way of shield hero and the other tp in fantasy world stories. I'm still read it but it's disappointing it turned out this way.

    1. I agree that I don't like when WN protagonists become virtually unbeatable, but at least this one seems to have an interesting plot that involves more than just the protagonist becoming strong and getting a harem or whatever. I'm curious to see how all the plot threads come together.

  18. I thought the original group had escaped already? Why are there still people alive escaping from her? Nothing was properly said about this. If I remember a group escaped and ask mage's group to come, and they also escaped by transfer.
    But what surprised me the most is that Kumo can use transfer without having seen the place. I thought that she need to at least been to the place before to be able to this, but no. What an asspull

    1. I believe that if she has a person marked then wherever they go counts as a place she's been for the purposes of Transfer.

  19. After this point it's impossible to justify it anymore. When she killed those knights before people kept defending her in means of self defense, but now we can actually see what she thinks about murder.

    She is already making plans about rising levels quickly by murdering humans that have never done her any harm. The idea of "farming" innocent people doesn't bother her at all.

    1. Well, she appeared in front of them and didn't attack them.
      They attacked first so she killed them, maybe she planned to kill them from the start but she wouldn't have killed them if the soldier didn't used his spear to attack her.

      It's their own fault if they were killed, they shouldn't have attacked her instead of just fleeing...

    2. I'm talking more about her mentality where she is making plans about a future where she "farms" human experience by killing them in large amounts. Here she is planning to murder people she hasn't even met.

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      "Well, if I start the human hunting, it will rise quickly, so I will endure it for now."

      And this one:

      "As expected, I should change my main target to humans from now on."

      In the second one the context refers to humans as no more than "prey".

    4. Between the whole "you're reincarnated in a race that matches who you were as a person" and her mentioning not feeling aversion to killing people when she was a human, I get the feeling that even before reincarnation she was pretty insane for some reason. I imagine at some point some sort of backstory will be involved that may explain why she's crazy.

    5. Guys. She's a monster. Humans kill monsters to farm. Monsters kill humans to farm. That's about it. She isn't any less or more evil because she killed the humans after she killed Alaba. She was just as unrepentant because she's a terror bringing spider monster. Clearly the body influences the personality.

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  25. Congratulations, happy human slaughtering. It's a bummer that Kumo-chan is all about slaughtering humans now.

    1. She was just as all for slaughtering the catfish and eels, however. It's nothing new.

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